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    Introducing Bernie Siegel's new title, The Art of Healing: Uncovering Your Inner Wisdom and Potential for Self-Healing. This long-awaited follow-up to his bestseller Love, Medicine & Miracles updates Dr. Siegel’s insights into the healing power of drawing, dreams, and intuition. The use of drawing in Bernie’s practice has helped patients discover the physical, psychological, and emotional aspects of healing and guided them toward the best choices and options for their particular situation. Learn more     Available now in bookstores everywhere. Order your copy online today at:  Wisdom of the Ages, Barnes & NobleAmazon or New World Library.
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  • Today’s Prescription for the Soul – Prescription #223 – Love Blindness

    I hope that my “365 Prescriptions for the Soul,” will be a welcome and healing addition to your day. The prescriptions I ask you to fill are designed for your total well-being. They come from hard-earned wisdom and experience with the difficulties of life. They are dispensed “as written” with love. At the end of each prescription is my “Soulution” to help you develop healthy self-love, self-esteem, and self-worth. Please take the prescription I have written for you here and fill it right away.

    Love isn’t blind; it just only sees what matters.

    - William Curry

    What makes a lover blind? What is it a lover can’t see? Is blindness always a bad thing?

    What do you see when you start the day and step into your living room? Is the first thing you see the mess from the night before and what has to be done, or the potential for the day ahead?

    Wake up to life and start looking at what is before you. You can select what you are blind to. Loving life and being blind to its faults and problems does not mean you are not aware of them. It does not prohibit you from trying to change things for the better. But it does mean you are not controlled by them and made bitter and resentful by them.

    When you are in the slowest line at the checkout counter and the clerk stops to page the manager after you have already emptied your cart onto the belt, and you are ready to scream, use your love blindness. See through loving eyes and watch what happens to your sight.

    Soulution of the Day

    Spread the affliction of love blindness
    and hope that people don’t find a cure.

    - Bernie

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  • Q & A with Bernie – March 30, 2015

    Question for Bernie

    My brother passed last Thursday. He had an incredible will to live, surpassing his doctor’s prediction by 25 years!

    Words cannot express my gratitude for your caring support.  Your lectures, books, emails, were a tremendous help during a difficult time.

    My brother’s and my incredible history with you~

    It was over 10 years ago that I attended your lecture in Naples Florida. Afterwards I came up to talk with you about my brother who had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer 15 years previous.  You thanked me for sharing and I recall you saying, “I need to hear stories like this.” So I am once again sharing his story.

    At the time of his diagnosis I was reading Love, Medicine, and Miracles. My brother has never been a “take charge” kind of person but we incorporated your concepts into his recovery.  I was amazed at his assertiveness. He received chemo for 2 1/2 years and called me one day and said, “I can’t do this anymore.” I said, “Then stop.”

    So here we are over 25 years later with him back in the hospital with a dx of recurrence of his cancer. He weighs 84 lbs.  The doctors are planning to give him “two shots a day.” I am not in agreement with this treatment but not my decision. His quality of life the past two years has been less than ideal.

    The doctors told Bob that he is one in twenty million people to survive for over 25 years with his diagnosis.

    I am sure the information we gleaned from your book was instrumental in his survival, and I want to thank you for giving us the tools we needed. My brother credits me with his recovery, but I know that God gave me you.

    Bernie’s Answer

    Thank you.  Your brother had the talent and the will to live, with such loving, strong support from you, his sister.  It makes a difference, to say the least.

    His consciousness is still with you, so look for signs of things that had meaning for you both, like the coincidences.  And choose life.


    Question for Bernie

    I’ve drawn two pictures this morning and thought I’d send them to you.  If you have a chance to take a look, I’d be interested in your thoughts.

    If you want any explanation:

    Obviously, I’m in the middle, each corner represents an aspect of my life; upper left is my wife and me; below that, me and my kids; upper right is me at work; below right is my mom.

    I think the first picture is where I am stuck right now—in fear and unhappiness.  The second is where I want to be???

    I’ve had a better last few days on holding off the fear and feeling a little better.  I found an appointment card with my next follow up with the ENT and that upset me… I guess just thinking that I don’t know if I can be healed by then.  The appointment is right before Mother’s Day and I’m thinking of moving it to after because I don’t want bad news before that day.  Is that silly?

    Last week I was test driving a car with my two boys.  The salesman told me for some unknown reason that his father died when the salesman was 13.  I immediately asked him if his life was OK.

    I came home this past Friday feeling pretty good, and then saw a “feel good” short on the college basketball tournament about a player whose mother recently died of cancer.  So I took that moment to say to the boys, “See, he pressed on even through tragedy and that is what you would have to do if something ever happened to me.” (My Dad used to say things like that to me).

    Then today over a cup of coffee, I look on the front page of our local paper and see an article about a musician dying of cancer at hospice.

    IS SOMEONE TRYING TO TELL ME SOMETHING?  Or am I just bonkers.  Please tell me I’m bonkers, it’ll feel better.  LOL

    Bernie’s Answer

    The first drawing depicting you as unhappy will create the life you draw—showing everyone apart and not enjoying life.  You don’t know the future, so enjoy the day.

    If you don’t have one, get a pet and learn from it and your kids.  Children and pets live in the moment and they can teach us just how much more joyful life is when we do that same thing—live in the moment.

    Years ago, I thought one of our kids had cancer and had little time left. At age seven, he said to me, “Dad, you’re handling this poorly.”  My son is alive today. His tumor was a rare type and not the cancer I assumed from his x-ray.

    Does the number 3 mean anything to you?  I notice that you show three marks on your face in this sad drawing.

    Picture what you desire and begin to act as though you have it now.  Love your life and body as they are right now.  Being good to your body—nutritionally, with exercise as possible, and with happy relationships, strengthen your immune system and also, most importantly, lets your body know that your message to it is that you intend to LIVE.


