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  • New from Bernie Siegel – Love, Animals & Miracles

    Introducing Bernie Siegel's new title, Love, Animals & Miracles: Inspiring True Stories Celebrating the Healing Bond . The stories in this new book offer funny and heart-touching, true-life experiences that convey loving connections, amazing rescues, and healing with (and by) animals — both wild and domestic. Learn more     Available now in bookstores everywhere. Order your copy online today at:  Wisdom of the Ages, Barnes & NobleAmazon or New World Library.
  • Amelia’s Ark Angel Society

    Please support my friend Amelia Kinkade with her new charity, ARK ANGEL, which enables her to go into schools in rural Africa and educate children about wildlife conservation so that they don’t grow up to be poachers.

    Amelia Kinkade has written a book called Whispers from the Wild: Listening to Voices from the Animal Kingdom. In this book, she takes us all over the world, revealing the inner thoughts and feelings of a huge variety of animals, including dangerous ones. She shares the advice she has gleaned from working with such a diverse group of animals — words about tenderness, reconnection with nature, life after death, and the possibilities of magical awakenings inside the brains of an ever-evolving human race. Learn More

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  • Today’s Prescription for the Soul – Prescription #250 – Song of Life

    I hope that my “365 Prescriptions for the Soul,” will be a welcome and healing addition to your day. The prescriptions I ask you to fill are designed for your total well-being. They come from hard-earned wisdom and experience with the difficulties of life. They are dispensed “as written” with love. At the end of each prescription is my “Soulution” to help you develop healthy self-love, self-esteem, and self-worth. Please take the prescription I have written for you here and fill it right away.

    You don’t get harmony when everybody sings the same note.

    ~ Doug Floyd

    The world didn’t begin with a big bang,
    But with a silence which was replaced by the symphony of life.
    Each of us had the right to choose the instrument
    By which we create our music
    And serve to maintain the harmony.
    We may all play different instruments
    And make different sounds,
    Some of which hurt our ears,
    But when we are all playing the same tune,
    In spite of our differences,
    We are in harmony.
    And, that tune is the song of songs
    called Life.

    Soulution of the Day

    Join the universal orchestra: toot your horn,
    sing your heart out, bang your drum, and harmonize.

    - Bernie

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  • The Immune Competent Personality Test Revisited

    Dear Everyone,

    I often recommend to people who write to me about both preventing illness and coping with illness when it is present in your life that they read something on my website called The IMMUNE COMPETENT PERSONALITY, based on Dr. George Solomon’s research.  I decided to feature it this week in my post for those who haven’t yet tried it.  Please let me know what you think of it. Here it is:

    The Immune Competent Personality Test

    The IMMUNE COMPETENT PERSONALITY is based on Dr. George Solomon’s research.

    1. Do I have a sense of meaning in my work, daily, activities, family and relationships?
    2. Am I able to express anger appropriately in defense of myself?
    3. Am I able to ask friends and family for support when I am feeling lonely or troubled?
    4. Am I able to ask friends or family for favors when I need them?
    5. Am I able to say no to someone who asks for a favor if I can’t or don’t feel like doing it?
    6. Do I engage in health related behaviors based on my own self defined needs instead of someone else’s prescriptions or ideas?
    7. Do I have enough play in my life?
    8. Do I find myself depressed for long periods during which time I feel hopeless about ever changing the conditions that cause me to be depressed?
    9. Am I dutifully filling a prescribed role in my life to the detriment of my own needs?

    Answers: If you answer no to the first seven questions and yes to the last two you need attention.

    *Siegel’s three additions:

    1. I am taking you to dinner, what do you want?
    2. What would you hold up before an audience to demonstrate the beauty and meaning of life?
    3. How would you introduce yourself to God?


    1. Your response should relate to your feelings not your thinking about what to eat.
    2. Mirror
    3. You are a child of God
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    Overcome Life Stress and Strains

    Dear Everyone,

    As a gift to yourself, I recommend that you set aside 45-minutes or so to completely relax your body and your mind.  Click on the link below and listen to my guided meditation titled Overcome Life Stress and Strains.

