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    Please support my friend Amelia Kinkade with her new charity, ARK ANGEL, which enables her to go into schools in rural Africa and educate children about wildlife conservation so that they don’t grow up to be poachers.

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  • Today’s Prescription for the Soul – Prescription #241 – Tree of Life

    I hope that my “365 Prescriptions for the Soul,” will be a welcome and healing addition to your day. The prescriptions I ask you to fill are designed for your total well-being. They come from hard-earned wisdom and experience with the difficulties of life. They are dispensed “as written” with love. At the end of each prescription is my “Soulution” to help you develop healthy self-love, self-esteem, and self-worth. Please take the prescription I have written for you here and fill it right away.

    Stand Tall & Proud
    Remember your Roots!
    Be Content with Your Natural Beauty
    Drink Plenty of Water
    Enjoy the View!

    If we are busily performing deeds, but never stop to reach up for knowledge and wisdom, our Tree of Life will have no branches and many roots. Without branches, how can it move and respond with the winds of life? Or if we accumulate great knowledge but perform no deeds, then we are like a tree with many branches but no roots, and we will be blown over by the winds of fortune.

    We must see that our Tree of Life contains both wisdom and deeds. Then our branches will spread and our deep roots will provide support and nourishment. We will be able to survive the storms and droughts that life presents to us.

    Soulution of the Day

    Is your Tree of Life blossoming and secure,
    or do you need to put down more roots or grow more branches?

    - Bernie

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  • Thoughts from Bernie – June 29, 2015

    With summer here, many people are in a more playful mood because this is the season most associated with vacations.  Vacations refresh us by giving us permission to let go of our daily routine along with the associated “have to” mindset that we have when we are not taking a vacation break.  So I wanted to highlight one of my articles that will encourage you to let go of negative thoughts and negative influences in your life that you can eliminate.  Enjoy your life, whether you are on vacation or not, by resolving to laugh several times every day.  Your body will respond to the love you give it when you incorporate humor into your daily life.

    Read on…Bernie

    He Who Laughs Lasts

    Love and laughter are required to build and hold our lives together. For me love makes up the bricks which we build out of. Ask yourself what you are capable of loving and you will know what your life is about. But what holds that life and the bricks together? We need mortar and the mortar of life is humor. For me this represents childlike humor that isn’t offensive and doesn’t hurt or upset anyone. Humor of this type heals lives.

    One of the things that convinced me of the value of humor occurred one evening when my wife and I were out lecturing. My wife Bobbie does stand up one-liner comedy as part of our presentation so people can feel the benefit of laughter and not just hear a lecture about how it alters our physiology. On this particular evening I did not take her seat in the audience, as I usually do, because of the set-up of the stage. I sat behind her and watched the audience. The change in their physical appearance after laughing for 15-20 minutes was striking and made me a firm believer in the benefits of humor. Two of her straight lines are, “He who laughs, lasts” and “Laughter is contagious—be a carrier.” I agree.

    On a personal level, what I mean by childlike humor is about seeing the world through a child’s eyes. On airline flights I would come out of the lavatory looking worried and say, “I may have damaged the plane.” Attendants would hurry over and I’d say, “I dropped something from Italy in the toilet and then I saw the sign, Don’t throw foreign objects in the toilet.” Now all the planes have signs that say, Don’t throw solid objects in the toilet because of crazy people like me.

    Many years ago, I fell off our roof when a ladder I was climbing broke.  I landed on my feet, which seemed physically impossible considering the angle of the ladder, etc.  I shared the story with the audience for one of my talks when we got to the topic of having a guardian angel.  I said that I thought I must have an angel, given my lucky escape from injury when I fell off the ladder.

    A man came up at the end of my talk and said, “You do have an angel, and I know his name.”

    I said, “How do you know?”

    The man asked me, “What did you say when the ladder broke?”

    I remembered saying, “Oh Shit!”

    The man said, “That’s your angel’s name.”