    Question for Bernie

    Well here it is. This drug is an oral medication I will take every day with my Tamoxifen, which I take before bed in the bathroom. So in the drawing I am standing in the bathroom taking it. The T bottle is my Tamoxifen which I feel very good about.

    The possible side effects of this new drug include neutropenia, which is very troubling to me since I am a Montessori Pre K-K teacher and so need a healthy immune system. The skeleton is showing that I am concerned what this drug is doing to my bone marrow, and also what it is doing to all of the healthy cells in my body. I care very much about my health and what I put into my body.

    Brown hair is coming out in my hands. My hair has finally come back. The last chemo I took after surgery thinned my hair, which my Dr. says this can also do, too. It is depressing to have hair come out in my hands.

    The window in the next room is the meditation room with a window to see sunlight, blue sky, and beautiful trees.

    If I were to draw a picture of myself NOT taking this medication, it would be outside on my bike with my partner doing our 100 mile Parkinson’s bike ride in the summer. Cancer free, healthy, and strong again.

    I am very clear that I do not want to take this medication. But when my Dr. says I recommend this because you are at “high risk” for recurrence, fear takes center stage and I think, “Is the universe giving me this trial because it is going to prevent a recurrence and I should do it?” Of course, there is no guarantee of that, and they don’t seem to be able to give me odds or statistics that can help me make a more informed decision.

    I am trying to weigh the cost/benefit and I am back and forth. One decision is based on fear, the other on hope, but I am also a very rational person and hope does not feel like solid ground.

    Any help you can offer would be much appreciated, and I would love to come down to CT and talk to you face to face. I realize that may be too much to ask, and I am grateful for whatever help you could give me.

    Thank you.

    Bernie’s Answer

    My first question is what the black dot in your pelvic area where you drew uterus and fallopian tubes represent?

    The window with lovely scene is in your future and that is a good sign. The page has time areas in it, too, and your past is very empty.

    The six trees may be related to time of treatment or some other meaningful event in your life past or present.

    Tamoxifen is given a healthy blue color, but there is no color for new treatment.

    Your self-image is black and bones which show a not very nice statement about your self-esteem. I can see through you.

    Develop stronger hands with which to get a grip on things and reach out as you did to me.  Do you have ears to listen, or don’t you want to hear what others say?

    Develop self-love and self-worth.

    The new drug is in a neutral zone right now, and if you want to take it, then accept it free of fear and visualize yourself taking it every day and doing beautifully with no side effects.

    Don’t let the word of your doctors hypnotize you in a negative way.  Your body believes what your mind pictures is happening or going to happen.

    The medications are darker in color than anything except the window scene. Take care of the lady in the picture and be good to her—love yourself, your life, and your body.  By eliminating negative people and situations from your life, you are giving your Mind-Body-Spirit connection the loud and clear message that you want to LIVE.

    Let me know if you have any questions or feedback.


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    Q & A with Bernie – March 23, 2015

    Question for Bernie

    I grew up in a religious family, and I have been active in my church for 20 years. I am very scientific and pragmatic. Faith is difficult. I admire it in others! I see others flex a spiritual muscle, to me is like a 6th sense. I have a hard time feeling a spiritual connection.

    How do you connect with God, The Universe, Deity? How do you become a spiritual person?

    Bernie’s Answer

    Life is a miracle.  When I think of God, to me the word god represents intelligent, loving, conscious energy. Bodies come and go, but our consciousness is immortal.

    It is not about religion with rules and regulations for spiritual experiences.  It is simply about faith and love.  God built the potential to heal in all things.


    Question for Bernie

    I was diagnosed with uterine cancer and heart disease within three weeks of one another.  I had a stent put in Friday.  The hysterectomy with sentinel lymph node mapping will be in about 35 days.

    I am 67 years old and am on medication for the first time.  How do I prepare for surgery?

    Bernie’s Answer

    My CD, Getting Ready: Preparing for Surgery, will help.  It prepares people for surgery, as well as for chemotherapy and radiation.  Order it on my website:


    Always remember that your body believes what your mind pictures and creates. So, several times a day, sit or lie down and take a deep breath to clear your mind and body. Now, visualize this experience

    ~ going to the hospital easily
    ~ having successful surgery
    ~ recovering rapidly with no side effects
    ~ completely healed and feeling better than ever!

    After you have “100 successful procedures” via faithful visualization, your body now expects that of the real one, too.  Love your body for being so wonderfully cooperative.

    To be fair, I have known people who can’t overcome their conditioning to see surgery as the worst thing.  These patients also tend to have all the possible complications that the doctor mentions.

    To avoid giving your mind fodder for a very negative visualization, ask your doctor to speak carefully, giving you only positive messages, and also ask him to play music in the O.R.


    Question for Bernie

    My mom died of cancer after five years of fighting while my dad held her hand.  Now, 18 years later, at the age of 83, he has just been diagnosed.  I want to offer all you have to share to him as he is 83 years young.  He was just swimming laps and dancing in October of 2014.

    He is angry right now and when positive/alternative additions are mentioned, he replies it did nothing for your mom.  Trying to share all I know to be true after researching while my mom was sick, and later again when I struggled with my own auto-immune disease, which I feel I helped myself bring to remission.

    Any help you can offer in aiding my delivery would be greatly appreciated.  He wants to dance at 90…I feel the need to show him he can.  I thank you for your book being available 18 years ago…and your blog being available now.

    Bernie’s Answer

    Use the anger for its energy, but redirect that energy to your father becoming a “love warrior.” Being a love warrior is not about war and battle and killing—it is using the negative energy to a positive purpose of filling his life with all the ways he can show his love for life.  Loving his life just as it is now, equally with loving his body for giving him such a great life so far, will give his body the message to LIVE and it will eliminate the cancer.

    Listen to him—practice “active listening” which just means keeping eye contact and leaning forward showing that you are not distracted—you are listening to what he says closely. This is a great gift you can give him—letting him get it all out; hearing his own words himself, he can really come to know who he is.

