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  • Today’s Prescription for the Soul – Prescription #149 – Stir the Pot

    I hope that my “365 Prescriptions for the Soul,” will be a welcome and healing addition to your day. The prescriptions I ask you to fill are designed for your total well-being. They come from hard-earned wisdom and experience with the difficulties of life. They are dispensed “as written” with love. At the end of each prescription is my “Soulution” to help you develop healthy self-love, self-esteem, and self-worth. Please take the prescription I have written for you here and fill it right away.

    The difference between stumbling blocks and stepping stones
    is the way one uses them.

    - Anonymous

    When you experience uncomfortable feelings such as growing unrest, sadness, irritation, or depression, do not label them as bad feelings. Your feelings are signs that something is stirring inside of you and seeking a response.

    Our feelings aid and protect us. They help us to know what is going on inside of us and warn us to respond when there is danger. They are our directors and teachers.

    Feelings that bubble to the surface have a purpose. When you remove your judgment of them and follow their directions, they will reveal the underlying issue so that it can be resolved.

    Soulution of the Day

    When you stop resisting your feelings, you will see that they offer you a source of wisdom and an opportunity for nourishment and growth.

    - Bernie

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  • Q & A with Bernie – September 29, 2014

    Question for Bernie

    I have been dealing with ulcerative colitis since 1998 which was diagnosed when I was four months pregnant with my son. I’ve tried conventional medicine without success and am now being treated alternatively, but still not seeing a lot of improvement.

    This is making it difficult to have hope that the cause will be found and treated successfully.  Any insight you can give me is greatly appreciated.

    Bernie’s Answer

    Medication-wise, take the herb boswellia. It can do the trick.  To get help with the dosage and other support, go to Life Extension’s website at www.lef.org.  I also recommend taking curcumin which is an excellent and powerful natural anti-inflammatory.  You need to get it in capsule form and Life Extension can help you with that if you have trouble finding it.

    As we know from the Mind-Body-Spirit Connection, expressing internalized anger is very important.  Think about the words you would use to express what you are experiencing due to the colitis.  Then eliminate all other things (people, situations, etc.) in your life that you would use any of those same negative words to describe.

    Instead of asking why you got the disease, ask yourself “What am I supposed to learn from this challenge?”

    Make a serious effort to learn to meditate.  Even if you meditate for only a few minutes at a time two or three times a day, it will do wonders by giving your body the message that you love it even with the colitis.  Your immune system will respond positively to that message and get stronger to help you control the colitis.

    Think of a positive mantra (affirmation) you like and say it throughout the day.  An example would be something like “Every day I am getting healthier and stronger.”  If you need help getting ideas just google keywords like “positive affirmations” or “positive mantras.”


    Question for Bernie

    I have a small cancerous breast tumor.  My lymph nodes are clear yet the surgeon wants to remove some them.  My question is: Why does the surgeon want to remove them if they are cancer free?

    Bernie’s Answer

    I need more information to answer your question.  How did they determine they are cancer free?

    On the other hand, it is your life and body and your decision.  Decide on the basis of what feels right for you versus trying not to die. When I use the phrase trying not to die, I am describing a decision based on doing everything in the way of treatment available in mainstream medicine.

    Have a dream tonight and see what it tells you.  Tell me the answer to this question:  what color would your lymph nodes be if you had to draw them?


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    Q & A with Bernie – September 22, 2014

    Question for Bernie:

    I just had my first R-CHOP today for aggressive diffuse B cell non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and was hoping to find ways to enhance the effectiveness of the chemo. I am not finding info easily. I have been advised to take L-glutamine, do ozone ear insufflation and steam, colloidal and gold /silver homeopathy.

    I want to see if there are any ways to increase the absorption of my chemo by the lymphoma. I don’t want to counteract the chemo, so I know for instance that large doses of Vitamin C will actually reduce the amount of chemo that will hit the cancer.

    Thanks for any advice.

    Bernie’s Answer

    Cancer cells thrive on sugar, so reduce the sugar content in your diet.  Read labels carefully as often there is “hidden” sugar in products.  Learn the different chemical names for sugar so you recognize them when you see them on a label or list of ingredients.

    Ask your doctor to prescribe the medication metformin for you and take two a day.

    Reduce your calorie intake by ½, and fast three days before the day of chemo, and one day after you get chemo. By doing this, your body will revise its metabolic rate while cancer cells can’t, and so the cancer cells will absorb more of the chemo.

    Also, an herb like curcumin helps, too, as it is a very effective, safe anti-inflammatory.

    See a naturopathic physician to help you with nutrition and supplements.


    Question for Bernie

    I was diagnosed with Stage 3b lung cancer (lung tumor plus lymph node damage). Both of these findings are on the right side of chest.

    I was made aware of the book entitled Getting Well Again, by O. Carl Simonton M.D., and reading his books introduced me to your work. Since then, I have read several of your books and have committed myself to follow your philosophy. That is, I’ve resolved to be positive and practice imagery and visualization to have my mind/body help me to fight against this diagnosis.

    I felt I was doing quite well with this approach, however last week, after I had completed six days of both chemo and radiation, my radiation oncologist met with me.  She immediately asked me how I was doing, and I immediately said, in a very upbeat manner, that I was “doing fine.” Unfortunately her immediate response was, “Well it is early yet,” then went on to tell me how difficult it was to design the radiation pattern because of the tumor position and lymph node position.

    She also went on to tell me that when we complete the remaining 24 radiation treatments plus six chemo sessions, we will be re-doing the CAT scan, MRI, etc. to see if the cancer has gone to my brain. My point is that I came into the meeting with her in a positive manner feeling that I was handling the situation well, and I was optimistic that the results would be good after the treatment. However within a span of about 10 minutes, she had me go from being very optimistic to visualizing that the cancer is in my brain. I left that meeting feeling very discouraged and disheartened.

    I meet again with her next week, and I strongly feel I need to tell her how she made me feel. Can you give me some advice on how I can approach the subject with her?  I would like to have my meeting with her end with a HUG; however I sense she is very technically competent but not so sensitive to feelings.

    Thanking you in advance for your advice.

    Bernie’s Answer

    Yes, it is important for you to tell her how her words made you feel, but don’t do it in a criticizing style, implying that it was wrong for her to tell you about the plan and the potential for brain metastasis. Just tell her how you felt because of her words.  If she apologizes, it is okay to stick with her.  But, if she makes excuses or blames you, get another doctor to replace her.

    The best doctors are criticized by patients, nurses, and families; these doctors accept that criticism because they want to improve and learn from their mistakes.  Those who don’t listen or make excuses choose to not hear criticism because they don’t accept it.  They don’t understand that the criticism is like a coach who tries to help you be a better person and perform better at what you do.  You can mention that, too, or show her my email.


    Question for Bernie

    Thank you so much for providing me a real answer to my specific question.

    Are you suggesting a water-only fast three days before and one day after? I have to take prednisone the day after chemo so fasting that day would be difficult. Any suggestions?