    I laughed, but didn’t realize what a gift he gave me. Now, whenever I get into difficult situations and blurt out, “Oh Shit,” I start laughing because I know help is on the way. Feel free to make use of my angel when you are in need.

    One other example of childlike behavior and humor is in the instructions you either read or hear from people. When it says, sign in upon entering, write down “upon entering.” When it says, print your name, print “YOUR NAME.” When the sign says, “Nobody Allowed Here,” go on in, and when they shout at you, just tell them you’re “a nobody.” Most of the time they let you go, thinking that if you’re that stupid, you pose no danger. One guard stepped in front of me and said, “I’m making you somebody and you have to leave now.” Another child appears and I gave him a hug.

    The last point I would make is that the world is filled with pain. Why add to it? Why not help heal it? The majority of people feel the world is unfair. It isn’t. It is just difficult. So make it easier for yourself and others. When people ask me, “How are you feeling today?” I say, “Depressed. Out of my antidepressant and my doctor is away so I can’t renew my prescription.” Three quarters say, “I know how you feel and tell me their troubles and offer me some of their antidepressant.” I am not kidding when I tell you this. The others embrace me and help heal me because they have been loved and have joy in their lives.

    Be a healer and spread joy through humor and laughter. The world is a human comedy if we but see it that way. Yes, it is a tragic comedy at times but he who laughs lasts. Remember it is not healthy to be serious and normal. Trying to be normal is only for those who feel inadequate. So be a carrier and spread joy and healing. If you embarrass your children regularly they will thank you later in their life. Our children come home and say, “Thanks Dad.” When I ask why they are thanking me they say they either did something crazy at work or school and instead of their being criticized they heard people say, “Well you know who his father is.”

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    Q & A with Bernie – June 22, 2015

    Question for Bernie:

    My wife and I are now in a town called Bokeelia, Fl – outside Ft Myers – where we were so lucky to find a woman almost giving away a mobile home in a sailing, kayaking, fishing, and especially RELAXING setting, surrounded by water and peaceful happy people.  Many super rich people in trailers because of the neighbors.

    In the book I am reading now, Anti- Cancer, A New Way of Life – they always included stress reduction as a key part of the nutrition and exercise changes that are curing people. Here is the quote for you (actually for your herd)–

    In Chinese, the notion of “crisis” is written as a combination of the two characters “danger” and “opportunity”.   The author is introducing how his illness changed his life for the better in ways he could have never imagine when diagnosed.

    The other book, Never Fear Cancer Again, changed my life almost as much as your book as it somehow got me motivated to make these changes – by UNDERSTANDING WHY AND HOW these activities work. WHY omega 3s are important, WHY grains are bad.  I finally dumped dairy and my stomach problems vanished (if it’s the placebo effect, that’s fine)

    And you must enjoy seeing that just lifestyle/relaxation changes have been seen to have significant positive effects on patients’ DNA.

    Finally the community you left has caught up with you!

    Bernie’s Answer:

    Yes, like the age-old message of “When going through hell ask yourself,

    “What am I to learn from this experience?”

    And, I’ll add the message of like hunger leads you to food, let the answer you find lead you to nourish your life and self.


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    Q & A with Bernie – June 15, 2015

    Question for Bernie:

    Keeping in touch…

    Yesterday my husband kept saying, “I am suffering and want to go to hospice…or the hospital.”

    When the visiting nurse came, he agreed to go to hospice which I arranged. The day before he did not leave the bed and was extremely uncomfortable even with the oxycodone and oxycontin.

    After spending 10 hours at the hospice, when I was ready to leave he asked if I could take him with me because he wanted to go home. I feel heartbroken.

    He is on lots of pain meds, and I hope the brain cancer has something to do with the confusion.

    He cannot focus well or even write a note.  I want to make the right decision…is the right one to be pain free?

    I feel so guilty about making the right or wrong decision. I want him home, but I also want him safe. I am just thinking out loud to you because, again, I know you have the words of wisdom that help me think about it in the correct manner.

    With love, and thanks.

