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    Dr. Bernie Siegel broke new ground with his monumental book Love, Medicine and Miracles. Today Bernie continues to impart wisdom about the true nature of life and love in his entertaining and enlightening debut fiction novel Three Men, Six Lives. A grand adventure born of Bernie's experience of his current and past lives awaits you. Learn more     Available now in bookstores everywhere. Order your copy online today at:  Sacred Stories Publishing, Barnes & Noble, or Amazon.
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    Introducing Dr. Bernie Siegel's new book, No Endings, Only Beginnings. Bernie Siegel is the author of many books on the healing power of the body and the spirit, but this time he wants encourage readers not only to learn from his life and advice, but to create their own manuals for living as well. With the quotes that have filled the pages of his journals and the lessons he has gleaned from them over the years, this book serves as inspiration for readers to assemble their own book of collected wisdom--and their own understanding of the answers to life's big questions. Learn more     Available now in bookstores everywhere. Order your copy online today at:  Barnes & NobleAmazon or Hay House.
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    The group meets on the first Friday of every month from 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM Eastern Time. You may access the teleconference by dialing into the conferencing service at: 1-857-232-0158. Then enter Conference code 379552 and you will be connected to the group.

    This free phone support group will bring people together who are experiencing health challenges and create a community devoted to emotional, physical and spiritual wellness. With the help of Dr. Bernie Siegel’s sage wisdom, patients can find hope and healing as they embark on their path forward. By participating in this group, you may learn to embrace each and every challenge in your life as an opportunity for self-transformation.

    HOST: Dr. Bernie Siegel is a writer and retired pediatric and general surgeon who writes and teaches about mind-body medicine and the relationship between the patient and the healing process. He is internationally known for his best-selling book, “Love, Medicine and Miracles”. In 1978 he founded Exceptional Cancer Patients, a specific form of individual and group therapy utilizing patient’s drawings, dreams, images and feelings. ECaP helped to facilitate personal lifestyle changes and personal empowerment of the individual’s life. He has been a global pioneer in improving and humanizing medical education and medical care.

    CO HOST: Dr. Tobi Mansfield is a medical psychologist specializing in helping patients with chronic illness and is the author of “When God Talks Back: Madness or Mysticism?”. She is the director of the Miami Wellness Center in Miami, Florida and a member of the Royal Society of Medicine in London, England.

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    Doubt is a pain who is too lonely to know that faith is his twin brother.

    Peace, Bernie

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  • Hard Work

    Hard work never killed anybody,
    but why take the chance?

    ~ Edgar Bergen

    Hard work is work you don’t want to do.  It is not about the physical effort you must make, but the emotional cost of the effort.  When you wish you were somewhere else, doing something else, then you are doing hard work.  The easiest way to know when work is too hard is to be aware of how it depletes your body and how slowly the time passes.  If you continue to do hard work day after day, your body will eventually give you a day or more off, by breaking down and making it impossible or you to work at all.

    Being hard at work is not the same thing.  When you are immersed in your work you may be hard at work but the effect on your body is different.  You may become tired but not depleted.

    Yet when we are hard at work creating something, time flies and the body feels no fatigue until the work is done.

    You have the power to make choices even when it seems there are none. If you are doing too much hard work, stop, take a break, get help, say no.

    - Bernie

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    Time Out

    The time to relax is when
    you don’t have time for it.

    ~ Jim Goodwin and Sydney J. Harris

    TODAY WAS QUIET AND PEACEFUL.  I wasn’t going anywhere.  I was just being me.  And it felt good to be me.  That’s a change.  The old me would have been too busy doing things, never even making time for a nap.

    Often we run around with our many to-do lists and never have the time to even get to know ourselves.  Perhaps if we took the time for inner quiet, a short nap, or for doing nothing, we would accomplish a great deal more.

    Do nothing to accomplish everything. Put a nap and quiet time at the top of your list today. Don’t wait for a physical affliction to force you to change your schedule.

    - Bernie

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    Get Unlost

    This is a guest post by Prudence Sinclair.

    Good morning, lovely YOU!

    I saw something wonderful on my walk yesterday. At first what I saw made me very sad. There was a medium-sized dog, a mixed breed of some sort, walking around with his nose frantically ground sniffing, sniffing, sniffing, looking for something. I know this sight well and it always makes me sad. It is the sight of a dog who has somehow gotten lost and is frantically searching for clues to tell him where he is and which direction he should head to get home.