    Is there a specific diet you recommend? I was looking for a way to use glucose to throw the cancer off balance. This sounds brilliant.

    I am fortunate to be under the care of a doctor who has prescribed a homeopathic and Ayurveda program for me. I believe my doctor and Dr. Weil have collaborated in the past. I will return to my doctor after my treatments for a full Panchakarma and rejuvenation program.

    Thank you again for your generosity.

    Bernie’s Answer

    I’m not recommending a water-only fast, but cut calories to around 900 for the day.  A

    Vegetarian diet good one to follow.

    Remember, do not do it to avoid dying.  Do it to enjoy the journey of life.  In heaven the bitterest people are the vegetarians, the meditating, and the joggers who wish they had spent more time having fun and trying a few different foods.

    And speaking of humor, be sure to add a lot of that to your healing journey—every day give your immune system a big boost with several good laughs.


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    Q & A with Bernie – September 15, 2014

    Question for Bernie

    Thank YOU so very much for your exceptional words of wisdom that I heard today on Talk #1 of the 2nd Annual International Cure to Cancer Summit.  I agree 1,000% with what you say.

    In 2011 I was diagnosed with a mass in my R breast and chose to go the entire holistic route from diagnosis onward which did not include surgery, chemo, or radiation.  Long story short, sonograms confirm I ungrew one of the tumors and the other shrank to what may be scar tissue, but I will not have a scan to prove that.  I don’t want or need the radiation.

    I’ve been a researcher and writer in holistic health, and at 73 years of age, I wrote the book, A Cancer Answer, Holistic BREAST Cancer Management, which is available on Amazon.com.  Chapter 13 is titled Empowering Yourself to Wellness, which I think you would enjoy immensely.  I thought perhaps you would like to know about it.

    Thank you for what you do; you are blessing to humankind.

    Bernie’s Answer

    You are the blessing.  I just help you bring it forth.

    Thank you for your work in helping so many fortunate people, and yes, I am very happy to know about your book.  I’m sure some readers of this column on my website will be thrilled to know about your book, too.


    Question for Bernie

    Firstly, I just want to say I’m a huge fan of yours. Your books and videos have given me great focus, direction, and inspiration over the past six years of dealing with cancer.  I was diagnosed with breast cancer in July 2008 just as I felt my life was falling into place nicely with a move into my own flat, a new job, and a new relationship with a man who was open to having children.  At the age of 36 I was keen to fulfill this long held wish.

    I went through a process with Mistletoe therapy as I was completely distraught at the thought of chemo taking away my fertility.  This didn’t shrink the breast tumor and eventually went on to have the hospital treatment from our NHS (I’m from the UK).  I also had an IVF cycle and had five embryos frozen.  A few years later I got the go ahead to try and conceive as I was still desperate for a child.  One of the frozen embryos resulted in my daughter, Asha, who is now nearly 18 months and a complete miracle gift from God.

    However, I had to have a C-section at her birth, and at this time it was noted that my ovaries looked enlarged, so they did a biopsy and a few weeks later told me the cancer had spread to my ovaries. After further scans, some bones showed metastasis and later, another tumor was diagnosed in my left breast (the right was where the original tumor was removed with reconstruction).  I am taking hormone treatment as the cancer is hormone positive.

    I have been avoiding chemo as they say it’s not possible to cure the cancer and this would be difficult to deal with, along with caring for a small child.  I am also seeing a homeopath and energetic medicine healer, and have recently gone through a course of IV vitamin C.  I have done a lot of mind-body therapy, and am eating a good diet with low intake of sugar and dairy products and recommended supplements.

    I have just ordered your new book The Art of Healing: Uncovering Your Inner Wisdom and Potential for Self-Healing. I am a trained art therapist and am interested in this approach.  I would also love to attend an ECaP group and wonder if you know of anything similar in the UK.  Any advice or insights for me would be very gratefully received.  Please accept my very best wishes.

    Bernie’s Answer

    Visualize what you desire and give your body a “I want to live!” message by loving your life and body.  Live for yourself and not your daughter so you are not living a role, but instead you are living an authentic life. Create harmony and rhythm through transforming yourself and your life, and by being authentic.

    Bristol Cancer Center did “stuff” similar to ECaP years ago, so contact them.  I haven’t been to the UK in a while so I don’t have anyone to recommend at this time.  Use energy healing and seek out a naturopathic physician to help with supplements. The curcumin herb has anti-cancer properties as does the medication metformin.  I’m glad you are staying away from sugar.

    Self-induced healing can occur—you can be cured.  It does happen which is why I keep doing what I am doing.


    Question for Bernie

    I am a 32-year-old BRCA2 carrier diagnosed 18 months ago with triple negative breast cancer (big tumor and 2 lymph nodes). All through the treatments I felt like a warrior. I asked too many questions, visited many doctors, as well as reading and researching my disease inside and out, all the time taking control and full responsibility of the decisions taken.

    My oncologist strongly recommended I do a lumpectomy (after chemo) “because there is a very likely chance of metastasis within the first three years, so it would be unnecessary at the moment. In three years when we will see that everything is OK then I recommend a double mastectomy.” I sought a more personal and hopeful opinion and found it with my surgeon. Finally, regardless of my oncologist’s recommendation, I decided I will not “sit around and wait” for the cancer to come back.

    I am continuing now with the rest of my life! I got a double mastectomy and during chemo I imagined the tumor slowly melting and it did! Today, a year after treatment I feel good, but still have anxiety episodes when I have different aches and pains. A two week back pain turns into sleepless nights and I start imagining my funeral; it completely devastates me to think that I won’t see my two-year-old grow up.

    I am a person who loves life, has a great sense of humor, and an ability to overcome trauma. But still, the fear of recurrence is strong and agonizing.  I am an art therapist and eager to buy your new book.  Your advice will be appreciated.

    Bernie’s Answer

    First, work on loving yourself, your body, and your life.  Do not live for someone else like your child.  Find your authentic self through meditation, visualization, or some type of therapy—like your own specialty of art therapy.

    Live your authentic life and not a role.  Be who you truly are.  That is the greatest gift you can give to your child.  Relationships keep us alive because of the chemistry they create within us.

    But life is about more than that.

    Only love is immortal.  Let that be your comfort when you think of your child who will never forget your love because it IS everlasting. Let your two-year-old be your therapist.  Learn from that little one how to live just in the moment with joy.  Children and pets—especially dogs—are the best examples of how to live in the moment and enjoy each day to the fullest.  Just watch them at play.

    When I thought one of our kids had a year or so to live due to a bone tumor, and apparently he noticed my less than composed behavior, my little seven-year-old said to me, “Dad, you are handling this poorly,” and he made it clear that all of our five kids were trying to have a nice day and I wanted them depressed in their rooms.

    He turned out to have a rare benign tumor, but he taught me a lot before his surgery.