    Bernie’s Answer:

    I think he is ready to go and be free of the pain, but yes, he would still like to be with you.  I think that you can share with him that being at home won’t be the best thing for him due to his intractable pain.  It can be much better managed in hospice care.

    Talk about the good times you have shared, and remind him that those times can be relived through memory.  They are still with him, so encourage him to think about those good times when he wants to be home—he can be “home in his mind” by thinking of those good memories.

    Think about those times yourself and bring them up with him.  Tell him stories of the past, especially humorous ones you shared together.  You can lift his spirits while hospice helps get his pain under better control.

    Remember that feeling guilty about making a life-changing decision like the one you are facing now is a barrier to both his and your own peace of mind.  Banish the idea of “guilt” from your decision-making, and know that your caring, loving heart is now leading the way.  You know that keeping him as pain free and safe as possible means hospice care.  Then, instead of wasting precious energy on a feeling like guilt, that is not any part of the picture at all, you will have that energy to make the remaining time warm, loving, and positive for both of you.

    Peace and love,

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    Q & A with Bernie – June 8, 2015

    Question for Bernie:

    I have an appointment and I welcome prayer support:

    “That my doctor will be divinely guided to extract the roots of my lower left molar safely, easily and quickly and that I tolerate the procedure with ease and gratitude.”


    Bernie’s Answer:

    What you visualize and believe will happen.  Your body experiences what your mind conceives.

    You don’t need God unless you are in premature labor and can’t handle what is occurring.  But we have been blessed with a mind over which you have dominion.  When you learn to rely on the power of your mind, and practice giving it positive affirmations with the certain knowledge that it will act upon those affirmations, you will be in the driver’s seat.


    Question for Bernie:

    Good morning Bernie,

    It has been many months since I have written.  I am the teacher who has come to you for friendship and advice in the past.  My mother passed in Germany last March peacefully from her Alzheimer’s disease.

    My husband has not had an easy time of it.  During the last several years he has had operations, chemo, immune therapy, and lastly gamma knife treatment. His bladder cancer has metastasized to the brain, liver, lungs, and rectum.  He is in pain most of the time and is on a great deal of pain medication.

    When does one really KNOW when to involve hospice?  He is at home and recently it was suggested that hospice home care be involved.  I understand that to mean that once they are involved, you no longer have the option of ever going to a hospital again.  Is it kinder to have only hospice care rather than going to an ER ever again?  I would like to have him get help at home since he does get disoriented with things like getting dressed and clearly making his needs known so they can be met.  Yesterday when the hospice coordinator talked to me, she said we could put him in a hospice facility as early as this week. I am looking for a home health care person.

    But how does one know…does God or the person give us a sign that the decision is correct.  We are alone here, and after all this time, you are the only person I feel knows how to think about this problem.  It is not that I feel it is giving up, but more like allowing the ultimate plan to be followed, and yet to make the decision all by oneself is more than difficult.

    You have dealt with sickness, cancer, caring for a loved one, and seen people go through this dilemma. What should I focus on, and how do I do the right thing?

    Please forgive me for burdening you with this problem and my thoughts about it. You provided the children in my class and me with a philosophy of living, and you seem at peace with health, sickness, and death more than anyone I know.  I ask for your help in this decision.

    Love and peace.

    Bernie’s Answer:

    I will never forget you.  Here are some things to help you as you and your husband make this decision:

    Ask him how he would feel in a totally white room with no windows or decorations.  If he says he would like it, he is ready to move on and find peace and rest. If it bores him or he wants to leave, he still has some life energy.

    As my dad said, “I need to get out of here,” meaning his body, and he died a few days later when we gathered as a family. He died laughing as my mom told stories of their early dates and meeting, so talk about the good times, and then ask him if he is ready to move on and become perfect again—free of the pain and problems.

    Often when people enter hospice care, they actually improve because the stress of treatment and feelings of being a burden to loved ones goes away. Sometimes hospice care leads to “graduations” or “drop outs” by helping people feel better and go on living.  Most importantly, good hospice care brings compassion, and that is what is needed for you both.