    Get him my book and see how he responds.  Remember, it is his life and you have to let him do what feels right for him.  What he doesn’t believe in is not likely to do him any good and have many side effects, so don’t force anything he is against trying.
    Ask him what he is feeling and experiencing.  Take note of the words he uses to describe both his physical and emotional discomfort.  See if there are any people or situations in his life who could be described with some of the same words, and work on helping him eliminate them from his life if possible.

    Drawings can help with decisions, too, so see if that might interest him.


    Question for Bernie

    I live in Boston and am a patient at one of our premier medical facilities. I consider myself an “Exceptional Cancer Patient.” I have read your new book and have practiced many of your suggestions through my treatment, as well as other visualizations and meditations. I am currently reading “You are the Placebo” by Dr. Joe Dispenza.

    I am writing to ask you if it would be possible to meet with you for a consultation about my case.

    To give you some background, I was diagnosed in June 2014 with breast cancer in the left breast with lymph node involvement. ER/PR positive Her2 negative.  I have already gone through very intense treatment.  Now I have another decision to make regarding treatment.

    I feel I need to talk this through with someone who understands my reluctance to put more chemicals into my body. I am 50 years old. I have been a vegetarian since I was 22, only organic food, and have been extremely conscious of my health and what eat and the products I use. I also practice a spiritual path and have a regular meditation practice.

    I am weighing the cost/benefit of this decision and would greatly appreciate an opportunity to discuss this with you. I feel like you would give me a unique and holistic perspective that I can’t seem to find anywhere else and that I deeply desire.

    I thank you for taking the time to read this email and greatly look forward to your response.

    Bernie’s Answer

    Get a box of crayons with all colors available.  Draw yourself receiving the trial medication Palbociclib and either put it in an email so I can see it, or mail it to me and then we will talk about your decision.

    My wife had early stage breast cancer, and I had no problem stopping therapy when it affected her life in a negative way.  It wasn’t about “not dying,” but about enjoying your life.  She also lives with MS disabilities.

    So let me know what you plan to do, and we can talk.


    Those seeking more information on customized cancer care and research programs can go to www.is-canceralliance.com or call international strategic cancer alliance at
    610 628 3419 or email info@is-canceralliance.com

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    In Our Self-Absorbed Society How Do We Instill Compassion in Our Children?

    Dear Everybody,

    Keep this quote in mind as you read these thoughtful, important words below from Slovie Jungreis-Wolff:

    “The Best Sermons Are Lived, Not Preached.”
    ~ Kenneth Burke, 1924-1966

    The following is excerpted and edited by me from an article by Slovie Jungreis-Wolff entitled:

    In Our Self-Absorbed SocietyHow Do We Instill Compassion in Our Children?
    by Slovie Jungreis-Wolff

    Danny Keefe, seven years old, is a high school football team water coach. Little Danny calls out, “Do you need a water?” But it is very difficult to understand his words. Danny had a brain bleed after birth and suffers from apraxia, a miscommunication between the brain and muscles in the mouth. His father shares that the doctors were extremely pessimistic about Danny’s prognosis. They said, “Whatever you do, don’t expect much. He may never walk. He may never talk.”

    Danny defied the odds. He has not only come to love life, he loves to dress colorfully as well. Since the age of two, Danny insists on wearing a button down shirt, jacket, tie, and often a fedora. In school, kids have made fun of Danny and bullied him. They could not understand his words; they could not understand his attire. “Hey, listen to this kid, he’s speaking Chinese!” they mocked. Danny’s mother cries as she describes his request to bring a world globe to school to show that he really does come from the same country. Danny is eager to make friends, but kids in school have acted in hurtful ways. They took off Danny’s hat and threw it into the mulch, and then they threw mulch on his hair. Danny says that made him feel very sad.

    Danny’s older brother Tim, and his best friend Tommy Cooney, play on the Bridgewater Badgers. Tommy is team quarterback. When he heard about the bullying of Danny, Tommy decided to do something to boost Danny’s spirits. He got his football teammates and friends to declare Danny Appreciation Day. They dressed like Danny, wearing suits and hats, and cheered his name, “Danny, Danny!”

    A fire truck came to pick Danny up and gave him a ride to their school. The boys surrounded him with friendship and played football with him. When asked why they did this, Tim and Tommy responded: “To show that he’s a person, too. He may dress differently or talk differently, but he has feelings.” Danny describes the moment as “The most best day.” The story went viral. Danny and Tommy were interviewed on TV. Tom Brady offered them tickets to the Patriots season finale commenting that we can all learn from the way these boys stuck up for their friend. One year later, Danny is described as happy, feeling confident, and still enjoying his job as water coach.

    We all want to raise such kind kids who take a stand against bullying and show incredible compassion. Are we succeeding? Why does it sometimes seem as if we are surrounded by selfish, self-absorbed kids? The Message at home is the issue. Love is the answer. The loved child respects other children and acts in a life-enhancing manner.  Here is an excerpt from an interesting and important study from the Harvard Graduate School of Education:

    A group at the Harvard Graduate School of Education released the following information: About 80% of the youth in their study said that their parents were more concerned with their achievements or happiness than whether they cared for others. The interviewees were also three times more likely to agree with the statement that ‘my parents are prouder if I get good grades in my classes than if I’m a caring community member in class and school. Only 20% of kids felt that their parents genuinely believe that caring for others is a greater priority than acquiring happiness or achievements. In another study of Harvard students 98% of those who didn’t feel loved by their parents suffered a major illness by middle age while only 24% of loved children had.

    Parents may believe that they are sending the right message, but only 20% of kids interviewed felt that their parents genuinely believe that caring for others is a greater priority than acquiring happiness or achievements and impressing the neighbors. We are sending our children a mixed message which is that, yes, we want to raise moral and kind kids, but a successful, happy child is the real goal for many parents. We need to give our children mottoes and guidelines to live by which are life enhancing for all involved, and realize success is not about material things but about making a difference.