    At one point I became aware of the sound of a young boy’s voice in the distance calling a name, though I couldn’t make out the name. But I heard it and thought, “Oh, I hope this dog belongs to that voice.” The dog didn’t hear the boy immediately. He was too panicked and too intent on smelling every blade of grass and crack in the sidewalk.

    I eventually saw a car slowly turn the corner and saw a boy of about 14 years-old with his head out the window calling. I watched with tears in my eyes as the dog saw the boy just as the boy saw the dog and the reunion was incredibly joyful for everyone within view.

    Reconnect with Your Best Friend

    Most of us are lost, we just don’t realize it. We also don’t realize that the best friend we could ever possibly have, God, your supreme being, is calling and calling and calling to us. But like that dog, most of us are so busy with our nose to the ground, with our to-do lists and our errands and trying to climb the ladder of life that we don’t hear him.

    I recently learned about something called Hisbodedus. Hisbodedus is a Jewish spiritual tradition of a talking meditation. It is a practice of getting out of the noise and chaos of the world and being alone with God.

    It is a bit different than the kind of meditation I normally speak of. Mindful meditation or Transcendental meditation from the East is a way to step outside of your thoughts; to quiet them and find the peace and bliss where our higher self naturally resides. That space in between each breath. The void in between all that is.

    This type of meditation can do wonders in your life and can help you bring some of that calm and bliss into your day-to-day living.

    And you can certainly become one with God during this type of meditation. That is the ultimate goal.

    The problem is this type of meditation is not easy at first. In fact, it is assured that you will fail miserably at it for quite some time until you begin to fail a little less, and a little less. Since most people don’t like hard, and they like failing even less, they don’t even try to incorporate meditation into their life, despite the fact that studies have shown it not only helps our mind (eases depression and anxiety) but also helps our body (fights high blood pressure, digestive issues and insomnia).

    What is so lovely about Hisbodedus is that there is no real pressure to do anything. You simply make time each day to be alone with God and to talk with him.

    My dear friend and mentor for over 30 years, Dr. Bernie Siegel suggested I research Hisbodedus. I found many different sources that described the practice of Hisbodedus in different ways. The one that really spoke to me was reading about someone named Rebbe Nachman who encourages people to talk to God as if you were talking to a best friend. I love that so much!

    You can’t have a better best friend than God. But how many of us treat God like a best friend? Not many. We’re not taught to think of God in this way. Many of us that were brought up in religious homes were taught to fear God. And those that were taught to love God still feel that he is “too great” “too out there” “too other” to have an actual relationship with.

    And so we pray to God. We get on our knees every once in a while and implore God for whatever it is we need. We use God, our spirit guides, angels, and runners like we use a fire extinguisher. It’s always sitting there under the kitchen sink but we typically ignore it. Until the kitchen towel catches on fire, then we grab that fire extinguisher like our life depends on it, put the fire out, and back under the sink it goes.

    When God is your best friend, you talk with God every day. About any and everything. You joke with God. You share your inner most secrets, hurts, hopes and joys. You can’t WAIT to hang out with him. You tell your other human friend you can’t meet her for coffee because this is your time to hang out in your garden for half an hour, talking with God.

    You Don’t Have to Stay Lost

    God is calling. God loves you and wants to just hang out with you. He wants you to talk with him. Yes, you can ask for the things you need, though if you aren’t used to hearing God, how will you even know when he answers your prayers.

    If meditation has never really been your thing, try Hisbodedus. Put some time aside each day to simply spend time with God. Get to know him. He is pretty awesome.



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    Rethinking the Language of Death and Dying

    This is a letter to the editor I wrote recently.

    Dear Editor,

    In response to your articles on cancer and death with dignity, I could write another book. As a physician, I started becoming involved in resolving many of the issues discussed by starting an organization in 1978, called ECaP; short for Exceptional Cancer Patients. My first book was Love, Medicine & Miracles, and I have been writing, teaching and running support groups for fifty years.

    Death with Dignity is a natural process, and when people are empowered, they do not have trouble dying. My Dad died laughing listening to stories my mother was telling, including that he had to take her out on their first date because he lost a coin toss. He chose the day of his death, and so we had a big party in his hospital room for all those who could come. He had said to my mother, “I need to get out of here.” I explained to her that it was his body he was talking about and not his bed. No one in our family has had trouble dying. When ready, they all just went to sleep and died peacefully.