    Imagine your desires and not your fears.


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    Q & A with Bernie – September 8, 2014

    Question for Bernie

    My 47-year-old husband was diagnosed with Stage V non-smokers lung cancer 26 months ago.

    As much as I believe in many of the things you talk about, I wonder how our family is supposed to continue looking at this cancer as a blessing when our medical options are running out and we are so scared of the future?

    Bernie’s Answer

    Ask yourselves what you are to learn individually and as a family from this experience, and it will help change it from curse into a blessing.  This is a wonderful chance for those in the family to develop a positive perspective together and then surround your husband with positivity which will strengthen his immune system.

    As a family, resolve to help your husband learn to love his life and his body as it is now—not think of his body as the enemy.  He can then begin to envision healing the body his loves.   Our bodies respond to things we say and do which reinforce reverence for our amazing bodies and minds.  Conversely, if everyone around your husband feels like a victim too, the atmosphere is anything but positive—which interferes with healing in a major way.

    One thing spouses and families learn from going on the cancer journey with their loved one is the ability to see how rich and wonderful every moment really is in our lives.  Just watch little children and dogs at play—they are our “Professors of Positivity.”  They teach us how to live in the moment.  So learn together how to avoid having regrets about life by opening to the wonder of what each moment gives us.

    My father’s dad died when he was only 12, and he said it was one of the best things that happened because it taught him what was important about life. My dad was a very special guy.

    So, seize each day and live it fully with hope—not in a fearful future created by our often overactive, worrying minds.  Heal your lives and find peace, and amazing things happen.

    Have faith,

    Question for Bernie

    Thank you for sharing your love with the world in so many forms! My loving mom first introduced me to you when your words helped my family through the loss of my brother and many other dear people in my youth.

    I again was blessed by meeting you at a workshop in Athens OH when I was in Osteopathic med school. I am now a family doc that tries to show love to all my patients, and I am grateful to say I love my job because of it!

    Since finishing residency I have been divorced, diagnosed with cervical cancer (truly believed I was cured), remarried to an amazing man, diagnosed with a recurrence in February, undergone chemotherapy, and continued to work, all while raising my beautiful now five-year-old son.

    My amazing oncologist has said my cancer was undetectable at my last PET scan (thank God!) but has told me it is very likely to recur. My faith tells me God is in control of my healing, but my medical side is doubtful. I am eating vegan, praying, trying to be positive, sharing and accepting the love of my amazing family and patients. Can you help me find peace in marrying doubt and faith? Thank you in advance!

    Bernie’s Answer

    First create a life you love and love your body—clearly you already have done much of this, but think carefully of ways in which you can show your body love so that it gets the unmistakable message from you of “I WANT TO LIVE.”

    Do some visualization in which you are acting as if you are the person you want to be. That changes your chemistry, too.  See yourself surrounded by the positive wonder of life.  I’m sure you see that in your little son because children and pets (especially dogs) live in the moment.

    Think of things from long ago or just yesterday that made you laugh out loud.  Let yourself relive that time and laugh out loud again several times every day. You may even want to find a Laughter Workshop in your area—or even start one.  Humor is a great healer, but it also can prevent health problems, keeping your immune system strong.  Some people like to use mantras, so you may want to try that, too.

    Become a love warrior where love is your weapon.  You are aware of our potential and you are capable of achieving it.  The great Russian author Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn discusses the term self-induced healing in his book CANCER WARD. He says this is not a spontaneous remission, and he is right.

    The symbol the author uses is a rainbow colored butterfly with the rainbow symbolizing your life in order and harmony, and the butterfly symbolizing transformation.  Change is transformation and most of us resist it to some degree, but we are wasting precious time and energy trying to change a fundamental part of the human design.

    What you need to do in your life now is to make the changes to accommodate maximum healing…changes that restore the sense of rhythm and harmony you have temporarily lost as you struggle to choose between doubt and faith.  You really need not make a choice since both doubt and faith are part of the potential we all have to live fully.

    Find your “chocolate ice cream” and do what makes you lose track of time.  Faith is easy—just look at life and believe.

    Survival is built into all living things.  That’s why bacteria alter their genes and become resistant to antibiotics.

    Last but not least, I want you to do a couple of things for me so I can help reinforce what I’ve told you here.

    1. Tell me the words which describe your cancer experience (examples can be from how you feel physically to how you feel emotionally).
    2. Using a box of crayons so that you have all the colors you may need available, draw a picture of yourself, your disease, treatment, and immune system eliminating the cancer and e-mail it to me for interpretation.
    3. Also draw an outdoor scene and e-mail that to me along with the picture in #2 above.

    Believe and it will happen.  Leave your troubles to God.  One woman I know did that and her cancer disappeared.


    Question for Bernie

    I listened to you on the Cancer Summit and was so intrigued. I have always believed in the power of thoughts and feelings and their connection to our body. A true test of that came seven months ago when my 7-year-old daughter was diagnosed with Stage 4 Wilm’s tumor kidney cancer. It was very hard at times to maintain a positive attitude, but with God’s help we did, and she did, and I know she benefited greatly from it. She would look to me for my reaction and then mirror it. We saw small miracles happen all along the way.

    She is a very strong little girl and has an amazing spirit, contagious spunk, and constant smile, even after going through so much pain with the biopsies and the blahs of six months of chemo treatments. But each day is a new day to her, as if nothing bad had ever happened. She is inspiring!

    She finished chemo last week, and had previous surgery to remove the kidney and tumor. The chemo removed the spot on her lung quickly, and she has no known remaining cancer. However, the doctor’s protocol is to do six days of full abdomen radiation because of the potential “spillage.”

    I have prayed, searched my soul, given the outcome to God, sought advice and treatment from a naturopathic oncologist, and I truly feel in MY heart that radiation is not for her. But it is not MY body. Can a mother have a connection to her child when it comes to this? I don’t know how to get the message from her as to what her body wants since she is so young. She draws a lot. It is her favorite thing to do, in fact. Her drawings are always happy with smiles and family or friends. Do I need to ask her to specifically draw about the situation of her radiation in order to see her specific answer on that?

    It is a heavy burden to make decisions for someone else’s life, especially someone so young. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

    Bernie’s Answer

    I have two things to tell you about that might help.  The first one is about when I thought our seven-year-old son had bone cancer and a short life ahead.  He said to me, “Dad, can I talk to you for a minute?”  Of course I responded, “Yes, what is it?”  Well, my seven-year-old proceeded to tell me—these are his words—“Dad, you’re handling this poorly.”

    He turned out to have a rare benign tumor, but he and your daughter are great teachers about enjoying the day.

    Yes, you can get a full box of crayons and ask your daughter to draw herself getting radiation treatment and email or mail it to me to evaluate.  You have to think clearly about your issue, too.  How will you feel if she does not have radiation therapy and is not cured; if she does have the radiation therapy but experiences side effects, how will you feel?

