Q & A with Bernie – November 21, 2011

Question for Bernie:

Apple as symbol of healthy dietMy mother has been sick for many years on and off. It first started with breast cancer back when I was in high school. She beat it and was fine for about 6 years. Then for the past 3 years she has had different cancers on and off. It started with this weird lung cancer…I never quite understood, but apparently it was related to breast cancer (she doesn’t smoke). She actually hid it from my brother and me for a year, because she tried healing herself first. Ever since the first time she got cancer, she’s been working on herself, meditating, learning to love herself and her life, and even reading your books/listening to your CDs!

When it got really bad with her lungs, she did undergo treatment. Then, last year they found lesions on her bones. She underwent treatment for that, too. Also last year, my brother found her having a seizure. We found out at that time that she had brain several tumors. So the past year was the hardest, but she never gives up; she still is listening to all of your advice.

We were told she was in remission just a couple of months ago and then, out of the blue, things got bad again. Some of her brain tumors are back and she has a new tumor on her spine. She is nauseous and can hardly walk. I just don’t understand why this is happening. Does this mean that once you get cancer it just keeps coming back and is worse each time? I feel like she has been doing everything you say and more.

You have no idea how wonderful my mother is. She is my best friend, my idol. She is so strong. She has eaten a healthy diet her whole life, doesn’t smoke, or do other things that would hurt her. She tells me she loves herself, her body and her life, something that she has been working on for years. I just don’t understand why someone so precious has to go through all this. I do believe in everything you talk about, being positive and all that, but why isn’t my mother any better? It seems like following your advice is not doing anything. Thank you for reading my question.

Bernie’s Answer:

Your mom is your teacher—learn from her. Your mom is teaching that you shouldn’t be afraid to take responsibility and participate in your life and health.

The problem is that life is not unfair, but it is difficult. Everyone does die no matter how many things we do right. The only time our troubles cease is when we do die.

Only love in permanent and immortal.

There is always hope and miracles do happen, so help your mom try to heal and love as long as she wants to do so.

Don’t make it a war or battle against cancer—make it a healing of her life.

If I can help don’t hesitate to get back in touch.


Question for Bernie:

dove symbol of hopeDo you believe in miracles? My wife has cancer and she has hope that she will be cured, but the doctors are not of the same opinion. She is certain that miracles can happen. What do you think? Thanks.

Bernie’s Answer:

Your wife is not a statistic. She has the potential to heal. I have been doing this for over thirty years, learning throughout that time that no one knows the future, and there is self-induced healing. Making the Mind-Body-Spirit connection is very powerful. Help your wife to become her authentic self, living her life—not one imposed upon her by others.

Get your wife my books to read, and also have her read what is here on my website. She needs to love her life and her body, creating harmony in her life so that her body gets the “live” message.

My latest book is entitled A BOOK OF MIRACLES—Inspiring True Stories of Healing, Gratitude, and Love. Both you and your wife would enjoy and get a lot out of reading the wonderful true stories and my comments at the end of each one.

Women live longer than men with the same cancers because they have relationships. If your wife doesn’t have a pet and likes the idea, I highly recommend getting one. Pets give us unconditional love and they teach us, by being so in touch with their instincts about humans, how to live in the present moment.


Question for Bernie:

Butterflies are symbols of transformationMy mother has been diagnosed with clinical depression. Traditional medicine is not working. I read the foreword you wrote for Carolyn Myss’ book, “The Creation of Health,” and it inspired me to contact you. Do you have suggestions on how to support and help heal my mother who says that she feels like she’s “…not going to be able to get through it.” Thanks for your help!

Bernie’s Answer:

Tell her to act like the person she wants to be, as if she were in a play.

Help her eliminate the “not going to make it” feelings by telling her your troubles and asking for her advice. This will give her life meaning.

Suggest that when she is beset by troubling, seemingly unanswerable questions, to ask herself, “WWLD= What would Lucy do?” (from Lucille Ball in ‘I Love Lucy’ or from ‘Lassie’)

Get her a pet to care for and some special plants to care for. You can also help her look into natural supplements to help her body and brain chemistry at www.lifeextension.com.

Tell her to laugh every few hours for no reason, and you can do that with her if you are there. It really changes things.

Hope these will help both you and your mother. I have seen them work miracles for people suffering from clinical depression, as well as patients facing life-threatening illnesses like cancer.



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2 Responses to Q & A with Bernie – November 21, 2011

  1. Shaye says:

    Hello Dr. Siegel

    I am not here for advice, I only wish to tell you that I think your site is wonderful, your advice exquisite, your work incredible, and your spirit is divine.

    Thank you for what you so freely offer, and I hope you continue to teach others to give as you do.

  2. lalis says:

    drink more water exercise and get rid of your hate love instead i heard thats the best advice

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