    When you keep your power, dying is not difficult and no longer referred to as passing, moving on, going to a better place, or Bradied (when I asked a nurse if my patient had died since his bed was empty, she told me he’d been “Bradied” meaning he was in the morgue located in the Brady Building at Yale). In helping people to live their final days on their own terms, a good hospice can end up having dropouts and graduations, sending people home because they are feeling much happier and healthier.

    As far as the language of a cancer article goes, the problem is getting medical education. Doctors are trained to treat the diagnosis and not the patient’s story or experience. Psychiatrists understand survivor personality characteristics better than oncologists. “Wordswords” become “swordswords” and can kill or give hope and cure patients. One of my patients, a conscientious objector, was told by his doctor. “Dave, I am going to kill your cancer.” Dave said, “I don’t kill anything,” and walked out the door, surviving on alternative therapies for over ten years.

    When you ask doctors to draw themselves working as a doctor, you get a picture with a doctor behind a desk and a diploma on the wall. No patients are in the drawing. Many famous paintings show the doctor thinking, chin in hand, next to a dying patient but never holding their hand.

    Words, like swords, can kill. Take away hope and people die. In my books and on my website www.berniesiegelmd.com, I share my experiences including an article entitled, Deceiving People into Health. Yes, I lied to people for their benefit, while an insurance company told a patient living at home, “We are not paying for any cataract surgery because you have lung cancer and a short time left to live,” he went home, climbed into bed, and died in five days.

    Let me close with cheery news. A patient of mine went to Colorado to die in the beautiful mountains there. A year later I had received no call to invite me to his funeral, so I called the family to complain about their being insensitive to my request. He answered the phone and said, “It was so beautiful here I forgot to die.”

    Faith, hope and love do amazing things, and words can kill or cure. One last true story: An oncologist was giving a chemotherapy protocol named the EPOH protocol after the first letters of the four chemotherapy drugs being used. He changed the name to the HOPE protocol and had more patients have a positive response to the treatment than the other oncologists saw in their patients who were involved in the study.


    Bernie Siegel, MD

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    Safe Spaces

    This is a guest post by Prudence Sinclair.

    Good morning, lovely you!

    We hear so much about people needing safe spaces these days, but in this context, it’s usually a space to be safe from differing values, beliefs and opinions. If some people need that, that’s fine. But I want to talk to you about a different kind of safe space.

    The reality is, we ALL need safe spaces; spaces where we can go to be away from the craziness of the world… away from the stress, fear mongering, lies, darkness that seems to be all around us right now. We cannot be truly healthy – not physically, mentally or emotionally – when we are under inordinate amounts of stress. It is important to be able to put our bodies, minds and hearts into a state of complete relaxation so we can heal from dis-ease, depression, and anxiety.

    I learned many years ago when I was battling cancer that I needed a space where I could go to facilitate healing. I needed a sanctuary. To this day I make sure, no matter where I live, to create indoor and outdoor spaces that I can go to and relax, meditate, and heal from whatever is ailing me.

    I encourage you to create your own healing space that you can go to whenever you need to rest and rejuvenate. It doesn’t have to be a large or grand space, just somewhere that is for you and you alone that makes you feel comfortable and at peace.

    Here are some ideas to help you create your own healing space:

    Bring Nature Inside

    If you live in a part of the country or world that experiences winter or you live in an apartment and don’t have direct access to a backyard or outdoor space, then be sure to bring the outdoors in. Nature is incredibly healing. You may want to always have fresh-cut flowers in your space. It’s also a great idea to bring in found objects like pretty stones, seashells or driftwood from the beach from a favorite vacation.

    Indoor potted plants are also a really great thing to add to your space. Not only do plants emit a positive energy, but they filter indoor air pollutants. The Foliage for Clean Air Council recommends Gerbera daisies, Boston ferns, English ivy, chrysanthemums, Areca palms, spider plants and golden pothos. The Council also recommends having two plants for every 100 square feet of space.

    Get Sensual

    Your space should engage all your senses. Add artwork that inspires you or makes you happy. Have scented candles or incense. You may also want to hang windchimes by an open window or, if you are a musician, have your instruments there to express yourself. And don’t forget to add textures with throw pillows and cozy blankets and furniture.

    Paint Your Room a Relaxing Color

    White walls don’t do a lot in the way of encouraging relaxation, but certain colors can. Consider painting your room a pretty shade of blue or green, as these colors do tend to relax us. If you want a place to go that makes you instantly happy, then maybe consider a warm golden yellow.

