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    Dr. Bernie Siegel broke new ground with his monumental book Love, Medicine and Miracles. Today Bernie continues to impart wisdom about the true nature of life and love in his entertaining and enlightening debut fiction novel Three Men, Six Lives. A grand adventure born of Bernie's experience of his current and past lives awaits you. Learn more     Available now in bookstores everywhere. Order your copy online today at:  Sacred Stories Publishing, Barnes & Noble, or Amazon.
    Go on a journey of wonder and grace with NY Times bestselling author Bernie Siegel, MD and his grandson, Charlie Siegel. Open your heart as grandfather and grandson weave a conversation of love across the generations, sharing what it means to see beyond the challenges of life to the beauty in life’s lessons. Learn more     Available now in bookstores everywhere. Order your copy online today at:  Sacred Stories Publishing, Barnes & Noble, or Amazon.
    Introducing Dr. Bernie Siegel's new book, No Endings, Only Beginnings. Bernie Siegel is the author of many books on the healing power of the body and the spirit, but this time he wants encourage readers not only to learn from his life and advice, but to create their own manuals for living as well. With the quotes that have filled the pages of his journals and the lessons he has gleaned from them over the years, this book serves as inspiration for readers to assemble their own book of collected wisdom--and their own understanding of the answers to life's big questions. Learn more     Available now in bookstores everywhere. Order your copy online today at:  Barnes & NobleAmazon or Hay House.
    Introducing Bernie Siegel's new audio download, Daily Meditations for Optimal Health. Selected for Dr. Bernie Siegel’s Prescriptions for Living best-selling series, these recordings are a combination of guided imagery, auto-hypnosis and meditations that relieve stress, open the heart, and deeply heal your mind, body and spirit. Learn more.     Available now. Order your copy online today at:  Hay House.
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    JOIN US ON JUNE 5TH !!!!

    The group meets on the first Friday of every month from 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM Eastern Time. You may access the teleconference by dialing into the conferencing service at: 1-857-232-0158. Then enter Conference code 379552 and you will be connected to the group.

    This free phone support group will bring people together who are experiencing health challenges and create a community devoted to emotional, physical and spiritual wellness. With the help of Dr. Bernie Siegel’s sage wisdom, patients can find hope and healing as they embark on their path forward. By participating in this group, you may learn to embrace each and every challenge in your life as an opportunity for self-transformation.

    HOST: Dr. Bernie Siegel is a writer and retired pediatric and general surgeon who writes and teaches about mind-body medicine and the relationship between the patient and the healing process. He is internationally known for his best-selling book, “Love, Medicine and Miracles”. In 1978 he founded Exceptional Cancer Patients, a specific form of individual and group therapy utilizing patient’s drawings, dreams, images and feelings. ECaP helped to facilitate personal lifestyle changes and personal empowerment of the individual’s life. He has been a global pioneer in improving and humanizing medical education and medical care.

    CO HOST: Dr. Tobi Mansfield is a medical psychologist specializing in helping patients with chronic illness and is the author of “When God Talks Back: Madness or Mysticism?”. She is the director of the Miami Wellness Center in Miami, Florida and a member of the Royal Society of Medicine in London, England.

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    Doubt is a pain who is too lonely to know that faith is his twin brother.

    Peace, Bernie

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    The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.
    ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

    Your life is whirling around you, and you feel dizzy and ready to fall.  Now is the time to look for support.  Find some firm ground to stand on, and then reach out and ask others to stand beside you to help maintain your balance.

    When you were a child and whirled around a post you kept a firm grip on it so that no matter how fast you were going or how many times you circled, you had support and did not fall.  Remember that in your life; get a firm grip and then start whirling.

    Your support post can be many different things or people.  Once it is in place, you will be ready for whatever may throw you off balance.  So be sure it’s anchored well and that you are firmly supported by the people in your life.

    Get a grip and enjoy the merry-go-round of  life.

    - Bernie

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    Are You Living or Existing?

    This is a guest post by Prudence Sinclair.

    I took this photo yesterday on my walk…Life is beautiful…Live it well!

    Hello, lovely you!

    I received an email over the weekend from a reader. I have received emails like this one over the years and wanted to share some thoughts with you.