    If you have any other thoughts or questions, just let me know.


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    Q & A with Bernie – June 1, 2015

    Question for Bernie

    Hi Bernie,

    I wrote you a while ago about buying your book, A Book of Miracles. I have also heard many of your interviews and am truly amazed—how in heaven’s name do you deal with some people who let you down when you give so much? With such a big, big heart, you continuously give loving advice and fatherly guidance to people.

    Like you, I care about people, but I express that by providing laughter as a comedian to those who come to see me.  I have brought laughter to many, many people during my career.

    But I feel that I have been struck down with health problems at age 62.  I had to have two stents placed for my heart. I have Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy. And finally, now I have tremors, and cry at the drop of a hat.

    I have two loving boys, 26 and 28, but if I don’t go to them, I never see them. Could you please guide me? I have spent time and lots of money on people who I believed to be doctors, healers, naturopaths, etc. to heal myself. I’m a single male living alone and I am very lonely and sad. I am a 1st generation Holocaust, only child.

    Sent with much love and respect to a man who gives so much unconditional love. You MUST be the reincarnation of some Holy Mystic. God bless you.

    Bernie’s Answer

    I do have an angel mystic who guides me.  His name is George and people have seen him standing before me when I lecture.

    Loneliness causes all of the problems by lowering immune function and raising stress hormone levels.  You can heal yourself by doing any or all of the following

    • Get a dog if you can spend time with your dog.  Studies have shown that people who love animals and have pets with them as much as possible live longer.
    • Find a group of people you can relate to—sit down and write the things you are interested in (you might have three headings, like “Most Interested In” and “Moderately Interested In” and “Not Very Interested In” and check with your
      library about groups that meet there or that the librarian is aware of in any of
      your three categories on your list of things that interest you.  You can also go
      on the internet for schedules of meetings or presentations in any of your areas
      of interest.  Maybe you can put on Laughter Workshops, which I often suggest
      as a powerful healing activity.
    • Crying is okay—you have a heart
    • Become a love warrior

    Love is your weapon—start by calling your kids or e-mailing them each day for 90 days    saying you just wanted to say “I love you,” then skip a day and see what they do.

    • Meditate and say prayers or mantras every morning
    • Laugh for no reason every few hours.  As a comedian, coming up with “laugh out loud” thoughts shouldn’t be a problem!
    • Be grateful for life. You are here to give love in the way you decide to give it.
    • Your childhood is also part of being grateful for having life. Put up pictures of yourself as a child and love that child every time you look at the pictures.

    That should get you started.  When you choose life enhancing behavior, miracles happen.


    Question for Bernie

    Hi Bernie,

    Who do I turn to when I am stuck and unhappy with myself? You see, I need to kick myself into gear somehow, I guess, but the truth is that I am so full of sorrow which seems impossible to overcome. I know you read my post about having to put my autistic daughter in part-time residential care. God, my heart is ripped apart.

    What hurt me most was it took me until she was aged eight to get her out of diapers. Now she is 12 and has again become fully incontinent.  But now she is not alerting me when she is home, or the staff at the part-time residential care home when she is there, at the time it happens, choosing to sit for hours after needing to be attended to.  This behavior was the final straw. I just broke down and swore at God and autism, saying how much I hate how cruel God and autism are!

    She attacks me violently, and I have to take Xanax because I’m so frightened of her. The faces of my sons are so sad each day when they are leaving the house for school as she is smashing the house and screeching.  She is in puberty, so I know the world is confusing enough at this time in a young girl’s life, but the autism is a powder keg.

    I just feel helpless and hopeless. The shrink just wants to give me antidepressants, but I don’t agree with taking them because they won’t help—there is no pill for a broken heart. This morning I dressed her to go to the play center, and I said to her, “Oh, Raven you look so lovely.   Pretty girl, look at your lovely hair.” She turned and growled and spat at me. I burst into tears.

    We don’t know why she does these behaviors. I find myself feeling resentful towards her. I know it not her, but the autism.  I am truly burned out and have explored every avenue of help. Somehow I need to be bigger than the autism, but I cry as I type, admitting that I feel beaten.  …and if I was Lassie I would run away.