    Remove All Clutter

    I don’t know about you, but when I am in a cluttered space, I feel anxious and agitated. Be sure to clean out that spare room before setting up your sanctuary. Get rid of those boxes and old board games. Clean off surfaces and make room for candles and decorative pieces that have real meaning for you.

    Natural Light and a View

    If your space has a window, be sure to take advantage of it and let as much natural light in as possible. This means hang sheer curtains or linen curtains. If your window provides a pretty view, consider placing a comfortable chair near it so you can take advantage of that view.

    Block Out Background Noise

    Perhaps you share your home with little kids that are always making noise. Or maybe you have loud and obnoxious neighbors. Unwanted sound will NOT help you relax and heal, so it’s important that you find ways to stifle that sound.

    I have problematic neighbors on one side, so I’m considering running a combination of a white noise machine as well as my outdoor fountain this summer. The combination of these sounds should drown out the unwanted noise and also provided a relaxing surround sound effect.

    Claim Your Space

    You’re going through all of this trouble to create a space for yourself to heal, so CLAIM IT. This is YOUR space. Make that clear to loved ones and/or roommates. NO, the kids can’t go in there to play or do homework. No, your wife or husband can’t use that space to do some work from home. This is YOUR sanctuary. If you are battling a physical health or mental health crisis, it is very important for you to have this space to heal.

    I really hope you follow my suggestions and create a space for yourself to relax and heal. Your life will feel so much better once you have a sanctuary to escape to!

    Prue https://www.prudencesinclair.com

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    River of Life

    We are one with each other
    as the waves are one with the ocean.


    I always think of the river of life as our bloodstream, one that flows into the sea of eternity.  Nothing really ends, it just changes form.

    But if your life is a river, stop and think about where the source is.  You were given a beginning and a life by the flow from others.  Then which way did your river go?  What has deepened it? Dammed it? Created turbulence? Calmed it? Warmed it? Lived within it? What has joined it, and what has it joined?  Where is it going? What has it tumbled over?

    This is your life.  Are you finding your way or letting others direct the flow?  Yes, we all must interact and change directions at times, but it is vital to maintain our own way.  When you are depleted because of a drought in your life, remember you can be replenished by the waters from above.  Go to a higher source.

    Your bloodstream is unique while still a part of the great sea of life.

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    Mind Movies

    This is a guest post by Prudence Sinclair.

    I heard from an acquaintance over the weekend, and she knows about the work I do and knows a bit about my background, and she asked me my opinion on mind movies and did I think they really helped people manifest. And I thought that is a GREAT topic for a blog post.

    First of all, what ARE mind movies? Mind movies are essentially digital representations of physical vision boards that help people really see and, more importantly, FEEL what it is they want to move toward in their life. And if you’re not entirely sure what a vision board is, it is something you make to help you meditate on the things you want to bring into your life. Kind of like a collage.

    So let’s say you want to move into a big house in an upscale neighborhood and have a new luxury car and get to travel to exotic locations. You would take a bulletin board and pin photos you’ve clipped out of magazines that represent all of these things you desire. Each day you would look at this board and really put yourself INTO those photos so you can FEEL what it would be like to be in that house, in that neighborhood, in that car, and in those awesome destinations.

    Some people need a little more help with visualization than others, and so they choose to use websites and software solutions that help them take still images and put them into a movie format with inspiring music. So it’s like a vision board 2.0.

    Can Mind Movies Help You Manifest?

    Can mind movies help you manifest your true desires? Yes, they absolutely can. As can vision boards.

    Do you NEED mind movies or vision boards to help you manifest?

    Nope. All you really need is your imagination. Your imagination is a holy place in your mind. It is where you connect with God. God creates through imagination, and this is how we create as well.

    You don’t need a bulletin board or magazines or software that helps you make a movie. You really just need to sit or lie with your eyes closed and, in your MIND, see, hear, feel, touch, and taste the thing that it is you want.

    When I was battling cancer, I spent a lot of time in my imagination because I believed I could use my subconscious mind to help my body heal. To program my subconscious mind, I would close my eyes multiple times throughout the day and imagine that my white blood cells were white knights on white stallions, galloping around my body, slaying every cancer cell they saw. I did this day after day after day without fail. As I imagined this, I felt in my body a sense of gratitude and calm, as if everything was alright because I had powerful white knights on white stallions who were fighting the enemy on my behalf. I truly believe in my heart and soul that using my imagination in this way was a key part of my healing.