    With children at her age, you can be “hypnotic” using relabeled vitamin pills or herbs like curcumin and boswellia which reduce inflammation.  The labels you put on the containers say anti-nausea, appetite pills, hair growing, skin protection, etc.  Whatever the doctor says can happen (like nausea for example), the pills treat.  If she does undergo radiation, help her imagine letting the radiation go inside to treat any cancer cells.  Help her decide what she wants to think about that is fun and happy while undergoing radiation.  Keep her positive and not afraid.

    As a pediatric surgeon, I “lied” to kids regularly for their benefit.  There is an article on my website titled “Deceiving People into Health.”  Here is the direct link to it:


    Finally, when she needs blood tests tell her new alcohol sponge numbs the skin so she will not feel the needle.  Again, keep her positive by showing her your love by being positive yourself.

    I hope this helps—and I look forward to her drawing.


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    Q & A with Bernie – August 25, 2014

    Question for Bernie

    I am so grateful I found your website.  You are truly heaven sent!    God bless you for all the people you are helping.  If I may, I would like to ask you some questions.  I would like to ask for some of your wisdom regarding my current diagnosis.  I live in Canada.

    The body was diagnosed in May 2014 with Stage 3, Grade 1 breast cancer in the left breast (with a few swollen lymph nodes under the left arm), that is fueled by the hormone estrogen, and is HER2 positive.  I wasn’t feeling well for many years, and this disease was brought on from loneliness, a broken heart, betrayal, lack of love, no friends, lack of oxygen, lack of fresh air & exercise, and chronic stress.

    Now the Lord is raising me up and I am happy! I have something to live for, and I am going to go through the treatments with love and light in my heart, as I see the treatments as a gift from God.  I will be finishing the 4th cycle of strong chemo drugs next week.  In September, I start a new series of 4 cycles with an aggressive drug to target the HER2 positive factor – Herceptin and Taxol. Herceptin can have an adverse effect on the heart. Once again, I have to trust all will be well and my heart is so strong that nothing will harm it.  I am feeling grateful and blessed that Herceptin is an aggressive drug that will specifically target the aggressive tumor quickly.

    The surgeon wants to shrink the tumor through chemo and radiation, and then go in and either do a lumpectomy or mastectomy. I don’t want any cancer returning.  Do you have any suggestions? She also wants to do a lymph node cleanout, but I don’t want this to hurt the underarm area.

    Would you suggest I envision God’s golden light covering my heart and also all organs, good cells, tissue and see that I have gold speckles in my blood so everything is protected – envision there is God’s healing gold in my blood?  Do you have any other additional suggestions on visualizing? I have been seeing the light of God surrounding and protecting all the good cells, organs, tissues, and blood. I also talk to the cells, and when all treatments are finished, I will visualize the memory of ever having cancer being completely removed from each cell, organ, tissue, and all blood cells.

    God is making changes in my life as I start to rebuild my entire life.  I am alive, happy, and doing well, and trust all organs will be okay and everything will turn out blessed, and I will be healed and restored in the most miraculous of ways.  I also trust my hair will grow back even more beautiful than it was before.

    The good thing is that since my diagnosis, my two sisters are now back in my life.  The diagnosis brought my siblings back together (we hadn’t spoken for years).  As you had suggested in one of your blogs, I am seeing the tumor (and affected lymph nodes) as blocks of ice melting like snow with God’s powerful heat and light.    Is there something I can visualize for the herpes virus disappearing?

    I was always into natural health, herbs, supplements, vitamins, good food and always took care of my body, but I was unaware, though, how the emotions affect the state of the body. I will add that my dear mum passed away at an early age (56) of breast cancer but she died of a broken heart, I believe.

    I see myself being restored in such a way that I am healthier than I’ve ever been before, happy and so blessed, and that I meet a good, genuine man and get married, and all my dreams do come true.  I see myself leading a prosperous abundant, healthy happy life and because I am blessed, I can go on to bless and serve others.  As you mentioned in your Blog, I am taking responsibility for my life and seeing what a gift it is – this diagnosis.  I was dead all those years, but now I can live again and God can raise me up.

    Bernie’s Answer

    I recommend that, to protect the heart and body, you take Coenzyme Q10 and d-ribose.   A company called Life Extension can help you.  Go to their website:  www.lef.org.

    You can even call them for help with supplements.  You can take colostrum for immune support.

    I believe you think too much giving power over yourself to others.  Please remember that no individual or group can have power over your life unless you give it to them.  I would suggest visualizing being entirely independent of others and completely capable of denying power over your life to anyone.

    Energy can heal you too, so find some energy healers and Reiki therapists who might guide you.  Research potential healers before you visit them and only see those who are licensed and have several years of documented experience.

    Visualization works because what you think your body manifests. Picture therapy having no side effects, and learn from your dogs about how to enjoy life in the moment. Also, it is important that you act and behave as if you are the person you want to become and love your life and body.  Finally, add humor to your life.  Just remember something that made you laugh out loud so you can once again laugh out loud.  Do this every few hours.  You can also look for a “laughter workshop” in your area.  Not only do you get the healing effects of humor, but you can meet new friends.


    Question for Bernie

    What is your insight about people suffering from Lupus, especially that affects the kidneys? Can kidneys be healed like the liver and other organs heal—just on their own.

    My daughter is strong and dealing with this condition currently. Kindly direct us to healing naturally and not through strong meds and other harsh procedures.  I really loved your approach after I read about you and followed you on YouTube from Inna Segal book that you forwarded.

    God bless you!
    Thank you.

    Bernie’s Answer

    Lupus is an auto immune disease and the people suffering from auto immune diseases often have internalized and unresolved anger.  The body strives for homeostasis which just means balance and normal function of cells, tissue, and organs.

    Ask your daughter about the unresolved anger she has internalized in her life, and then help her to speak out for herself and express the anger now and each time she finds herself holding anger inside in the future.  Also, tell her to stop trying to please everyone else, giving up her life to them.  Others cannot have power over us unless we give it to them.

    Anti-inflammatory herbs like curcumin and boswellia can help. Find a naturopathic physician who can guide you both further in alternative treatments for Lupus.

    Finally, ask her what words describe what it is like to have lupus and then see what else in her life fits the negative words she uses to describe having Lupus.  Any people and situations she can describe using those words need to be eliminated to help her to heal her life and body.


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    Q & A with Bernie – August 18, 2014

    Question for Bernie:

    I have MS and no allopathic medicine has been prescribed for me (to my joy). I keep my eyes and ears open to learn about complementary medicine and different schools of healing. However, whenever I hear of a modality that could help with my recovery, something stops from putting my heart and faith in it.

    Mentally/emotionally/spiritually I withdraw and prefer to stay put and use my illness as a shield to protect me from others’ and my own needs and expectations. Prior to my diagnosis I was an over-functioning daughter, wife, and working mother of two.

    I’m scared of letting my cape of invisibility down. Where can I find the courage?