    I feel I have indeed lost my spirit, and I need to call it back. My dad is dead, and I know you adopt people. Please adopt me, for my daughter does not know how to show love towards me and it breaking my heart.

    My apologies for just blurting it all out, but I just feel lost and like a failure. I know you must have so many troubles of your own that people forget to ask about you. Well, I think of you all the time and use your words to guide me.  Shrinks throw pills at me, but it’s not pills I need. Any book advice would be of great help, and thank you for listening.  Thank you just for being you!

    Bernie’s Answer

    Go to the bookstore or library and ask for the section dealing with autism. Everyone is writing books about their problems, so find books with stories about parenting an autistic child.  The only answer is to learn from this experience. If you approach your problems with the question, “What am I to learn from this?” then you will already be in a positive, activist frame of mind.

    Ask the librarian or bookstore staff to help you find absolutely everything they have, particularly about parenting an autistic child going through puberty.  Ask for suggestions on just parenting children going through puberty, even if they are not autistic, so you can better discern between what may be from the hormonal changes and what may be from autism.

    Take care of your needs.  Placing your autistic child in a part-time residential home for care is a positive example of taking care of yourself, not a negative example of parenting failure for which you continue to punish yourself.  Stop the negative tapes about how mothers should be.  You are unique as is your daughter.  You are blessed with other children, and as a mother to them, you can give them the gifts of learning about autism and of developing compassion from this major challenge in your family’s life.  Model for them how to be compassionate, even in the face of what seems like purposefully bad behavior on your daughter’s part.

    Be a love warrior, using only love to “win” against the negatives. When your daughter spits at you, say “I love you” to her, and that’s it.  Even if she can’t show you love now, you can certainly show her that you love her by keeping it simple, non-confrontational, and true.  You will begin to feel very positive about accepting the situation as it is right now, and being able to respond to the point possible like the loving mother you are.  Someday, you may be able to see changes in her behavior that you know stem from what you did as a love warrior.

    You have a choice.  Choose life.


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    Q & A with Bernie – May 25, 2015

    Question for Bernie

    I was recently diagnosed with Stage 1A multiple myeloma.  I suspect that there is a strong existential component to this death threat in my body.  After my husband died nearly 4 years ago, I pretty much gave up on wanting to live and progressed well through the challenges of healing.

    I have someone in my life to love now, but have been sensing how I hold back.  I seem afraid to grab life wholeheartedly.  This seems similar to how the myeloma threatens me at the core of my being (in my blood and bone marrow). Can you suggest any thoughts that can help me regain my relationship with life?

    Bernie’s Answer

    Yes, I can suggest that you embrace the belief that you, along with the rest of us, need to create a life you can love and a body you can love.  Don’t make your body the enemy. If you love your body unconditionally, it will respond as a whole system that is much more than just the sum of its parts.

    That response of acceptance for your body just as it is right now will strengthen your immune system.  This part of the healing picture must be there in order to make other things you are doing to heal more effective. Quiet your mind with meditation or visualization or your preferred way to give your mind a break from chaotic thinking, worrying, and projecting.  When you do this each day, the truth will appear.

    I would also suggest reading my books which are listed here on the website—look under Quick Links at the top of the home page.  For help with cancer, start with Love, Medicine & Miracles and The Art of Healing: Uncovering Your Inner Wisdom and Potential for Self-Healing.

    For help with life, get 365 Prescriptions for the Soul and A Book of Miracles. Life is a spiritual journey, and it is also a school, so get your degree as a Love Warrior.  Let your life coaches help you with your studies.


    Question for Bernie

    Good afternoon Bernie, I am reading your book, Love, Medicine & Miracles. First I discovered Peace, Love and Healing two months ago in a library, and I started to read it, then I put it back on the shelf. I went back to the library for a second day and continued to read it. On the third day, more and less, I decided to borrow it, but there was a problem, so I couldn’t borrow it that day. As soon as I could, I went back to the library to borrow it, but it wasn’t on the shelf.  I could see someone reading it, so I decided to borrow the other title, Love, Medicine & Miracles.