    Perhaps we have become too consumed with the accomplishments of our children, neglecting the responsibility we have to mold them into more compassionate beings. In a world where there is great pressure to perform, maintain a high grade average, and join after school activities and sports teams, where does kindness fit in? In our Selfie Society, how can we help them refocus on the needs and feelings of others?

    Dr. Weissbourd and his Harvard team, Making Caring Common, recommend the following five tips to raise moral, caring children:

    1. Make caring for others a priority. Help children balance their needs with the needs of others.

    2. Provide opportunities for children to practice caring and gratitude. Daily repetition makes caring second nature.

    3. Expand your child’s circle of concern. Challenge your child to learn to care about someone outside his circle.

    4. Be a strong moral role model and mentor. This means that parents practice being caring, honest and fair and become role models for their children.

    5. Guide children to manage destructive feelings. Our ability to care for others is often overwhelmed by negative feelings like shame, envy, or anger. We need to help our children learn how to cope with these feelings productively. The way to do that is by parents seeing that children grow up with love and self-esteem, and not guilt, shame, blame, rejection, and abuse. Let them know we are not here to impress the neighbors with material things, but we are here to make a meaningful difference in their lives. More to follow.

    Peace, Love & Healing,


    We currently have a cancer support group the second and fourth Tuesday evenings of the month at Coachman’s Square at 21 Bradley Road, Woodbridge. If interested contact Lucille Ranciato lranciato2@yahoo.com 203 288 2839; or myself bugsyssiegel@sbcglobal.net

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    Q & A with Bernie – March 9, 2015

    Question for Bernie

    Hello. My 64 year old father was diagnosed with bladder cancer two years ago, but didn’t tell me or my sister until it came back a year later and they had to remove his bladder. After that surgery, I stressed nutrition to no avail, and therefore his sleepless nights, high anxiety and American diet caused two new tumors to grow around the neobladder within two months.

    It was called stage IV even though there was no metastasis. His oncologist was all about stats and gave my father a 20% chance of being cured. He knew chemo was unavoidable this time, and he fell into a strict diet and supplement regimen that my mom, sister, and I created. This included juicing 2x daily, protein smoothies, all organic and non-GMO eating, limit red meat and dairy, etc., plus several supplements a day.

    I had briefly introduced the other side of treatment…the Bernie Siegel treatment, that is. After just two rounds of chemo (four treatments), the doctors were shocked at how much the tumors had shrunk, one almost gone. My father openly cried to me for the first time saying I saved his life. We, of course, stressed for him to stay the path until it is gone as he continued with two more rounds of chemo.

    The following month he seemed more and more agitated, like a deprived child. He stopped juicing and would sneak a coke whenever he could. He continued to lose weight, blaming it on the way we were feeding him as opposed to the fact that he would sleep through most of his meals. He also noticed that my mother hadn’t changed HER unhealthy ways throughout this process either. Whatever the cause, just five weeks later, another CT scan was done due to terrible back pains, and sure enough, those tumors were back, one larger than before laying on a nerve. His oncologist gave him 1-2 years.

    After learning what I had about “the Bernie way,” I decided to write my own Cliff’s notes of Love, Medicine and Miracles since my father told me he wouldn’t read a book. He read my shortened version. I told him to stand up to his doctor, which is unlike the passive/angry route he had taken before. He was moved for the first time when he saw that his doctor was in a wheel chair. My dad showed his new doc a picture of my kids and said “I will do anything.” (Glimmer of hope.) He started treatment right away. I got him your meditation CD for the immune system and he has been listening to them, but only because I’ve begged him. Is it possible for the typical patient to become an exceptional patient? Are there any webinars I could direct my father to? How do I make him realize that he must save himself? Is Bernie retired yet? :)

    Bernie’s Answer

    You can coach him, but only he can change and heal himself.  Do a lot of listening so he hears himself and knows what he needs.  He can then take control, telling you and others what he needs instead of simply submitting to the plans for him that others have designed.

    Continue to give him books and CDs, but don’t criticize him if he doesn’t use them.  Just love him and get him to love his life and body each day as it is.  He needs to give the message to his body that he wants to LIVE—and the body gets that message when it is supported positively so the immune system can get stronger.


    Question for Bernie (continuation of previous question)

    Is this really Bernie? I’m kind of speechless if it is. Thank you. Good advice, of course. Problem is my father doesn’t talk…we are working on getting him into some therapy. He just doesn’t believe therapy or praying is going to change anything. Also I’m not sure how to get him to love his life and body as much as people love him—maybe counseling. Can you recommend any of your CDs or books to help him with this?

    He is a national lecturer in dentistry and was able to give his first two seminars—since his surgery in May—last Thursday, and Monday flew directly for chemo. Now we are hearing his blood work isn’t well enough to continue treatment and awaiting CT scan results. I really would’ve thought him nailing his lectures would’ve given him a boost of self-confidence and he was listening to your meditation for the immune system CD all week. At a loss…

    Bernie’s Answer

    Get him my latest book, The Art of Healing: Uncovering Your Inner Wisdom and Potential for Self-Healing.


    Special Note to Readers: Those seeking more information on customized cancer care and research programs can go to:

    www.is-canceralliance.com or call international strategic cancer alliance at 610 628 3419

    or email info@is-canceralliance.com.

    Question for Bernie: (continuation of the question above)

    I got your new book on the art of healing. Is it also appropriate for someone given months to live when their doctors just told him nothing will cure him?

    Bernie’s Answer

    Yes, there are people who have self-induced healing from doing many things, even leaving your trouble to God.  Peace of mind and love of life can induce healing.  There are not spontaneous remissions; they are about people changing their lives, and finding love for self, life, and body—and then self-induced healing occurs.