    Bernie’s Answer:

    Accept your mortality and stop wasting your lifetime.  You are the problem, so love yourself and change your thoughts and become the solution. It is very important to get over your hypnotic behavior due to your past

    Repeat a positive mantra every few hours, and it is also really critical that you add humor to your healing.  Many studies have shown that laughter gives the immune system a significant boost, so think of things that made you laugh out loud and keep looking for more humor in life.

    You don’t need an illness for attention and protection.  You have nothing to lose if you become authentic and work at achieving your potential.


    Question for Bernie:

    I’ll keep this brief (something I’m not known for, but here we go)…partly because it’s difficult to articulate how appreciative I am of the work you have done over the last decades. I am not living with an illness, but recently I did lose a job I valued very deeply (I’m an actress on TV in New Zealand and my much-loved character died, which added another layer of loss that people don’t understand because “acting isn’t real.”  Try telling my central nervous system that!

    I bought Love, Medicine and Miracles when I was toying with the idea of becoming a real doctor (my character was one) before I got the news I would no longer be required on the show; little did I know it would come in so handy a few months later.
    Having had a relatively stable middle-class upbringing, I felt guilty for feeling unhappy and depressed in recent years. Reading the chapter on Becoming Exceptional has made me realize that if I alter my perspective slightly, I can see that in some ways that I am a survivor of a kind of Good Girl syndrome and of depression, as well as job loss, and of a weird kind of “death.”

    Your work gives me something to visualize and reach for. I’m reading Carol Dweck’s book, Mindset, at the moment too, and many ideas are dove-tailing very nicely. Esther Hicks and Candace Pert are on my list, too.  In other words, I’m inspired to respond to recent changes in my circumstances with the kind of skills and attributes you and Al Siebert write about, and which a friend of mine must call on right now.  He is 34 and is being treated for colon cancer.

    I’m not even sure I want to be an actress anymore, and I’m letting my interest in the connection between the mind, the body, and the spirit take me into territory I would never have dreamed of going a decade ago. So thank you, from the bottom of the world. :-)
    Yours with best wishes and love!

    Bernie’s Answer:

    Yes, acting is what we all do and it takes its toll on our bodies if we play a tragedy, but it enhances life and health when we act in a comedy.

    Do rehearse and practice becoming the person you want to be.  Soon you will be that person, and unlike the acting you are used to, once you are that person, you will never have to get out of character.

    Let go completely of a need to pay attention to the reaction of your “audience” in real life.  Just like the audience in the theater, their reaction is not the issue.  Your approval of your genuine self is the only issue. Help your friend with all your newly discovered knowledge, and keep learning.


    Question for Bernie:

    I am a 53 year old female recently diagnosed with colon cancer.  The cancer metastasized to the liver.  Surgery was performed and a resection to remove the tumor was done.  However, when my surgeon was going to “wedge” some of the tumor cells out of the liver, there were too many.

    I am now going through chemo, with good results.  My CEA after my second treatment dropped from 129 to 14.9.  Sometimes I go through days of agitation and irritation.  I have many side effects from the chemo that are irritating as well.

    But the worst part for me is that I am a workaholic, and I love to cook.  I cannot work right now and it’s really getting to me.  I have NO desire to cook, and while I realize there are people far worse off than I am but I cannot shake my irritations.

    I am not afraid or scared of dying.  I just want my old life back.  I have a wonderful husband who has taken very good care of me; I do not have children, but have a great support group of family and friends.  But still I just feel gloomy at times.  I also have two great dogs, one of which is younger that I have been trying to work with outside each day to motivate myself.

    I think the issue/problem I have is that I do not have any motivation.  I am sad at times and feel frustrated.  Any words or ideas would greatly be welcomed.

    Bernie’s Answer:

    My first recommendation is to start reading my books for more coaching.  You will learn about letting go of the workaholic behavior for the time you need to heal.  When you feel guilt creeping into your thoughts, dispense with it right away.  Resting is an activity in and of itself, and it is critical for healing, so you ARE doing something.  And what you are doing by allowing your body to heal is sending it the message that you intend to LIVE.  Don’t fight the healing process.

    Learn how to live in the moment from your dogs.  Ask WWLD = what would Lassie do?  Lassie and your two dogs know how to enjoy each moment of the day, so copy their optimistic behavior—you will see it if you really look.

    Do what you love to do and what makes you happy—your body will respond.  Stress and the overproduction of cortisol by your immune system will drop away.  Stop judging yourself and love your life and body just as it is each day.  Don’t think about your body as “the enemy” just because of your illness.  Put pictures of yourself around the house and love who you see.  If you are inspired to cook, do it.  If you aren’t, don’t feel bad about it—you will either go back to it once you are fully healed, or you might find you want to do other things.

    Embrace change when it comes your way.  Resisting large and small changes in our lives keeps us from embracing the beauty of life, and life is all about change.  Our job is to choose to welcome all changes as lessons in our life’s journey—gifts of knowledge that can lead us to true happiness.

    Humor is hugely important to good health and definitely to healing, so think about things that made you laugh out loud—or would make you laugh out loud.  Let yourself really enjoy laughing four times every day.

    Motivation is not the problem you are having.  If you begin right now to act like the person you want to be, you will soon be that person.


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    Q & A with Bernie – August 11, 2014

    Question for Bernie

    Your book, Love, Medicine, & Miracles was recommended by my holistic doctor when I learned I tested positive for cancer.  It was the scariest book that I have ever read.  Sometimes I would read it with just one eye open.

    I am going to reference this book in a homemade video which is an interview of me talking about my journey.  I hope to post the interview on the internet. Why?  Because I think it is a must read book.  It set me up to succeed even though it was so scary to read and parts of it still are scary.

    Thank you for taking the time to write this book.  I learned so much and believe it helped me beyond my journey of cancer; allowing me to realize the strengths that I bring to my job.

    Bernie’s Answer

    Thank you my dear.  My recommendation for you: don’t fear change—instead change fear.

    Always remember that you have the potential.  Also, don’t fear failure.  Others put that into you years ago.  We really never fail if we have the courage to try something because we always learn from it, whatever the outcome.


    Question for Bernie

    I wanted to write to let you know that I have only just discovered your work via an interview you recently did with Dr. Larry Dossey. I am a non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma survivor of seven years. Having lost my mother to the same cancer during the middle of my chemo treatment made this was a very difficult time in my life, as you can imagine.

    However, I chose to follow my mother’s courageous outlook on life (and death) and remain positive about my circumstances and future. I had a young family and a devoted husband, as well as a grieving widowed father, to live for and who needed me.

    I started meditating which opened my mind, heart, and spirit to another dimension and to a higher purpose. One night, after a particularly tiring day of hospital visits and treatment, I awoke to hear tiny fluttering noises in my ears and a sense that I was being lifted, very gently, off the bed. To this day, I still don’t fully know what really happened to me that night, but my heart tells me that I met with some beautiful little angels who were letting me know that they were there lifting the weight that I was carrying through my cancer experience.