    I finally have them both, but I am going to finish reading Love, Medicine & Miracles right now. I want to thank you because it is helping me through my change in my life. In January 2015, I started to have some problems with my belly, and I have been visiting doctors. I was very worried about my health.

    Since October 2014, I’ve been anxious because I was 27 years old, I didn’t have a job in my degree field (I was studying Business and Actuarial Science, for a Master’s degree so I could be an Economics Teacher), and I thought I had to get a job before 2015. Also, I knew I needed to change, but I didn’t know how to start my change. Now, through reading your book and understanding your words very well, I am feeling once again that hope is always alive—if you think you can you are right, at the same time if you think you can´t you are right, too. It is your choice.

    When I felt anxious and sad, and thought that I was useless person, and I began to ask myself “why am I living?” I felt so bad. Now I feel ashamed of that feeling, I love life, and always have. But during those months when I was very worried, fearful, and had no confidence, I really needed to find some help.  I found your books. And your book and my little illness helped me to see that I do love life and intend to LIVE!

    I want to tell you about a book that I was reading in a hospital when my father was being operated on 8 years ago.  The title of the book was “Two old Women” by Velma Wallis. It is one of the best books I´ve ever read in my life. If you don’t know it, maybe you can read it, and advise ECAP group to read it.

    Sorry if I have some mistakes, I am not an English speaker. I am from Valencia, Spain, but I am learning English, and it is good to practice writing.  I think I have said to you everything for today. I hope you have a very nice day, and I send you a big hug.

    Bernie’s Answer

    Bless you.  Remember, you can and must create a life you can love. And love your body, too.

    Fear comes from what was said to you as a child and as you grew up.  Free yourself from fear by abandoning the past and give yourself the gift of “rebirth” as a new self.  See all of these past problems as the labor pains you had to experience to give birth to a new self.365 Prescriptions for the Soul and A Book of Miracles will both help you with inspiration.

    Let your heart make up your mind and everything will work out.


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    Most people I know only find enlightenment through their emotional or physical difficulties. That is a sad statement. Wouldn’t it be far better to be educated about life and prepared for its difficulties by the wisdom of others, rather than to need your own break down in order to become strong at the broken places or expand through them. Many painful events become our blessings because of what they teach us and the voids they fill in our lives. I believe it is better to be blessed by wise parents, teachers and spiritual leaders than adversity.

    Others learn the hard way that the darkness leads them to the light just as charcoal under pressure becomes a diamond. Again a painful journey through the tunnel of darkness seeking the enlightenment.

    My writing and today’s books have nothing new to say. We may have new stories but they are only repeating ancient wisdom. So read the wisdom of the sages and learn from those who have gone before us. Which path you take makes little difference. The themes of all the great spiritual leaders of the past have much in common So if you seek enlightenment get started by paying attention to what has been said and don’t wait for a personal disaster to bring you the gift of enlightenment. You may know the saying, “If you seek enlightenment, seek it as a man whose hair is on fire, seeks water.” It takes that kind of desire to truly face the light.

    What has helped me most was my search for the answer to why we have a world filled with pain and difficulties. As a physician I saw much suffering that seemed to make no sense. Ultimately I realized it was to give our acts of compassion meaning and that what was evil was to not respond to the person with the affliction. We have free will and when we choose to love it is a choice which makes our love meaningful. The free will allows us the opportunity to become co-creators and, hopefully, some day we will create a family of man and our own Garden of Eden. As a surgeon I know we are one family, despite our actions, because we are all the same color inside.

    A veterinarian friend of mine listed five points necessary to train animals properly. As I listened to her list I realize it is what the enlightened give to each other. They are Love, Trust, Respect, Consistency and Commitment. So the enlightened treat people as well as they do their pets.