    Your father has to believe and want to make the effort.  That is survivor behavior.

    Just keep loving him.


    Question for Bernie

    I have leaky heart valves which, I am told, will need to be replaced at some point. I am reading Peace, Love, and Healing, substituting heart disease for cancer. I believe my heart can be healed. I just need some help and insight to keep me on the right track.

    I am also 81, an educator for 52 years, and have a hard time slowing down.

    Bernie’s Answer

    Even we educators have to keep learning, and most important of all is the lesson “Learn to say no when you do not want to do something.”  This is survivor behavior.  It strengthens your body’s ability to heal because you are protecting it from stress. Maybe that’s the message—to slow down and embrace your needs too.

    To keep strengthening your immune system, eliminate or limit involvement with negative people and other things in your life if you can describe them with any of the words you would use to describe what it is like to experience heart disease.

    Love your life and body so the message you send to your body is “I want to LIVE.”  To lower or banish stress, let your heart make up your mind.

    Supplements to take:

    Coenzyme Q10
    …and more

    Get in touch for Optimum Health products with:
    Jo-Anne Piazza, Business Manager

    Stephen T. Sinatra, M.D., F.A.C.C., C.N.S.
    Optimum Health Building
    257 East Center Street
    Manchester, CT 06040
    Phone: 860-645-3825
    Fax: 860-643-2531
    E-mail: jpiazza@opthealth.com

    I also recommend www.lef.org Life Extension for information and products.


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    Q & A with Bernie – March 2, 2015

    Question for Bernie:

    My surgery date is February 20th.  I’ve read Peace, Love and Healing, and I listen to many of your meditations. I’ve done some research and will ask for the open procedure because I’ve learned that surgical clips can dislodge and migrate.  I’m also allergic to nickel.

    My surgeon did listen to me and will do the procedure that I choose. Can you see any problem with the open procedure?

    Bernie’s Answer:

    Not if it is your choice.  Using crayons, draw yourself having both procedures, and then look at them the next day. You will know what is right for you.  If you send them to me via e-mail, I can help you, too.

    Also, I recommend that every few hours you visualize going to the hospital, having surgery, and experiencing a rapid recovery.  Ask to have music in OR and that your surgeon speak some positive messages to you while you are undergoing the procedure.

    Finish your positive visualization with seeing yourself waking up feeling comfortable, and thirsty and hungry at the end of the procedure.

    Peace and Healing,

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    Q & A with Bernie – February 23, 2015

    Question for Bernie

    I read your article today. I love what you wrote. When I met you I was very angry, and full of self-pity. I thought that you were from a different world. I thought that you didn’t know much about the world of abuse.  Well, today after many, many years, I call you my CD, or Chosen Dad.  My whole family chose not to live leaving me alone.

    I have been living with a serious autoimmune disease all my life.  I have learned how to see the Light through the Darkness.  You cared, and I was born again.

    Bernie’s Answer

    God bless you—and we have been teaching each other ever since.  You are truly an exceptional human being who chose the difficult path to healing versus the one which blames everyone and does nothing.

    You are loved,
    Bernie,  Your CD

    Question for Bernie

    If someone was very nice to you and then very mean to you, and ignored you after you thought you had a nice relationship with him/her, it wouldn’t upset you at all?

    Bernie’s Answer

    It might for the moment, but then I let go, understand, and forgive. I do not judge as you are doing.

    Being a love warrior is my ideal.  You demonstrate caring behavior by practicing it all the time—consistently.


    Question for Bernie

    I’m always considered the healthy one in the family.  I love to exercise, eat healthy, and follow a healthy lifestyle, but I’m always the one who is sick.  In the past year I’ve had teeth removed and am waiting for the implants,  and I have been diagnosed with an unknown connective tissue disease which maybe Sjogren’s syndrome  (I’m currently experiencing mouth and eye dryness); then I had the flu and fell, breaking my arm three days ago.

    During this time my mother had a stroke and had to enter a home, which she didn’t want to do, and my mother-in-law had a major heart attack and died suddenly.  I feel like there are a lot of negative things happening to me.

    I meditate and say affirmations, but it doesn’t seem like anything is working for me; starting to feel pretty down. Every time I feel things are getting better something else happens. I don’t know how much more of this I can take. Why is all this happening to me?

    Bernie’s Answer

    It is called life. To live is to suffer. Viktor Frankl put it this way—“To survive is to find meaning in the suffering.” Read his book, Man’s Search for Meaning. Ask what you are to learn from events in your life.

    Enjoy the day and don’t live in a worrisome future.  Find a way to love your life and your body.  Learning to diminish looking mostly at what you see as negative in your life will boost your immune system.

    Life is not easy, but it is filled with choices that each of us can make for ourselves—one of the most important being whether we are going to accept and understand that we can direct our lives by keeping our powerful Mind-Body-Spirit connection intact by using it.

    Keep up the positive mantras, and keep some of those laugh-out-loud moments you have experienced at any time in your life as your daily tonic.  Your body will get the message that you intend to LIVE and find happiness and value in all the gifts of our world.


    Question for Bernie

    My father is struggling with two types of cancer and is beginning a new treatment for each. I feel good about the attention to his condition he is getting from his doctors, but I know that underneath this immediate struggle he is feeling isolated, lonely, and under a lot of stress from his life in general in addition to the stress of the cancers.

    I want to help him in any way that I can to become a survivor and to embrace what only he can bring out of himself to choose life. I don’t want to tell him what he should do, and I don’t want to impose on him what I would do, but I have to say something to help him.

    Can you suggest an immediate action I can take that can help a loved one make a sure step towards being a survivor, towards switching away from passivity?
    Thank you for your help.

    Bernie’s Answer

    Give your dad some of my books like Love, Medicine & Miracles, The Art of Healing, and Faith, Hope & Healing. Also, browse through my CDs to help your father with treatment, like the title Getting Ready and others for quieting his fears.