    Overcome Life Stress and Strains with Dr. Bernie Siegel

    You may also watch the video on YouTube by clicking the link below.

    Remember what one of the world’s greatest leaders said,

    “There is more to life than increasing its speed.”
    ~ Mahatma Gandhi

    Slow down and live in the moment.


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    Q & A with Bernie – July 10, 2017

    I have heard from so many people worldwide who know me from my books, and who really need an explanation of how to incorporate my recommendations into their personal and professional lives.  For this week’s post, I’m revisiting one of those questions, along with my answer, in case you missed it.  Peace, Bernie

    Question for Bernie from 2014:

    I hope you may be able to help me.  In your writings in many books about healing, the technique of visualization is presented as an expected “given” for the healing process….I am not able to “see” pictures. I hope it is a skill that can be learned. Up until now, I have not found the teacher who can help me learn or “heal” to aid me in removing the blockage that prevents me from seeing into my inner world.  I pray I will find such a gifted teacher.

    Bernie’s Answer:

    It is very unusual, but today people write to me asking what I recommend for how to get out of a black hole, or how to just have faith and really believe that “This, too, shall pass.”  My recommendations have not changed at all since I started writing books.  To find the authentic you, learn to love the life you have right now, and enjoy life for as long as it is yours.   Also, do the following:

    Find a mantra and the kind of meditation that feels right for you in which to use the mantra. And then, as you begin to meditate, say the following:

    “Thank you for everything.
    I am happy.I am healthy.
    I love my life just as it is now and I will love it wherever it leads.
    I have no complaints whatsoever.”


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    An Interview with Bernie: Faith, Hope & Healing

    During this July 4th holiday week, I thought you might enjoy listening to an interview I did in 2013 about my book Faith, Hope & Healing.  Whether you have some time off from work or school and plan on gathering with friends and family for holiday events this week, or you are giving yourself the gift of some totally stress-free time, take this hour to just completely relax and listen.

    Interview with Dr. Bernie Siegel: Faith, Hope & Healing

    You may also watch this video on YouTube at:


    Have a safe and happy July 4th,


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    A Quiet Mind

    I often recommend meditation to people coping with difficult situations in their lives brought about by illness or problems within relationships. The purpose of meditation is to quiet your mind which allows you to see situations more clearly.  Also, a quiet mind is needed to help you heal both physically and emotionally.

    Here are two of my guided meditations to try. Giving yourself the gift of regular meditation is a way to love your life and body. These are both short, so either one will easily fit into even a very busy schedule. Play the video here or click on the YouTube links below to enjoy the power and beauty of a quiet mind.

    View on YouTube
    Free Guided Meditation: Overcome Life Stress and Strains with Dr. Bernie Siegel – (about 16 minutes)

    View on YouTube
    Free guided Holistic Meditation with Dr. Bernie Siegel ~ Monday Meditations – (about 23 minutes)


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    Q & A with Bernie – June 19, 2017

    Question for Bernie:

    Can you please teach me how to feel good about my life, love myself and others and achieve peace of mind? I am just going through your book and I can pick up on some of your positive energy resonating with me. You know well what I so much need to learn.  Do you think you could help me?

    Bernie’s Answer:

    You need to follow your heart and quiet your mind.  Thinking is the problem. Learn to stop filling your mind with negative thoughts.  Recognize negative thinking immediately and tell yourself to redirect the subject of your thoughts in a positive direction.  Accept that you need to do this continually, even when you begin to actually see that your brain is retraining itself to opt for more positive than negative thinking.

    Pay attention to your feelings.  Abandon the wounds of the past and love yourself and your life.

    Reparent yourself by putting up photos of yourself where you see them daily, and tell that person you see that you love her.

    Stop judging yourself (especially by comparing yourself to others—you are unique as they are so comparison is not productive in any way). Instead just act like the person you want to be starting now.  Live in the moment because that is all we really have, and it is unfettered by the baggage of nostalgia or anxiety about the future.