    Listening to your interviews on Mind Health Matters has been a wonderful discovery, and I will now start reading your books. Thank you, Bernie,  for your life’s work and love; what an inspiring and superb human being you are!

    Bernie’s Answer

    You have inspiration within you and you have acted upon it.  Your positive perspective is inspirational.

    I see myself as the fortunate coach who gets to help you access all of the potential you have.

    Bless you,

    Question for Bernie

    It was over 10 years ago that I attended your lecture in Naples Florida. Afterwards I came up to talk with you about my brother who had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer 15 years previously.  You thanked me for sharing, and I recall you saying, “I need to hear stories like this.” So, I am once again sharing his story.

    At the time of my brother’s diagnosis, I was reading Love, Medicine, and Miracles. My brother has never been a “take charge” kind of person but we incorporated your concepts into his recovery.  I was amazed at his assertiveness. He received chemo for 2 ½ years and then called me one day and said, “I can’t do this anymore.”  I said, “Then stop.”

    So here we are over 25 years later with my brother back in the hospital. The diagnosis is a recurrence of his cancer. He weighs just 84 pounds.  The doctors are planning to give him “two shots a day.” I am not in agreement with this treatment, but it is not my decision. His quality of life the past two years has been less than ideal.

    The doctors told my brother that he is one in twenty million people to survive for over 25 years with his initial diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. I am sure the information we gleaned from your book was instrumental in his survival, and I want to thank you for giving us the tools we needed.

    My brother credits me with his recovery, but I know that God gave me you.

    Bernie’s Answer

    Bless you.  You and your brother gave me the privilege of being the coach with motivated team members willing to show up for practice.

    It is hard at this time in know the outcome, but help him to love his life and body so his body knows he still chooses life.

    When making therapy decisions, drawings can help to know what is right.  They show intuitive wisdom and not just thinking.  I recommend my latest book, The Art of Healing: Uncovering Your Inner Wisdom and Potential for Self-Healing.  I could look at any drawings your brother—just send them to me via email.


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    Q & A with Bernie – August 4, 2014

    Question for Bernie

    I am 32-year-old man from Slovakia in central Europe. Two months ago I was diagnosed with a 2 cm, non-malignant acoustic neuroma growing from the 8th cranial nerve in my head, just between my right ear and the brain-stem. After consulting with best medical doctors in Slovakia and also abroad in the Czech Republic, two specialists suggested surgery. Doctors said that it is inevitable that I will permanently lose hearing in my right ear during the surgery. This was very sad news for me as of my hearing in both is completely normal.

    Recently I have started to study more about self-healing, and I read almost all of your books as well as listening often to your audio-therapy materials. I find great inspiration in your work and I have learned a lot from your teachings.

    When I spoke with my medical doctors about the possibilities of curing this tumor with a more holistic approach, they immediately stopped me, claiming that this is a non-malignant tumor and they do not shrink or disappear without surgery.

    I tried to explain to them how I have been living during past few years. I was really dissatisfied with my job and the working environment, and also with my personal relationship, being constantly unhappy with life. I told the doctors that I complain a lot, and had complained to my colleagues that I must quit this job and end my personal relationship, too, or I will get sick from all the stress.

    The doctors said that unhappiness and stress in my life has nothing to do with it, and that there is no specific reason for people to develop this kind of tumor. The doctors assured me that my long-standing mental state or emotional imbalance has nothing to do with this illness. They are trying to push me to undergo the surgery as soon as possible, within 1-2 months because if the tumor grows larger, it may complicate the surgery and could increase the risks of post-surgical problems.

    A month ago I quit my job which was my main source of unhappiness and stress. I changed many things in my life, and I feel much more positive and relaxed now. I learned to be more at peace, meditating daily, and learning to be a more grateful and loving person.

    The date of the surgery is set. By doing it the way the doctors recommend will cause me to lose my hearing.

    I would like to ask you for your opinion about whether I can be successful getting rid of this tumor without surgery. I really think I could cure myself now that I have changed things in my life, however my medical doctors do not think this is possible.

    Thank you very much for taking time to answer my question.

    Bernie’s Answer

    Nothing is impossible—the potential within you is always there.  Only you can decide what is best for you at this point.  Tell yourself that you will not feel guilty if it doesn’t go away, and you do end up having surgery.

    You can use visualization and see the tumor as a block of ice and God’s light melting.  Or, you can see yourself turning off the blood to the tumor so it has to dry up. Or, you can have surgery as God’s gift to you.

    Draw a picture of yourself in the operating room and email it to me.  I will guide you through the interpretation of your drawing so it can help decide.

    It is your life and body, and creating a life you can love and a body you can love is important for your healing.


    Question for Bernie

    I know that I should really go to ECaP to get input for this question, but I have been trying to get them and it doesn’t seem to be reachable on the web.  Has something happened to the organization?

    I had my last of six chemotherapy sessions on the 30th of July.  I am so very frightened because the doctor said that each successive chemo gets a little more intense (I forget the word she used).  The last one was so bad that I am not sure whether I can endure one that will be a little more intense.  Please advise me.

    Who can I talk to for relief from my worry?  I have non-small cell lung cancer, if you want to know that.  Thank you.

    Bernie’s Answer

    ECaP has closed down.

    Your mind is the problem.  Our minds are so powerful that what we believe and visualize happens.  But it works both positively and negatively, depending on how you choose to see a given situation.  If you are envisioning a good outcome, then you are using your mind to influence your body and cooperative with your spiritual self.

    Your doctor should be quiet because she hypnotizes you.  This is your decision—not hers.

    Go to this page on my website to read my article “I deceive people into health,”

    So I recommend visualizing chemo with no side effects and feeling fine, hungry, etc.

    I have CD entitled, Getting Ready: Preparing for Surgery, Radiation, and Chemotherapy with Minimal Side Effects.  You may find this very helpful.

    Here is a true story that someone shared with me:

    You vomit on the way home after chemo; your husband has bag in the car to vomit in.
    One day, you open the bag and there are a dozen roses from your husband in the bag.
    You never vomit again after your chemo.


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    Q & A with Bernie – July 28, 2014

    Question for Bernie

    I wanted to share with you a story this morning.  I will get to the story in a minute but first wanted to fill you in a bit. Remember when I was looking for some etiology for adult onset of tremors with my son? Anyway after nine months of no gluten (Dr. P used Keifers before and after videos in Dr. Oz special if you saw) that has resolved and life moves on.

    I am still learning.  Lately, I have been very overwhelmed with life.  I’m still a single mom, my youngest in engineering school at CU, two adult sons back home, a mother who turned 90, and the family dysfunction that has exploded in the last year around that, me turning 53 and feeling alone, and still figuring out what I want to be when I grow up.  I am also working for the Dominican Sisters Home Health agency (the only free home care for the poor and elderly in the country) while contending with my own issues—6th cranial nerve damage and skin cancer, and yet all of that pales in comparison to my cousins Grade 4 glioblastoma…..the fragileness of life.