    The woman who sent me the email shared that she had recently been diagnosed with cervical cancer. In addition to feeling the familiar feelings of fear, sadness, and anger, she said she was also feeling guilt. Guilt because she had been in charge of her precious life for 48 years, and now that her life was in danger, she realized she hadn’t really been living at all. She said she had been “merely existing.”

    Does this ring true for you?

    When we are faced with our own mortality, it is quite common to take stock of our lives. Unfortunately, we find that we were never really living for many of us, but merely existing.

    How many of us have lived for someone else? How many of us have followed someone else’s dream? How many of us have let fear get in the way of us pursuing our true passion?

    Why is this so common?

    Maybe some of us were never taught that we could have anything we wanted in life if we just believed and put in the effort. Perhaps some of us were never made to feel worthy of an extraordinary life. Many of us have never realized that what is really running our life, creating our lives for us, are many programs in our subconscious mind.

    The Time to Start Living is NOW

    Life is a precious gift from the creator. We were given our lives to make of them what we WANT and to ENJOY them. There’s no need to be diagnosed with a terminal illness to start living. The time to start living is RIGHT NOW.

    If you are someone who feels like they have merely been existing…

    If you’re someone full of self-doubt and confusion…

    Someone who has always played it safe…

    Who let career opportunities pass them by…

    Who let LOVE opportunities pass them by…

    Who has shied away from true intimacy with another, remained quiet when they should have had their voice be heard, and hasn’t laughed NEARLY as much as they should have…

    To all of you, I say it is time to START LIVING!!!

    Here are some ways you can tear down your limiting beliefs and begin creating the life you have always secretly desired:

    Recognize the Programs Running

    Just because a thought pops into your head doesn’t mean it’s true. And if a thought isn’t true, then there is no reason to listen or act on it.

    As I mentioned earlier, the majority of us have programs running in our subconscious mind. These programs are a result of all of the ideas, opinions, and feelings of others that we have been exposed to.

    Maybe your narcissistic mother made you feel unworthy of love.

    Maybe a teacher made you feel you weren’t that smart.

    Maybe a coworker or friend made you feel inadequate in some way.

    Hmmm… I’ve experienced all of the above. How about you?

    It’s time to start paying attention to the thoughts you are having. When they come into your mind, ask yourself if the thought is the truth or a lie. Look for the answer in your gut. You should get a sensation there. This is your GUT INSTINCT. It really works. So ask and wait for the answer. When the answer comes, and you FEEL a sensation in your gut, you know that answer is correct.

    So, if a thought pops in that says, “You’re too old to go back to school to get your degree,” ask, “Wait, is this thought the truth or a lie?” What answer do you get? Do you feel a sensation in your stomach?

    The more you go through this exercise, the more you will see just how many limiting beliefs and thoughts you’ve had over the years and how these have all been lies and internal propaganda put out by the programs running in your subconscious mind.

    Allow Yourself to Feel Desire Again

    When we exist instead of live, we don’t want or desire anything.

    After years of denying our desires, they start to become suppressed. So much so that even a simple question of, “Where would you like to eat?” inspires ZERO answer inside of us. We simply don’t care.

    It’s time to let yourself FEEL again. Let yourself start to have wants and desires again. It may take some time before you get those sparks, and that’s okay. Just be open and give yourself permission to have desire again. And I don’t just mean sexual desire, I mean, allow yourself to desire anything. And when that desire comes, follow up.

    Do you desire a bubble bath? Give yourself that luxury.

    Do you desire to be left alone Saturday afternoon to have some YOU time? Allow that to happen.

    Do you want to take a road trip? Take it!

    Prepare and Plan for Action

    A life of mere existence means we let life pass us by. LIVING requires plans and it requires ACTION.

    Living is not safe. It means you take risks. It means you say YES when someone asks you out on a date. It means you go for it when the opportunity for advancement at work comes up. It means you audition for your local church choir.

    Prepare to LIVE, have a plan, and then TAKE MASSIVE ACTION to make your dreams come true.

    Taking action and creating a life worth LIVING is not easy. Existing is easy, though very painful. Be prepared to feel scared as you get out of your comfort zone.

    Prue’s message for today: “Remind yourself daily that life is precious, and you are well worth living for.”



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    Old Wounds

    The old skin has to be shed before the new one can come.
    ~ Joseph Campbell

    We all carry old wounds within us; for some they are physical and for others they are emotional.  There are any reasons why these wounds don’t heal and why we continue to hold on to them.  For some they offer a way of life that protects them from being whole and having to live a life with responsibilities.  For others, the constant eating away of their body and soul by old wounds keeps them from healing.