    You are letting him know you care and can coach him. What is within him is the issue.  The best coach needs people to show up for practice, so his reaction to what you give him will tell you where he is at in terms of responding to you as his coach. Remind him of his potential, and keep up hope by helping your dad, as well as yourself, see this as an opportunity to learn from his experience and teach others how to deal with life’s difficulties.  This is survivor behavior.

    When you come back to my website to browse through the CDs, go to the Quick Links menu at the top and select the “Immune Competent Personality Test.”  Share it with your dad as a way to get him thinking about being a survivor.  Keep loving him and get energy from being the supportive, sensitive person you clearly are.


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    The Color Orange

    Dear Everybody,

    Do all the good you can, in all the ways you can, in all the places you can, at all the times you can, to all the people you can, as long as you ever can.
    ~ John Wesley

    This quote by John Wesley touched my heart.  If everyone lived that message what a world this would be. When you think about living following his advice, you don’t need religions or a God or beliefs because you are living the message they all are based on.  You wouldn’t be pointing out any differences between us which cause conflict and separation. My surgical experience revealed clearly to me that we are all the same color inside and made of the same thing.

    The reason John Wesley’s words had an impact upon me is because of a personal event which happened the same day I came across this quote. A family member, with family, physical and emotional difficulties, who I try to help by helping her as a doctor with medical help and also as a source of love and finances, said over the phone, “You are the only person who has ever helped me without my asking.” That really hit home and I felt rewarded by her statement. I think her story and that of others who have been helped without asking would make an interesting book. Think about people in your life who have made a difference and never asked for anything in return. Besides writing your story, thank them by sending them a copy of it and what their actions meant and did for you.

    I can think of other people I have helped who really have become part of my family, and for me when you are family, the relationship is not about who did what for whom or who owes you something, but about caring and the gift which comes from knowing you have done something to help someone else. Come to think of it, the quote sounds like the Bible’s message to love your neighbor as yourself and do unto others as you would have others do unto you.

    One of my return gifts was from a nursing student who, after hearing me speak the message, called me and asked me to help her by paying her tuition in nursing school. She said, “You tell people that they can say no to what you do not want to do, so I am not afraid to ask you.” Well I admired her conviction and courage and said yes. A year or more later she called me to say she graduated and had a job and could pay me back OR we could use the money to start a scholarship for other students. You know damn well what I was thrilled to do! It’s the message of the quote I started with. And I like to try to live the sermon and the result then is repayment with interest.

    Again the message of life is that we are here to live and love; the purpose of life is to give us the opportunities to display our love. How you do it is your choice, but the end result should be the same for us all—to be remembered for our love and the kindness we displayed.

    The hard part is that if you don’t grow up being treated in this way and feeling loved, then the likelihood of your doing something for someone else is close to zero. There ain’t no God when you grow up with the opposite of love; indifference, rejection, and abuse. You read the same newspaper headlines I do and the people you read about, from police to mass murderers, have no reverence for life because no one ever displayed a reverence for their life. Thus they are more interested in revenge then they are in helping others.

    You all have the potential to change the world by reparenting people and helping them to feel loved and build self-worth and self-esteem. It is easier if you are a teacher, doctor, or a member of the clergy because you are working with and for people. I was enlightened by many self-destructive patients who, because of my concern for them, began to realize they were worth something.  At that point, they then started caring for themselves. For me it was summed up in the statement of a suicidal teenager I was working with, “You are my CD.” I asked her what did she mean by telling me that I was her CD?  She touched my heart with her answer—“You are my Chosen Dad.”

    So get out there and help all the people you can, as long as you ever can, by becoming their CD or CM.

    Peace, Love & Healing,

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    More Teachers (Part Three) – Mind and Heart Matters

    Dear Everybody,

    Life is a labor pain of self-birth. Sometimes God responds to your prayers when you are not able to complete the birthing process, and sometimes God steps back when it is time for you to take responsibility and deliver.  The following is the third edited excerpt from an article written by Danny Verbov.  The first installment was posted here on January 12, 2015, and the second on January 26, 2015.  To view his book, go to:


    When I use the term more teachers in the titles for these articles, it makes me think that when I say life is a school, I’m also saying that the rest of the world are my teachers.  What a faculty! The key is for all of us to show up for class and be willing to learn from all those we meet, no matter how they look or how many degrees they do or don’t have. If life is the teacher, you are attending class everyday just by opening all your senses to full awareness of what you are experiencing.

    So many of us spend our lives trying to avoid what life has to offer when we seek numbness, distractions, and ways of escaping the experience of life. The brave stand up to life, confront it and turn the charcoal into a diamond. Whether you believe it or not, if you are willing to learn then you can turn a curse into a blessing because of what it teaches you. And when you start learning from the pain, it does not hurt as much for you.  It hurts far more for those who try and eliminate the painful learning experience by running from life and never experiencing it. What the Hell is the point of living if you are not going to stand up to life despite the pain and difficulties which will always be there until we reclassify them into our teachers. When you realize Hell has much to teach us, it no longer seems to be Hell.

    At times, when I am having a difficult day, I find I feel better by looking up at a blue sky or at a pretty flower or feel the love some other creature is willing to share with me. I may add that when in the hospital, or ground floor inner city apartment, which has no view of nature but just brick walls you will experience more pain and depression than those who can view nature either through their window or photographs and paintings on the walls of their rooms.

    We hear and see this message from many people who have experienced their Hell and learned from it. Viktor Frankl’s concentration camp experience; “To live is to suffer. To survive is to find meaning in the suffering.” Now that I have you all depressed please cheer up because things could be worse. I remember the last time I thought that way I lived the sermon and cheered up and sure enough things got worse.