    So that brings me to my story.  I had thought of connecting with you prior, but this moved me to do so.  I woke up at 4:30 in the morning to a burning smell in my home and went downstairs to find a pot on full heat burnt to a crisp and filling the home with yuck. My 23-year-old son was drunk and asleep in the chair—this is the second pot he burned in less than a week—and this is the day that my Sisters at Home Health planned a 90th birthday celebration for my mom, but didn’t bother to tell me about it prior to the event mailing! A gut punch I am still learning to be with.

    My way is to move my body when I feel the emotions mounting and nowhere to escape. This is all on top of being three months with no period at 53. Remember when you helped me with a broken heart back in 2010. I have not been with anyone since. I met someone in March whom I have been seeing, but I keep noticing old stuff still coming up from that last man I loved so deeply who was so deceptive. Do I want another relationship?

    So off I go this morning early (before all the people- it has become too commercialized- five years ago- solitude all the time).  I run up a flight of stairs thinking about my cousin dying and I’ve got the Fray blaring in my ear,” love don’t die.” I run to the top only to be turned away for an exercise class starting soon.

    I turn around, catch my breath, and head back down the stairs.  There was no one in sight, then, out of nowhere a baby deer comes running up the stairs! I burst into tears and continued walking toward the deer. I was on my side going down, he or she was on the other side coming up.  I stopped and leaned against the side railing and watched the little deer continue up and past me. I connected with its feeling of being trapped, feeling out of place, not recognizing things, and connected that to me, my birth family. The flood of tears was a welcome release.

    The baby deer hopped over the fence, and I ran down to the truck to get my phone to walk back up and make a video for my cousin as a “good morning hello” and tell her the story. On my way back up the stairs, the most beautiful bluebird jumped up about five flights of stairs directly in front of me as I filmed and said good morning, as if to say come on, keep on climbing, and she was doing it with a jump in her step and so pretty and graceful! I had to giggle at this life. It was as if my angels were telling me that everything’s going to be alright.

    Love to you Bernie…

    Bernie’s Answer

    Yes, I remember you. You can jump the fence like the deer and what you see in the bluebird is in you.

    Be a love warrior and drive people nuts with your love no matter how they behave, but also discipline your son so he doesn’t burn the house down.

    Remember, addicts all are searching for love from artificial sources.


    Question for Bernie

    I interviewed you for the movie Turn Off Cancer –  Turn On Life three years ago by the little pond in one of your children’s gardens. It was such a beautiful interview.

    Last month I was diagnosed with cancer myself.  This news came just as I was getting back on my feet, teaching workshops and retreats again, with lots of amazing projects, and bang!  Cancer diagnosis. It feels like a joke. I guess my body gave up after so much adversity, stress, and the sense of failure attached to making the movie.

    I understand also that the divine is behind it, and I can see the message which is very obvious. I cannot postpone any longer focusing on my own care and happiness. Surgery is scheduled for in eight days. I don’t really know what to do about chemo and radiation, but they have already mentioned the customary 21 sessions of radiation and some chemo just in case.

    I cannot find an integrative oncologist in Spain who I can trust and afford. I never thought that this would happen to me, to healthy, super-conscious little me.  I understand that I went through a very difficult period on all levels of my life. The stress and trauma has been “off the roof” and relentless, I ended up  with no emotional support, was hardly eating or sleeping, feeling exhausted, burned out, lost, and abandoned. I can see how the tumor’s growth makes sense.

    My question to you is this: If the surgery leaves the area clean, the tumor is completely encapsulated, and I am rigorously careful with my diet and environmental toxins; if I really manage stress in my life, improve my social support by being more in touch, and recover my sense of purpose and sense of being part of a magnificent, mysterious, benevolent universe… can I say no to radiation and chemotherapy?

    Please I am asking you as a desperate cry, not so much as a professional, but as a friend.  I don’t know where to turn. I am not going to blame you if my choices don’t work. I am only asking for your sincere, honest, human opinion. What would you tell your sister, wife, mother, or daughter if they were in my situation, or what would you do yourself in a similar situation?

    I am confused in spite of having so much information. Your opinion would be an orientation to me, as you are more in touch with the clinical practice and the literature. Under which criteria  might it be wise to say no to conventional therapies and go with the body-mind connection to regain health, or to create health again?

    I have been so healthy all of my life, and hopefully I heard the definitive message of this cancer occurring now. I am really ready to create a life of coherence that respects the needs of my body and still be able to make a big contribution to the Spanish speaking countries regarding mindfulness. My most heartfelt gratitude on advance.

    Bernie’s Answer

    Yes I remember you.  My question to you is, “Are you trying not to die, or trying to do what feels right for you?  Your answer can help you decide about surgery.  Let your heart make up your mind.

    Your tumor is hormone receptor+ so you could use aromatase inhibitors and not chemo if things look good.

    Also, picture surgery going very well in your mind several times a day and see the tumors melting away in your images.

    When treatment options come up, you can make a drawing for each of them and I can look at the drawings and help you to decide on the basis of what your inner wisdom and consciousness tell us in your drawings.


    Question for Bernie (answer to Bernie from question and answer above)

    No, dear Bernie, I am not trying not to die. I want to live.  But because so many things have gone wrong in my life lately, I learned to distrust my intuition. I am afraid that some of my choices have been so wild and have endangered my life.

    I have mixed feelings. I don’t want to be a fundamentalist who says that all conventional medicine is wrong, and at the same time, I am sure my cancer is due to hormones, environmental toxins, lack of rest, and stress. But I eat a very healthy diet, although I started to drink a couple of glasses of wine each night, and that might have impaired my liver.

    I abused myself working 20 hours a day nonstop on the movie project for three years.

    So if I really start taking good care of myself, and control the estrogen and other hormones, it should be OK.

    Yes, I will send you the drawings when they signify something to me. I already feel much better. Your words have soothed me a great deal. I send you my warmest regards.

    Bernie’s Answer

    Cancer is growth gone wrong.  It is a message to take a new road in your life.  Follow your heart and stop thinking.  You need to feel what is right and then do it.

    Love your life and body, and self-induced healing occurs.

    Question for Bernie

    I was referred to you by one of my friends who spoke very highly of you and your methods to battle cancer and save several people from the jaws of untimely death.  I am writing to you with hope that you may be able to help my sister, who was first diagnosed with cancer in February of 2013 and has been fighting with the disease bravely ever since.  Her details are explained in the synopsis below.  She has tried various doctors in the UAE, Mumbai, and elsewhere including the U.S.  Now all the doctors have given up.  Her reports are attached herewith for your reference.  Can you advise in this matter as time is running out fast for my sister?