    The other night I dreamt of sewing up old wounds in many people.  As a surgeon, I found this very interesting.  I know it is related to what is happening in my life and my resolve to change my ways and help heal relationships with members of my family.

    It also made me realize that it is never too late to close old wounds and start again as a whole human being, free of the hurts of the past.  The possibility to heal is always there.  We always have the freedom to choose healing.  We don’t have to live with the scars, injuries, and wounds of the past.

    Work on healing your old wounds, and don’t be afraid to ask others for help.

    - Bernie

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    Setting Healthy Boundaries in the New Year

    This is a guest post from Prudence Sinclair.

    Good morning, lovely YOU!

    How is the first week of 2021 going for you so far? Have you already been inundated with garbage you don’t want to deal with? That always happens, doesn’t it? We spend some nice time with our family, enjoying the holidays, and then suddenly we’re back to “normal” life and everything goes haywire again.

    Some of dealing with garbage is just part of normal life. Life doesn’t always go the way we want or need it to, and the result is we sometimes must deal with not-so-pleasant people or situations.

    But some of this garbage we invite into our own lives by not having proper boundaries.

    • Are you someone that has a hard time saying NO?
    • Do you put other people’s needs before your own?
    • Do you feel exhausted most days because you are doing so much for others?

    If so, let me tell you, you are going to burn out very quickly, if you haven’t already!

    Many people that have grown up in dysfunctional families never learned to build healthy boundaries. When you grew up in unhealthy co-dependent relationships, you learned to give up your own individual boundaries and sacrifice your own identity in order to get the love and affection all children crave. But when you sacrifice your own identity for someone else, you lose your sense of self as well as your self-esteem.

    I have known so many people who did not know how to set healthy boundaries and what usually happened to them was, they started to experience health crises. Unhealthy boundaries lead to high levels of stress, and high levels of stress compromises our immune system, making us more susceptible to illness and disease!

    Boundaries Empower Us!

    “You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” ~Buddha

    Boundaries are what keep us safe and healthy. They are the tools that let us know what works for us and what doesn’t! By setting healthy boundaries, we lessen the chances of taking on other people’s beliefs, feelings and needs and instead, become in tune with our own beliefs, feelings and needs.

    With this in mind, let’s look at some of the best ways you can begin to set healthy boundaries in the new year:

    Get to Know Yourself

    People that have a hard time setting boundaries often don’t know themselves very well. They were never taught that it is not only OKAY to know exactly who you are, what you value and what you want, but it is your personal responsibility to do so.

    Now is the time to start becoming aware of your thoughts, needs, habits, likes, dislikes, values, and emotional reactions. Knowing YOU is what will help you start to set boundaries and attract like-minded individuals who will love and support you instead of attracting energy vampires.

    Become Aware of What Drains You

    And speaking of energy vampires…

    Not only will you need to begin to get to know yourself, you’ll also want to start identifying what people and situations in your life drain your energy and spirit. What doesn’t feel good to you? What scenarios or events do you dread?

    • Are there people in your life who are narcissists?
    • Do you spend time around negative and manipulative people?
    • Are you constantly trying to meet someone else’s unrealistic expectations?
    • Do you feel responsible for other people’s happiness and well-being (besides your children)?
    • Do you find it hard to ask for what you need and want because you are afraid you will lose someone’s love?

    Spend some time paying attention to those people and situations in your life that are causing you the most stress so you can begin to set boundaries.

    Stop Judging Yourself

    Right now you need to be your own personal cheerleader and encourage yourself to make positive changes in your life. You won’t be able to do this if you continue to allow that inner critic to shout to the rooftops.

    Stop judging yourself so harshly. When you do “screw up”, forgive yourself, learn from the situation and do better next time.Be your own parent. Be a loving and guiding force on your journey toward healing and well-being.


    Before making any decisions, take a moment to check in with yourself. If you are used to always saying yes, even when you really NEED to say no, then saying yes has become an ingrained habit.

    Always pause for a minute, take a deep, slow breath and check in with yourself to determine what it is YOU need and what YOU want and what YOU think and what YOU feel before making any decision, whether that decision is big or small.