    The questions I would ask you to consider to help yourself awaken and see the light are:

    1. What is evil?
    2. Who can you hate?
    3. Who can you love?
    4. Who is the enemy?
    5. Who is the Lord you work for?
    6. What do you need to say that you haven’t said?

    I won’t answer for you but as you seek enlightenment the correct answers will make themselves apparent.

    The last point I will share with you is that when you are enlightened you will understand the power of love. So ask yourself why we say kill with kindness, torment with tenderness, love is blind, love thine enemies and love thy neighbor as thyself. Therein lies the answer to life and enlightenment.

    Several years ago I fell from our roof, hit my head and developed amnesia, which improved my marriage and family life dramatically, I learned a great deal from the benefits of amnesia. When my memory came back I had a difficult time with my wife and children because now I remembered all their faults. A therapist friend said she could save me from years of therapy. I asked her how. She handed me something and said go home and read this and live what it says. What she handed me was Corinthians 1:13 which describes all the benefits of amnesia and more through love.

    I tell you this so that until you are enlightened and capable of loving try amnesia in your relationships and daily life. It will help. Or if that doesn’t appeal to you the next time you don’t know what to do and seek to make the enlightened choice ask yourself, “What would Lassie do now?” If you prefer denominational or religious figures as choices there are a few I can recommend but choose wisely because animals are complete and man is not. Or so the Bible tells us.

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    The Immune Competent Personality Test

    Dear Everyone,

    As many of you know, I often recommend taking the short Immune Competent Personality Test.  The set of just 12 questions (including three I added), is based on research by Dr. George Solomon.  It is a great way to take an honest look at just how much you are asking of your Immune System.  These few questions help you gain insight into simple ways you can support the all-important Immune System instead of wearing it out.  The Immune System is there to help us overcome real threats to our health and well-being, and one such threat is stress.

    Who was George Solomon, maybe you are asking?  Dr. Solomon spearheaded the groundbreaking research focusing on the role stress plays in making us more vulnerable to disease. Dr. Solomon realized the importance of understanding that the mind is an integral part of health. His work also demonstrated the acceptance of the science of Psychology and Psychiatry as equals in research efforts to the science of Neurology— a necessary partnership to help imbed proven research within all other accepted significant research in medicine, showing the importance of the influence of the Mind in human illness and dysfunction.

    This is just our familiar Mind-Body-Spirit Connection, and it’s vital to keep it in top condition for effective prevention, as well as effective treatment of all kinds, and successful healing.  In 1983 Dr. Solomon said, “Mind and body are inseparable. The brain influences all sorts of physiological processes that were once thought not to be centrally regulated.”

    The field in which Dr. Solomon was a prominent pioneer is called psychoneuroimmunology. That’s one of those famous medical terms most people believe they can’t really understand.  It’s easy. If we take this medical term apart, it’s very clear.  (The “o” is used as the usual connector of word parts, if needed.)

    Psych-             the word root meaning “Mind”
    neur-                the word root meaning “Nerve”
    immun-            the word root meaning “Protection; immune <from>; safe
    -logy                the familiar suffix meaning “the study of”

    Definition of psych/o/neur/o/immun/o/logy:
    The study of the influences on the behaviors of the Mind and nerves (Nervous System) with the effectiveness of the Immune System (which protects us and keeps us safe from diseases and infections and more)

    Dr. Solomon recognized the damage the power of a mind filled with negative thoughts could inflict on the immune system of a patient.  But he also reasoned that by using that same power of the mind to replace negative messages with positive ones, patients gain an advantage in healing—sometimes a very significant—even pivotal—advantage.

    Whether or not you already have a disease or disorder linked to getting worse with stress and out-of-control emotions and overall neglect of your mind and body, or you just worry about getting a disease—you both need to heal. If you feel helpless to control a mind overwhelmed with negativity, start with taking Dr. Solomon’s Immune Competent Personality Test here, and then start accepting your ability to remap your mind to deliver the ultimate healing power.

    Go to my homepage http://berniesiegelmd.com/ and you’ll see QUICK LINKS right at the top of the page.  Find Immune Competent Personality Test in the Quick Links list and click on it—and do it now!