    In February of 2013, my sister was diagnosed with breast cancer (right breast) and ovarian cancer. She underwent a mastectomy and surgical removal of the ovarian tumor. Following that she had a staging operation. In March 2013 she started chemotherapy. She received 6 sessions of Taxol, followed by 28 sessions of radiotherapy (in the breast area), ending in August 2013.

    In December 2013, the breast cancer recurred. Starting in January 2014, she has received 4 sessions of FEC chemotherapy and 4 sessions of Dositaxol & Avastin chemotherapy. She just competed 15 sessions of radiotherapy this month. Now doctors are saying no chemo is working on her as the cancer is a very aggressive TNBC (triple negative breast cancer). Right after being administered her 1st session of Dositaxol & Avastin, she fell down and fractured both her feet. A couple of days later, she was admitted to the ICU as she was not strong enough to handle the full dose of this new chemotherapy. The doctors then administered a reduced dose for the next 3 chemotherapy doses.

    In spite of these chemotherapy sessions, her tumors are growing. She finished a round of radiation for her neck and left hip this month.  The cancer has also spread to the skin (on her right breast area). The doctors here suggested another tablet form of chemotherapy (Xeloda), but were not able to administer it as she does not have the strength to handle its side-effects.

    Sir I would like to request you to advise me on what more can be done for my sister in her present condition. Thank you so much in anticipation of your answer.

    Bernie’s Answer

    First, help her to love her life and body, even with the cancer, so her body knows she wants to live.

    Help her do visual imagery so she can see in her mind’s eye that whatever treatment she chooses is not poison, but is a gift to heal her body.  And she can visualize that happening.

    There are cancer centers all over the world where she could go to for alternative therapies including diet, visual imagery, meditation, and other supportive, effective approaches to her disease.

    Get her my books to help her to understand that she can have a big impact on her own healing—she shouldn’t just give her body over to doctors.

    The two books of mine I really want her to read (or you to read to her) are Love, Medicine & Miracles, and my newest, The Art of Healing: Uncovering Your Inner Wisdom and Potential for Self-Healing.

    Your sister’s desire to live is the key.  I don’t have a magic pill—the magic is inside of her.  Try to help her find it.


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    Q & A with Bernie – July 21, 2014

    Question for Bernie

    I contacted you five years ago when I had my second mastectomy.  Two nodes were involved and they took eight.  I had a 75% chance of it not returning if I did nothing and it only went up into the 80′s if I did chemo.

    I decided to decline the chemo and now five years later I’m still going with no evidence of a recurrence.  I recently had a bone scan and it only turned up arthritis which was not a surprise for an almost 74 year old.

    Thank you for all you have done for me and for all the other cancer patients you have helped.

    Bernie’s Answer

    As I often say, it is a pleasure to coach a talented performer.  Keep doing the things you are doing because your body is clearly getting the message that you love it and the life you lead.


    Question for Bernie

    My Dad has terminal brain cancer (lymphoma) and recently fell.  He is paralyzed on his right side and unable to talk.  Can you give me any ideas or suggestions as to what direction to go?  We are all SO distressed.

    Bernie’s Answer

    Ask him to blink his eyes once for YES and twice for NO.  Test whether he understands that by asking him if he can do that.  If he does understand he should blink once.  Then, if he can communicate with you using this method,

    • ask him to think of himself in an all-white room, then
    • ask him if he would feel happy, and
    • if he blinks once for YES, then
    • you will know that the all-white room represents a place of peace, and he is ready to leave his body

    There are times when leaving our body is the best treatment and allows us to be perfect again.

    Let him know that if he needs to go, you can all handle it, and will be happy thinking about him whole and perfect again.

    In my own experience, my dad’s words were, “I need to get out of here.”  My mom said, “Okay,” and he died surrounded by loved ones with my mom telling stories, which made him laugh.

    He died laughing and looking wonderful, so talk about your memories with your father if he wants to go to the peace of the all-white room. He will hear you, and the memory of his leaving his body will be a good one for you and for him, just as it was for me and my father.


    Question for Bernie

    In the fledgling days of Community Health Care Physicians at Yale, I was brought in at age 20, a few weeks after giving birth to my first child. After a prolonged hospitalization and many transfusions, Yale sent me home. The night I got home, I hemorrhaged from my bowels terribly. My OB/GYN told me not to worry about it, and to come back in to CHCP in the morning. I told you when I got to the ER, after my family was told to make arrangements for my child, that I was going to survive, that I would prove you all wrong, and would live to 110 until my son didn’t need me anymore. You wouldn’t let them quit working on me in the ER based on what I told you even though it looked grim for my survival.

    Thank you—my belief in the power of the mind over the body started then. I am now 58 years old and have been diagnosed with no less than 13 autoimmune diseases as well, as breast cancer and other serious health conditions. I have survived it all and fight daily to make the ripe old age of 110. If it weren’t for you and the other team members of Siegel Seltzer Graham and McCulloch, I wouldn’t be writing this email. This thank you has been a long time coming, but I want you to know that every night before I lay my head down and say my prayers, I thank the Lord for giving me some of the finest doctors in the world.

    In those days, much wasn’t known about Crohn’s disease or its treatments. But you all gave me the best of your expertise and I am forever grateful. Through it all I have kept a positive and upbeat attitude, never letting diagnosis after diagnosis as they came along in my life break my resilience and determination to make 110 years young. Recently while visiting my cancer doctor, I broke down into tears, and then started laughing. She said, “With all you have gone through it is OK to cry, if anyone deserves to it is you.” I picked my chin up and smiled at her and said, “You know doc, there is one diagnosis I would like to add to all the ones I have received.” She looked at me horrified, then, saw my smile. I said, “I would like to have the diagnosis of hypochondriac. You see, I look at it this way, if I could just have that diagnosis then everything else would have just been a bad dream.”

    Thank you, Dr. Siegel, for the gift of life, a positive attitude, and the chance to finally thank you for your insight, perseverance in saving my life that day in the ER, and for writing such wonderful books, which have supported me and many, many more people during times of duress. I, too, someday would like to write a book about my life, because it has been a roller coaster of ups and downs, diagnosis after diagnosis, hospitalization after hospitalization, and more bumps in the road then most humans could endure. But endure I have, and much of that has been because I have a strong conviction about giving your word to someone. I gave you my word when I was just 20 years old that I would be here on earth until I was 110, and I don’t have any plans on going back on it for another 52 years at least. Not everyone sticks by an ill person, but I have taken those lumps too and am still standing.

    Thank you for helping me find the will to survive and for guiding me from afar for all these years.

    Warmest Regards—oh hell, you deserve more than that—I’m sending you my gratitude and

    Bernie’s Answer

    Bless you.  You had the talent and we’ll all come to your birthday party.

    I want you to take these words to heart—live your authentic life and not just for your daughter. You are much more than a mother—you are a teacher who instructs those fortunate enough to be around you by your example.

    Getting the anger out about having to ride that roller coaster is really important.  Writing a book would be a good way to start.   By the way, I am still running support groups in Woodbridge.

    Peace and love,

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