Welcome to Bernie Siegel, M.D.. My site focuses on all aspects of holistic healing, mind body interactions, patient empowerment and provides useful resources to assist you (see the Catalog and the Resources section) in achieving your potential. Many of these topics will also be discussed in depth in my forthcoming book, A Book of Miracles. To find a topic of specific interest, you can click on the categories or use the site search (see the sidebar).

I hope you will return often and interact with your stories (Share page) and comments to these blog posts. Also, feel free to contact me using the information on the site’s Contact page.


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3 Responses to Welcome

  1. Charleen O'Toole says:

    Love your subliminal CD’s.

  2. Gail Srebnik says:

    Hi Bernie and friends…I have been MIA due to illness hard to shake and hectic times at work of late. Bernie, I like this site and hope to be a frequent visitor. Warmly,Gail

  3. cindy roehsler says:

    To my Mentor,
    Will you be having any lectures and/or workshops in the Southern California area in the near future? I do hope if you do not that you will consider this area.We would appreciate your presence here and not just your books and CDs. You are needed out here. Thank you for your consideration in this matter.
    From a former cancer patient and a cancer patient again.

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