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    Q & A with Bernie – June 12, 2017

    Question for Bernie:

    How are you? I hope you are keeping well. I wanted to get in touch to tell you I have met someone really nice.  We have a budding romance which I am really happy about.

    I have recently been incorporating your morning mantra to start my day; I love it… I have no complaint whatsoever… what a great way to begin the day!

    I am feeling vulnerable just now as it feels like there has not been much “living” in my life for most of it. And I do not want to suffocate it now either, but am simply trying to accept that reality and let me be me and other people be who they are.

    My fear of rejection reminds me that I need to love myself more. I have more work to do there! Accepting “who we are” can be quite a task (to me anyway).

    Hope you don’t mind me sharing my thoughts!

    Bernie’s Answer:

    What you say is very true. I tell people to “let your heart make up your mind” and to “stop thinking and start feeling.”

    A quiet mind sees and finds the truth, like the ugly duckling on a still pond can see that he is a swan.


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    Q & A with Bernie – June 5, 2017

    Question for Bernie:

    My nephew has come through surgery fine – the tumor was located near the base of his spine so, after a 5 hour surgery, he was in recovery wiggling his toes.  By 7:00, he was eating dinner.  So he came home yesterday afternoon and finished his on-line course. He is making up the semester he missed for treatments after the brain tumor.

    He is in good spirits and feels well – he will start chemo pills this week and radiation in the middle of June.  I have discussed your attitude with him and he is all for it!!!  He can’t wait to get back to school in September—his younger brother will be with him.

    I am hoping, in the fall, that he is able to come to one of your group meetings so he can meet you. He is a fighter with a terrific attitude and is ready to kick butt again.

    Thank you so much for your help and support. You are an amazing person, very caring and giving!!!

    Bernie’s Answer:

    Tell your nephew it is about healing his life and body— not about fighting a war or battle because that approach only empowers the enemy. Mother Teresa once said, “I will not attend an anti-war rally, but if you ever have a Peace rally, call me.”

    Also, for all future therapies, I suggest that he picture them happening now and everything going beautifully. This visualization will prepare his body for the actual treatment experience with excellent results and free of side effects.

    For help in using the powerful tool of visualization, he can find CDs on my website (www.berniesiegelmd.com).  This, along with using techniques in my book, The Art of Healing—Uncovering Your Inner Wisdom and Potential for Self-healing, as I mentioned in earlier correspondence, can provide strong support for his positive attitude.


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    PERFECT – A Poem by Bernie

    God didn’t ask my wife to be perfect
    I did
    so I ought to be perfect and set an example
    well there goes my plan

    I’d rather tell her how to be perfect
    but then she tells me about my imperfections
    well there goes my plan again

    I guess God was right
    His plan is easier
    just give them free will and life
    because perfection is not creation
    and don’t forget to keep your fingers crossed

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    Q & A with Bernie – May 22, 2017

    Question for Bernie:

    Hi Bernie

    It’s been 4 years, just had lymph node removal in neck, praying it’s not a reoccurrence. Are you speaking in the New York City/Long Island areas in the future?

    Bernie’s Answer:

    No, I am doing less traveling and speaking.  I am focused on writing, and encourage you to take a look at recent titles you might want to read. Go to QUICK LINKS on my website at www.berniesiegelmd.com to find descriptions for all of my books.

    Begin now to visualize what you desire, and to love your body and your life.


    Question for Bernie: Below is a new Question and Answer with multiple parts beginning last year and leading up to the present.

    I would like to get in touch with Dr. Siegel to let him know about my nephew.  At the end of his first semester of college, he came home not feeling well. After a visit to a medical center he was diagnosed with glioblastoma.

    My brother arranged to send him by ambulance to a pediatric neurosurgeon who successfully removed the whole tumor, which was wrapped around his right optic nerve.  He received radiation and chemotherapy simultaneously, without side effects.