    Remember, “no” is a complete sentence. If you decide you need to say no for your own health and well-being, do not feel you need to offer any further explanation. “No, that doesn’t work for me” or “no, I won’t be able to do that” is all you need to say. If someone is drilling you for an explanation, CUT THEM LOOSE! These people do not know how to respect other’s boundaries.

    Boundaries are like a mental and emotional skin: they hold us together and protect us from things that may cause harm. I encourage you to get better at creating healthy boundaries in the new year!

    With love and light,


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    Sun and Son


    My Prescription for the Soul below, when used according to directions, gives each of us a chance to be a source of light

    Peace & Love,

    She had made the best of time
    and time had returned the compliment.
    ~ Lord Byron

    I notice that the sun rises every morning with nary a complaint.  Day after day it’s up at the crack of dawn, spreading the light no matter what the weather conditions are.  Our son gets up much later and still has many complaints and problems about himself and the world he encounters.

    What is the difference between what the sun sees and what our son sees?  One looks to spread the light and asks for nothing but the cheerful day.  Our son is constantly looking for a better life for himself where the things that disturb him will no longer exist.

    The sun has been around a lot longer and knows the right way to have a day of happiness.  Our son is still learning, through his problems and feelings, how to find happiness in the new day.  We each have that choice.  We can bring more light or dark to the world, by our choice each morning.

    Do you choose to bring the light or the clouds? Choose to be a source of sunshine for someone today.

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    Q & A with Bernie – December 28, 2020

    Question for Bernie

    Good morning Bernie,

    I hope this email finds you well. I have some good news—my tumor is shrinking after two treatments of chemo, and keeping an exceptional patient attitude! But I do have a medical question, or two, that I was hoping you can answer for me.

    The doctor said although the tumor is getting smaller, it changed shape from round to like a dumbbell shape and is now leaning on my ureter, which they want to possibly stent. Do tumors change shape? I find that odd. And if it’s shrinking with treatment wouldn’t it then shrink away from the ureter?

    I also want to know when your next eCaP meeting will be because I’d like to listen in.

    I feel for the most part I’m staying positive and tolerating my treatment really well. My blood counts are great and the only constant is that I’m tired.

    I REALLY want to be free of this and live another 25 years cancer free! I’m hoping this will be possible. Thank you in advance for your help and Happy holidays,

    Bernie’s Response

    Yes, it could change shape if part of it dies and shrinks.  You could give it a bit of time to observe change or have stent put in now.  It’s not a big issue, really.

    Keep visualizing the tumor correcting itself. Visualize turning off blood to the tumor except when you get chemo—at that time, visualize sending all of the chemo to tumor site. After chemo, visualize shutting down blood circulation to the tumor again, and visualize it shrinking away from the ureter.


    Question for Bernie

    Dear BDad,
    I am sorry to upset you, and I am sorry to have sent you my last email.  I’m seeing the attachment you sent as a Divine message meant only for me.

    I did ask and death talk is not bothersome to him.

    Happy and Merry!

    Bernie’s Response

    You don’t have to be sorry.  I love you and am not upset—you just got me thinking.  When he’s here for a visit, I will talk about things I can help him with.  He seemed pretty good earlier this week.

    Please remember, the best doctors say I’m sorry and don’t make excuses. You are a good soul.


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    Q & A with Bernie – December 21, 2020

    Dear All,

    Every so often, one of you sends along a message to me reflecting on the learnings that came out of our work together, with me in the role of surrogate Dad. I recognize when someone needs the kind of loving guidance parents can give, but may not know how.  Thanks to all the many caring people who asked me to be their “Chosen Dad” or “Best Dad” over the years. When you share your insights about learning how to use the power we each have over our own health and healing, it helps others so much, and often restores lost hope.  This is one such special message:

    Special to Bernie:

    Hi BDad!  I wrote a poem about you and me. I think it turned out great! I wanted to share this with you.

    My teacher, my friend

    In the days,
    before cell phones or

    We talked by phone or
    Mail, commonly referred to as
    Snail Mail.

    I so enjoyed writing
    back and forth.
    You helped me see,
    how to give my body
    messages, of Love and

    After almost 31 years,
    computers are now in our
    phones that we carry among us.
    Wow!  Times have

    We have known each other
    almost 31 years!
    Your humor, wit and
    love for me
    has continued

    Thank you for
    Loving me as
    one of your
    own children.