    Remember we all have the potential to do amazing things. It is built into us. It is very instructive that the Hebrew word for miracle, nes, is at the root of the word nisayon, which means test. It is the same word that appears when God tested Abraham. Miracles are nothing less than tests of our Divine potential. It is when human beings pass Divine challenges with honor and distinction, and I would add due to our faith in the Lord, that we are witness to what is worthy of being proclaimed a true miracle. So be sure your faith is in the true Lord and live up to your potential. I have seen it happen. The hardest part is having faith and not questioning or debating other options, including death, when the Lord hands you a difficult situation to face and live with.

    One way to ease your pain is to help those going through the pain also. For each of us it is a different experience but also has some common themes which can teach us and help us to help others. Rabbi Noah Weinberg shares, “When someone is in pain, show compassion. Make an effort to spare someone financial loss. Visit someone who is sick, and help care for his needs.  Don’t embarrass anyone – especially in public. Don’t gossip about others. Don’t take revenge or bear a grudge. Smile – your happiness affects others. Show respect to the elderly. Find a poor person in your community that you undertake to assist.

    Why is “Loving Humanity” a Way to Wisdom? In order to realize your own potential, you have to love humanity. Their success is your success, too. The more you have love in your life, the happier and more efficient you’ll be. If you don’t appreciate the phenomenon of human beings, you’re missing out on one of life’s greatest pleasures. Loving others connects you to the world, to all facets of creation. Love helps you get out of the confines of “me” and into the expansive “we.” Prioritize your love. Appreciate the relative value of each virtue. Realize that all human beings are God’s children.

    Peace, Love & Healing,
    Bernie Siegel, MD

    Imagine having never seen a human being before. What a fantastic gadget!
    - Rabbi Noah Weinberg

    We can’t fix or cure every affliction but we can love everyone experiencing it.
    - Bernie Siegel, MD

    We currently have a cancer support group the second and fourth Tuesday evenings of the month at Coachman’s Square at 21 Bradley Road, Woodbridge. If interested contact Lucille Ranciato lranciato2@yahoo.com 203 288 2839; or myself bugsyssiegel@sbcglobal.net

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    Q & A with Bernie – February 2, 2015

    Question for Bernie

    Sorry to bother you, but I have a question—not about the diagnosis but about how to deal with news of this kind.  My throat has hurt on and off for a few months.  I went to an ENT today.  He said he thinks it is stomach acid so we are working on that.

    He also said I have one tonsil that is inflamed so he has a concern (remote) that it could be cancer.  He looked down my throat and said things looked good except for redness by the stomach; he felt the tonsil and it felt soft, which I understand is a good thing.

    My question is how do I focus away from the remote chance that it is a cancer and focus my energy on the other expected condition.

    I am, as mentioned in our prior conversations, trying to heal my life, but this one has sort of knocked me off kilter.  I’m 43 and have never personally had a major health issue.

    Thanks for listening.

    Bernie’s Answer

    Go to this link for Life Enhancement.com and order gum mastic for the stomach problem


    Go to the many resources on my website.  Browse through my CDs for visual imagery, meditation, getting ready for surgery, and other things that can help you on your healing journey.

    Create a positive mantra and repeat it several times a day.  Take short meditation breaks (3-5 minutes) and use your mantra as you focus on breathing in and out of your nose.  Recent studies show that the short meditations of between five and ten minutes done several times per day works much better at calming anxieties and helping redirect worry than setting up lengthy meditation sessions and failing to follow through.

    Humor is absolutely essential to help the body and spirit heal.  Think of some funny things that have happened to you, friends, or other family members over the years and pick out the ones that make you laugh out loud.  Thinking of these LOL moments a few times each day will also strengthen your immune system.  Resolve that you will practice laughing several times a day and between those times and the short meditations using your mantra you do throughout the day, you will crowd out worry which is a waste of the valuable time we have in our lives.

    You do not know your future, but you can be confidant that but you are creating it with the choices you make in your unconscious mind.  By training your body and mind to relax quickly for short periods of time, you are making time for your subconscious to choose.


    Question for Bernie

    Thanks again for responding to me.  I listened again to an interview you did with Tony Robbins.  It is one of my favorites because you covered so much.  One of the things you said is to look at what has gone on in your life leading up to an illness. I know that a lot of things are not right for me and I’m trying to heal them.

    I’m also trying not to worry, but wow, that is close to impossible for me.  I keep trying.  For a couple hours I feel great and then bam! I’m worried about the potential diagnosis, potential treatments, and stress to my family (especially my kids – that hurts the most). Then I cry.  Then I feel like I am weak.  Then I try to come back to the present… and hope.

    I’m also trying to contribute and send love out into the world.

    You quoted Viktor Frankl who said, life is full of pain and the trick is to find meaning in it.  I’m sure I will be able to, but right now it just hurts.

    Thank you for being you and for listening.  My wife thinks I’m crazy to e-mail you, but I lost my dad about 14 years ago and it is nice that you are here.

    Bernie’s Answer

    When you go bam! ask yourself,  “What do I need to learn from this experience?

    Like hunger, your answer will lead you to ways to nourish your life.

    Worry does nothing, so enjoy the day. I like to cry—it feels good and relieves tension.

    Teach your family to stop worrying about how they are doing.  Be an example and teach them how to live.  Go through the many resources on my website:  www.berniesiegelmd.com

    I can be your CD = Chosen Dad


    Question for Bernie
    I have been in Hong Kong 15 days and am taking herbs twice daily, which are supposed to both detox and strengthen my body so it can handle the cancer.  The doctors have had great results and say I am doing well and that the detox is working.

    In Canada I was on morphine for pain and since here I stopped it.  After the 15 hour plane journey, not sure if it was that, jet lag, fear, the herbs or what but I was completely exhausted and everything seemed like a struggle.  Although there are amazing people here helping me, I am here alone.  My daughter wanted to come with me but I felt it would be like a vision quest for me; me and the Universe versus looking for someone else to fix me.