    My nephew has always had a very positive attitude during this whole illness and has done quite well.  He is back at college and is making up the semester he missed. He has a great support system with his high school and college friends, and with the whole family; his positive attitude has remained strong.

    We have always known Dr. Siegel has encouraged positive attitudes and this reinforces that. Dr. Siegel has had a powerful influence on many people and we thank him for all he does. If you could see that he receives this e-mail, I would be thankful.

    Bernie’s Answer:

    Let me tell you about a medical student I knew whose story sounds like your nephew’s experience.  The student I knew had eye symptoms and they discovered a glioblastoma.  He woke up blind after surgery and they told him he would be blind until he died in about a year.

    Well, his sight came back and he got angry at all the books and doctors telling him when he would die. He took the prescribed medical treatments, but to prove them wrong about when he would die, he changed his life and his diet, too. The tumor disappeared and never came back, with the added bonus of his colitis disappearing as well.

    I think if he had become depressed instead of angry he wouldn’t have survived.


    Response to Bernie’s Answer:

    Dear Bernie,

    I appreciate your prompt response and encouraging words.  We have always maintained positive attitudes and this just reinforces that it can make a difference.  My nephew had no side effects from the surgery or treatments and considers every day a gift, as do we.  Your attitude and encouragement to all has a great impact on people and you are a great inspiration.

    The doctors are very pleased with his progress and with his attitude, and keep in touch with him while he is at school.  They are very dedicated, caring doctors as are you – it all makes a difference.

    At the meeting about the treatments the oncologists asked if Matt had any question and he had one – would he be able to go back to college.  The answer was yes and Matt’s response was “Bring it on – I am going to kick this cancer’s butt.” And he has.

    We always remember your encouraging this positive attitude and will always be grateful to you for this.  You are an exceptional person.

    Thank you so much!!!

    Bernie’s Response:

    Sounds good; keep me in the loop.



    Dear Bernie,

    Just an update on my nephew – he was driving to the gym last Monday, suffered a seizure and had an accident.  Thankfully no one was injured as the cars were totaled.

    He was taken to an excellent medical center and evaluated.  After meeting with his doctors, he got the okay to go back to school.  He is maintaining a great attitude, and his roommates are his big cheerleaders and support.  So he is doing really well – the attitude is there and he is kicking butt with this cancer.

    You are an inspiration to many people and you have encouraged all of us to have the positive attitude.  Thank you very much for being interested and concerned.

    You are an awesome person!!!!!

    Bernie’s Response:

    I get to be the coach for talented performers like your nephew.  It is good news to know that your whole family is on the “Be Positive page” for getting the most out of the great gift of life.


    Latest Update:

    Dear Bernie,

    My nephew finished the year at University and had a great year.  Yesterday he went in for a meeting about his MRI and found that he has a 1 inch tumor near his spine in his neck.  He is having surgery Thursday and will spend 3 weeks recovering.  Then it is followed by 6 weeks radiation (and possibly chemo) and he will then have a few weeks to relax before he goes back to school.

    We know this is a tough cancer to beat and he was upset after the meeting yesterday.  However, this morning he is ready to fight again and can’t wait to go back to school.

    We talk about you and how you encourage people to keep a great attitude and this has helped my nephew considerably.  So I thank you for all the positive thoughts from you.  You are an inspiration to all!!!!

    Bernie’s Answer:

    I recommend that you get my book, The Art of Healing—Uncovering Your Inner Wisdom and Potential for Self-healing, to help your nephew appreciate how much the mind affects treatments, too.  Also, on my website (www.berniesiegelmd.com) go to QUICK LINKS at the top of the homepage and click on Articles by Bernie to find the one titled “Deceiving People into Health.”

    Tell your nephew to visualize in his mind just how he wants the treatments to be—good results, no side effects, etc., and to picture this several times a day to prepare his body for the same result he visualizes, all of which allows the body to accept and believe this outcome.

    If he does some drawings of the treatments, himself receiving the treatments, and more, I could review them for him.


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