    Bless you, thank you, and
    I love you, too.


    I could have written these words about you.


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    Q & A with Bernie – December 14, 2020

    Question for Bernie (from a reader for whom Bernie is a Chosen Dad*)

    Dear Dad,

    I got sad news over the weekend. A good friend is in one of our top cancer treatment institutes diagnosed with prostate cancer that has moved into the bone.  There are moments when it seems the only thing a person has to do to guarantee they come down with some form of cancer is to live long enough. You must have been very busy when you were in practice, but when I think of all the toxins and carcinogens we have put into the biosphere, the result isn’t surprising.

    My grandfather’s grandfather was an MD. In his day, they believed a sub-clinical dose of anything was harmless. As I understand it, the hypothesis was if there are no symptoms, the body must be dealing with it successfully.  That hypothesis has been falsified big time. I have done my best to tell my friend what it takes to become an extraordinary patient. He can be very intuitive, so I have strongly recommended he listen to his intuition.

    I hope your Thanksgiving was good. I am more inclined to observe an indigenous day of mourning, but I did participate in The Manchester Road Race.

    The race was not run, but those of us who volunteer to support the race with amateur radio communications did a simulated race. It met the definition of a training exercise, but we also had fun.

    Peace and Wishes for All the Best.
    Bernie’s Answer:

    Tell your friend to visit my website http://www.berniesiegelmd.com for resources, and also get my book Love, Medicine & Miracles as a starter.

    There is a survivor personality.  Tell him the body responds to what he visualizes.  His mind is his tool for repair.

    - Bernie

    Response to Bernie’s Answer:

    Thanks, Dad.
    I already told him to find the book. I didn’t remember about the website. I’ll forward the message to him.  As we are both mechanics, I told him he might think of Love Medicine and Miracles as a shop manual on how to be an extraordinary patient.


    * Chosen Dad: If you didn’t grow up with someone who cared for you as a divine child worthy of your own care, I am happy to become your CD, or Chosen Dad, and provide you with the needed love and encouragement as you learn to accept and love yourself. Remember, up to the age of six, a child is basically under hypnosis due to their brain wave patterns. So it is not an easy job to let go of the negative messages you have heard throughout your life.

    Go to this link on my website by clicking here: http://berniesiegelmd.com/2019/09/find-the-divine-child-within/

    Peace and Love,
    - Bernie

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    How Can You Tell God Loves You?

    This is a guest post by Prudence Sinclair.

    Hello, lovely you!

    How are you feeling today? I know so many of us are really struggling right now with all of the craziness in the world. It’s overwhelming at times. I know I feel it, too.

    In the conversations I’ve had with others lately, I know a specific theme usually crops up, and that is, people either doubting the existence of our spirit guides, angels and God or doubting his love for us.

    Sadly some of us are losing faith.

    I often wonder how many people in this world really and truly have felt the love of their guardian angels, spirit guides, and runners, and God in their lives. When you think about it, it’s not an easy thing to do. God is inconceivable to our limited puny brains. I mean, the one true universal God, the all that is, try and imagine a universal force so powerful it created everything that was, is, and ever will be. Infinity.

    It’s hard enough for our brains to imagine the real essence and awe-inspiring power of God; it’s equally challenging for our hearts to receive his profound and undeniable love for us. Why is this?

    The sad reality is that many of us are not good at LOVE. Many of us were brought up by parents who did NOT love us unconditionally. Whether you had an alcoholic parent, a narcissistic parent, an absent parent, an emotionally distant parent… when we don’t receive unconditional love as children, we don’t believe it exists. How could we? We have never experienced it for ourselves. And often, when we start our lives in a family dynamic where love is conditional, then we are programmed to look for relationships that will show us what we already believe – that love is conditional. And so we date and marry narcissists and other broken people who are not going to show us real, genuine unconditional love. I’m speaking from experience!

    But God isn’t broken. God is entirely whole. And God’s love for every one of his creations is whole and completely unconditional. I know some of us are not going to believe that, and that’s okay. You need to EXPERIENCE God’s love and Divine intervention for yourself. Only by experiencing it firsthand will you KNOW that God loves you purely, infinitely, always, and unconditionally. Have faith and believe.

    How Can You Begin to Feel God’s Love?