    I am reading your books here.  Right now, to be truthful I feel scared.  The tumors seem to be growing, and I can feel aches in my lungs which I did not feel before.  That could be the detox working, and I will ask the Dr. today. The detox apparently feels like flu symptoms.  The other evening all I wanted was someone to take me into the hospital and pump me with whatever to build me up again, then I realized I was not being an exceptional patient—in fact; I was going into victim mode again and looking for someone else to fix me instead of taking charge.

    This is by far the hardest journey I have ever taken.  I also think that until I came here where there are no distractions like I have at home and started to focus,  I was in denial about how sick I was/am.   Denial is big for me…I stayed in denial for 20 in my marriage….So back to fear….I am reading many authors who say that it is important to feel our feelings…..What do you think?  If I dismiss the fear is that a good thing?

    The other thing I was thinking about is drawing as you recommend, but what worries me is that I see the disease, but I am afraid to say that it seems like it is gaining strength.  Then I tell myself my body knows how to heal itself, and I need to visualize it as stronger than the disease.  My big fear is that my unconscious believes that I cannot do this.

    As always thanks for reading this and I look forward to any comments you may have.

    Bernie’s Answer

    Have faith and realize that your potential to induce healing exists.  Live today, not in a fearful unknown future.

    Stop judging yourself and start loving your life and body.  Every loving way in which you care for yourself sends the message to your immune system that you intend TO LIVE!

    Visualize what you desire and not what you fear.

    Fear makes it harder for your body to heal because it is for emergencies which threaten you—not for daily repetition.

    Some symptoms can be due to the effects of the treatment and can be a good sign.


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    More Teachers (Part Two) – Mind and Heart Matters

    Dear Everybody,

    Life is a labor pain of self-birth. Sometimes God responds to your prayers when you are not able to complete the birthing process, and sometimes God steps back when it is time for you to take responsibility and deliver.  The following is the second edited excerpt from an article written by Danny Verbov.  The first installment was posted here on January 12, 2015.  To view his book go to:

    Lesson #6: Cry. Learn to cry.

    Let the tears flow. Don’t hold back. No one will think you are less macho because of it. I cried a lot throughout our brush with cancer. Tears are a tremendous gift. They remind us we’re human. They remind us we’re not callous brutes. They also help release tension and deep feelings in a way words cannot express and they help us identify with the pain of others. And, like prayer, no tear is ever wasted…

    Takeaway: It’s okay to cry.

    Lesson #7: You are Never Alone.

    During the chemo it was a tremendous comfort and support to receive calls from friends just calling to say, “I’m thinking of you.” My wife and I were at our son’s side 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This gave him tremendous security and confidence during his stay in hospital.

    And even after all the friends have left, or your parents are no longer with you… even when you’re alone awake at two in the morning next to your sick kid’s bed, God is with you at all times. He is our eternal parent, with us every single second, during the good times as well as the bad. You are never alone. We may not be God, but we can certainly call people to tell them we care. Even if they are not experiencing tragedy—even if we don’t need anything from them, every show of sensitive concern showers so much warmth, self-confidence, and happiness on the recipient. And brings much more goodness into the world.

    Takeaway: Call a friend today!

    Lesson #8: Keep Your Worries in Proportion.

    Most things in life are not life and death issues; serious maybe, but not life and death. We saw a lot of life and death in the time we were in the hospital, so we knew we were very ‘lucky.’ Kids born with leukemia going through two years of treatment that might not work, kids with cancer for the second, third or fourth time, endless pain and suffering… and yes, we saw death too. Our priority was getting through this. We didn’t appreciate what ‘aggressive treatment’ meant until we spent almost four consecutive months in the hospital with my wife and I rotating shifts. That was our full-time job.

    Thank God, we had financial help, help with the kids, and help with everything else. Our community was absolutely amazing. Over 50 women cooked meals for us during that time – I’ve never eaten so well in my life! Someone did our shopping every week and people even came in to do laundry and wash the dishes. No worries. Indeed, once we realize the Almighty is taking care of our health, finances, and daily maintenance every second of the day, we have no worries. And since then, whether it was during chemotherapy or any other stressful event, I use this technique to focus on doing what I can do and leaving what I can’t to God.

    Takeaway: Focus on what you have, not on what you don’t have.

    Lesson #9: The Power of Prayer.

    Once my son’s situation became known, people all over the world began to pray for him, recite Psalms, take on commitments not to gossip, and many other things we don’t even know about. A friend set up a Facebook group praying for our son that attracted over 4,000 members, most of whom did not even know us!

    Like the tears we talked about in Lesson #6, prayer is another thing bigger than us. No prayer is wasted. With that realization, everything you do takes on a new dimension. You suddenly take more care and put more effort into every word of prayer, every word you say, every mundane action. You suddenly become acutely aware of the extreme consequences of your every move. God might not answer in the way you want, but that too is for a reason we do not always understand.

    Takeaway: Pray today with all your heart for something you truly desire.

    Lesson #10: People Want to Give.

    In the hospital, we were witness to overflowing goodness and unlimited giving.  Everyone from family and friends came by, and even complete strangers just turned up to be with us or to give our son a word of encouragement. Someone brought us a tub of Ben and Jerry’s at two in the morning… a friend drove four hours just to play Scrabble with me in the hospital, a famous rabbi cried over the phone… and a constant stream of visitors and volunteers throughout the day! One of our greatest tests in life is to know how to receive. Often, people want to give more than you need to receive. Let them. Be prepared to receive any help, whether physical or emotional, direct or indirect; accept simply, with gratitude and a pleasant countenance. Be ready to deal sensitively with people who wanted to help but didn’t know how. Even make up things they can do for you! Not because you need it, but because they do. Know that all this human kindness is just a shimmering reflection of the Almighty’s unbounded, incomprehensible Goodness. He gives. No limits. No conditions.

    Takeaway: If you’re in trouble, let people give to you. If someone else is in need, give something, however small, of yourself.

    Peace, Love & Healing
    Bernie Siegel, MD

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