    If you are someone that has always had a good imagination, then go ahead and use it daily to manifest your dreams. You really don’t need a vision board or a mind movie. Those are tools that people can use if they have a hard time closing their eyes and seeing the movie play out in their mind.

    But I would also say this…

    I’ve met many people who have told me they don’t have very active imaginations. That’s what they believed because when they tried to envision their dreams in their mind, they couldn’t see them.

    But after asking them a series of questions, I would always learn these same people had NO problem seeing other things play out in their mind! We all use our imaginations every day without even realizing it.

    When you have an argument with a coworker and you go home and replay that argument 13 times in your head, each time coming up with a better comeback and “winning” the argument, you are using your imagination.

    When you think to yourself, “What do I feel like for lunch?” and then in your mind you quickly see a series of food items go by and then you land on the one that is most appealing to you, you are using your imagination.

    And when you have a crush on a sexy celebrity and you sometimes allow yourself to imagine having a romantic weekend with them (Come on, we’ve all done it!!), you are using your imagination.

    So, before you spend time creating vision boards or mind movies, give that imagination a try. The boards and movies are tools to help you get your imagination to start playing again. And if you DO FEEL you need to lean on these tools when you get started, that is fine. I would simply urge you to put YOURSELF in those photos. Looking at a photo of a car is not how you manifest that car in your life. You do that by imagining yourself INSIDE the car driving it, feeling the seats, smelling that new car smell. So go ahead and use these tools but be sure to put yourself INSIDE those images or inside that movie, as if the life you want is already your reality. That is the secret!

    And on that note, I would also encourage you to read the works of Neville Goddard. You can also listen to his lectures about how to manifest using the imagination on Youtube. Just do a search for him and his videos will come up. He is wonderful!

    I know from personal experience just how powerful our imaginations are. It is how we literally create our lives. Learn to harness this power so you can create the life you actually want.

    Prue https://www.prudencesinclair.com

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    Q & A with Bernie – March 15, 2021

    Question for Bernie:

    BDad, my favorite and only CD,

    Well, I did it again. I had a brain scan and it showed me as having developed another cavernous malformation. I meet with the neurosurgeon on Monday, March 8th by computer and video. I have Cowden’s Syndrome (Disease). It causes the cavernous malformation to develop over and over again and I have them all throughout my body. Mine just happened to also land in the brain.

    Once I know more I will call you or email you. I was really scared for a while, and then a peace came over me and I knew that God was with me, and I should not be afraid. I love you, Dad.

    My whole family—all 4 girls, sisters, have Cowden’s Syndrome due to the fact that my Dad had cancer and went through radiation and then had 4 girls. Go figure!!

    Bernie’s Answer:

    Visualize your body closing all the cavernous bodies.  Do it every few hours.

    Create an image for yourself—like filling them with love, or collapsing them under the weight of your love.

    - BDad

    And the Response to Bernie’s Healing Suggestion:

    Dear BDad,
    Hi! I find myself having thoughts of you so I thought I would write. It’s 9 pm here in Texas, so it’s 10pm where you are in Connecticut. You’re either in Bed or watching the evening news.

    I wanted to write to tell you that for the first time in almost TWO years,  I am not afraid when my low back twinges in pain because my low back pain is an ache and I know not to be afraid of it anymore. You’re an amazing person and full of life! I love that quality about you.

    Thank you for reaching out to me so very long ago. You saved my life, CD, and I love you for it. Now, you have not heard the last of me. I plan on being around for a long time. You cannot get rid of me! :)

    I love you, Dad, so very much.

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    How to Support a Loved One Who Has Been Diagnosed with Cancer

    This is a guest post by Prudence Sinclair.

    I received an email from someone in our community over the weekend asking for advice on what is the best way to help a loved one who has recently been diagnosed with cancer. It’s not an easy place to be, I know. I can still remember the reactions of my friends and family members when I told them I had cancer and only months to live. Horrified doesn’t even come close to what I saw on their faces. And even while I was deeply entrenched in my own drama of trying to fight for my life, I was always aware of the pain and anguish my loved ones were going through.

    If your loved one has recently been diagnosed with cancer or another serious illness, there is an immediate sense of urgency and chaos. And confusion. Life goes from normal to a new normal, one that entails phone calls, doctor’s appointments and darkness creeping in around life’s edges.