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    Q & A with Bernie – May 4, 2015

    Question for Bernie

    Your book, Love, Magic & Mudpies: Raising Your Kids to Feel Loved, Be Kind, and Make a Difference, is the most wonderful book. I can only do so much for myself and my kids. I would like some ideas about single parenting, and how to make sure my children get what they need to be okay with just one parent.

    I have two boys and two girls with a lot of serious issues. I would like to talk to Bernie, if possible.

    Bernie’s Answer

    What your children need is to know that they are loved, and given mottoes to live by.  Remember, as a parent you do not need to like what they are doing, but you need to love them and you must let them know that you do love them at every opportunity.

    Ask each of your children to draw a picture of your home and family, and when each one shows you her/his drawing, see how that makes you feel.  Be interested in each drawing, talking with each child about what he or she wanted to say about home and family life.  Make sure you stress that this is a way to open up communication not only between the children and you, but also among the siblings themselves.

    Do what makes you happy.  Just because you have the responsibility of parenting four children alone does not mean that you must give up doing things that give you joy.  In fact, it is very important that you model for your children the importance of prioritizing our need for experiencing joy every day.  This is a powerful way to stay healthy and keep our immune systems strong.

    As my own wonderful mother told me when I ran up against difficulties growing up, “God is redirecting you, and something good will come of your situation. Material things are here to make it a better world for everyone.  Troubles like hunger, however, should lead us to find nourishment.  When we find ourselves in situations which seem very difficult to bear, we usually discover that going through that “fire” pushes us out of our comfort zone for a reason—life is about learning, and when we go through difficult times, we tend to learn the most.  Have faith—believe and really know that you have the ability to survive and thrive, with joy and purpose in your heart.

    Many people say that when they became a grandparent, they really found joy and happiness with their grandchildren, so act like you are their grandmother.  The tension between children and parents gets in the way of happiness. Grandparents are happy with their grandchildren because the stress we put on ourselves as parents is gone.  Try to capture that sense of freedom that grandparents have—it comes from the absence of stress.

    If you have any questions, or want to share some of your children’s issues, let me know.

    Remember, the troublemaker gets attention, but the attention a troublemaker wants is to feel loved.  When he or she has that from a parent, the troublemaking will stop.  Discipline should be wrapped in a loving message, not a judgmental one.


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    Q & A with Bernie – April 27, 2015

    Question for Bernie

    I’ve recently had the privilege of being introduced to your book Love, Medicine and Miracles. I have also been informed that I have pancreatic cancer.

    I’m an extremely positive person in life as a whole, and as a thinker. I’m determined that my mind will help me through whatever will come next, and that I’ll have an impact on my own outcome.

    What else could you suggest I do, and would you comment on the role my positivity will play in what lays ahead for me.

    Thank you.

    Bernie’s Answer

    Yes, your attitude helps you become a survivor.  The Mind-Body-Spirit connection is powerful, so continue to read my books and let them serve as your “coach.” You will be inspired to do the things that tell your body of your intention to LIVE.

    Work on loving your life and body. Have faith in your mind’s potential to support the survival behavior you are learning.  Self-induced healing does occur.  Create a harmonious atmosphere as you integrate survivor behaviors into your daily life.


    Question for Bernie

    I am writing to express my deep gratitude to you for the peace you have brought to me.
    I initially found your tapes in the library at the cancer center where I was cured of breast cancer 11 years ago. Throughout the years, I listen to them whenever I need to calm down and just trust and know I am okay.

    Your voice has become so comforting to me, like listening to an old friend who just knows what to say. I am happy to have the opportunity to tell you how much you have done for me. I hope you are well, and just know that I am very grateful for your help.

    Bernie’s Answer

    Bless you, my dear.  Yes, the voice can become hypnotic, and when it is used toward a positive outcome, the voice is a marvelous tool.

    By listening as you do you are continuing to let your body know you love it, and you intend to LIVE your life to the fullest.


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