    Everything, all creation, from plants to people to your dog, cat, or budgie to your home furniture, is, quite literally, God. We are all figments of God’s imagination, all characters, and ambiance on our home planet, Mother Earth and in God’s holy story.

    God speaks to us through everything because he is everything. There are times God is trying to get our attention and send us an alert! This summer, for instance, I was on my deck working on my computer. Little Zuzu was sound asleep, but suddenly she awoke with a start and jumped up on the railing of the deck. Curious, I got up and looked at what she was doing, and there I saw a sight I will always remember. It was such a pretty snapshot of my garden, my sanctuary in my back garden. There was a Blue Jay bathing in the birdbath and a giant monarch butterfly flitting past, and a squirrel running through the boughs of my beautiful juniper trees. Also, at that exact moment, a cottontail bunny ran across the lawn. This precious scene made my entire body smile. And I remember that day I had been feeling very stressed out from my job.

    Now, what on Earth awakened my deeply slumbering little Zuzu in that instant? She has good hearing, but am I really to believe she HEARD the butterfly or HEARD the bunny or HEARD the Blue Jay? I hadn’t heard any sound that would have awakened her so abruptly.

    It was the Divine, God, my angels and spirit guide that morning that said to my little Zuzu, “Hey, pssst, wake up. I need you to go and check out the back yard so I can give Prue a time out because she needs to get off that computer and change her state.”


    Not many of us are paying attention to our lives, to the world around us. We are in a slumber, going about our days, working, shopping, and running errands. We don’t PAY ATTENTION to our surroundings. We miss all the ways God is trying to communicate with us and show us his love. We don’t see all of the gifts, and I mean genuine GIFTS FROM GOD, big ones, little ones, just because he loves us so much and wants to make us smile. Never lose faith, my lovely friends.

    I always get a sense that God is really like one giant precious child. He is pure, and he is FULL of LOVE, and every day he draws us a picture and says, “Here, I made this for you!” And he’s SO excited to give it to us because he loves us UNCONDITIONALLY and IMMENSELY. We’re like those parents who are too busy and too self-involved in their work and their ‘to-do’ lists that they don’t even hear or see their child standing there, arms outstretched with a picture they created out of pure love with crayons and glitter.

    God is going to use EVERYTHING to get our attention, to speak to us, and to shower us with gifts so that we know how much he loves us. To feel his love, we have to PAY ATTENTION to the world around us. This means we can’t just give our attention to all of the BAD stuff we don’t like. Because for every bad day, there are 100 beautiful days. For every mean person that hurts us, there are 1000 people ready to lend us a helping hand.

    The squeaky wheel gets the oil, and the negative in our life tends to get all of the attention. But when we allow this to happen, we don’t let ourselves see the FULL BEAUTIFUL PICTURE that is OUR LIFE on this magnificent planet that God is drawing for us every moment of the day.

    Pay attention, LOVELY YOU. Get up and look around! Get out in nature and be ever so grateful for what you can see, feel, touch, taste and hear. Accept your gifts and know that you are loved.

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    Mottoes to Live By

    “People become really quite remarkable when they start thinking that they can do things. When they believe in themselves they have the first secret of success.”
    ~ Norman Vincent Peale

    Norman Vincent Peale was a friend of mine for many years. He and I had similar mothers who gave us mottoes to live by; not mottoes to die by. He was able to live his message, “Every person is born for a purpose. Everyone has a God-given potential, in essence, built into them. And if we are to live life to its fullest, we must realize that potential.” The word potential shouldn’t scare you—it relates to having hope in a future that brings you chances to make a difference.

    His Mom said, “Norman if God slams one door further down the corridor another will be opened.” And I would add, if all the doors are shut you can go through a window. My Mom’s message was that troubles are God’s redirections and that “something good will come of this.” So imitate therapeutic parents and give your kids love and faith and hope.

    Why? Alice Miller says it well, “The truth about our childhood is stored up in our body and though we can repress it, we can never alter it. Our intellect can be deceived, our feelings manipulated, our perception confused, and our body tricked with medication. But someday the body will present its bill, for it is as incorruptible as a child who, still whole in spirit, will accept no compromises or excuses, and it will not stop tormenting us until we stop evading the truth.”

    We must face the truth and reparent and rebirth ourselves by turning our past and its wounds into energy to move us forward.

    - Bernie

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