    None of us can ever be prepared for these kinds of events. You hardly have time to catch your breath before you’re thrown into a completely new role, and one you have NO IDEA how to act in.

    Here are some things I’ve learned over the years based on my own battle with cancer and from counseling hundreds of other people through their illnesses.

    Ensure Your Self-Care First

    This may seem counterintuitive. When your loved one has been diagnosed with a serious illness, suddenly everyone’s life stops and it becomes ALL about helping this person. But you will wear yourself out and become sick and exhausted yourself if you don’t make time to take care of your own needs each week.

    Be sure you get enough sleep, eat right and deal with your stress in healthy ways (not smoking, drinking in excess or eating garbage). Go for walks, meditate, work out. And when you need help, ASK for it. Just as you are being a support for YOUR loved one, let other loved ones be a support for YOU.

    Be an Advocate

    Navigating the healthcare system can be an absolute nightmare. Your loved one will most likely have a LOT of appointments with oncologists, nutritionists, integrative doctors, cancer coaches, and other members of their healthcare team. At the beginning, it will greatly help your loved one if you can go to their appointments with them and act as a second set of ears. Take notes. Find a counselor who specializes in cancer recovery and talk to a long-term cancer survivor.

    Don’t Take Anything Personally

    When I was battling cancer, I was not always the kindest person to be around. It’s funny how facing your own mortality can put you in a cranky mood. Right now, your loved one is dealing with physical, mental and emotional pain. While that doesn’t give them the right to treat their loved ones unkindly, right now they are beside themselves and most likely won’t act like themselves. Do your best to not take their words or actions personally. They are scared and angry – as are you – and they may lash out – as may you. We are all human and we do the best we can do in these intense situations.

    Be Aware

    I remember so many well-intentioned loved ones asking me during my illness, “What can I do to help?” Each time I was asked this question it took all my strength not to say, “Stop asking me questions!!”

    Right now your loved one needs you to try and recognize their needs. No, you’re not a mind reader, but most likely you know your husband’s, wife’s, mom’s, dad’s, sister’s moods, preferences, likes, dislikes pretty well. And by increasing your awareness when you are around them and really observing how they behave, what they are struggling with, the words they say and don’t say… you’ll get a pretty good sense of what it is they need.

    Run Errands / Do Chores

    You don’t have to be a mind reader to know that laundry needs to be one, dogs need to be walked, cats loved and feed and groceries need to be bought and put away. Don’t ask your loved one if they need help with these chores, they do. Just volunteer with a smile.


    After my Mother left Australia where I was living at the time to return to her life, I was all alone and felt so lonely and scared. Some friends stopped calling me because they didn’t know what to say. Very few people had the strength to just sit with me in my fear and sip a cup of tea and listen.

    It’s not easy, and not everyone can do it, but if you are someone who is very strong, you can be the person to sit there and listen. Don’t feel you need to solve your loved ones problems, give them false hope or make them “all better”. Don’t feel you need to come up with the right words or even any words. Just be still and BE THERE with them.

    To all of you who are going through this right now, I send you much love, light, peace and healing.



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    Q & A with Bernie – March 8, 2021

    Question for Bernie:

    An update on my ovarian cancer that came back three years ago:

    Interesting story that my doctor told his interns at the hospital—the second time I was diagnosed, 6 years after the first time, I was at the cottage with my husband on a warm May afternoon, Sunday to be exact. I said to him, “I am going to outpatients and will be back later. I want to go alone.”

    I went, and our friend just happened to be on, which was strange since he had seniority and didn’t usually work the weekends. He came in and said, “I saw your name and no one else was going to see you. What’s going on?”

    I said, “I have a feeling the cancer is back! Well, a few days later after a CT scan and biopsy, it was confirmed, in the cecum.  I KNEW it was back, and he listened to me. Any other doctor may have wanted to have me see a physiatrist! Another doctor was also instrumental in quick care in 2011 when I had ovarian cancer stage 3 into stage 4.

    I believe in the strong mind body connection! I also made a poster and it’s little crocuses coming out of the snow.  It’s called HOPE ~ Hold on to me ~ Open your heart to me ~ Protect me ~ Encourage me.  This was written because of horror stories about a particular oncologist that seemed to bury people.  I believe that you are not dead until your last breath!

    Also congratulations to the American people on the new President. My mother, being a Jew, would have been horrified by the last four years! Keep safe and optimistic. THANKS for the inspiration.

    Bernie’s Answer:

    Faith, hope, and love are amazing therapies.


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