Q & A with Bernie – December 19, 2011

Question for Bernie:

New Zealand pohutukawa-new-zealand-christmas-treeNot a question – a “Thank You” all the way from New Zealand. My wife Nicki is still with us, probably shouldn’t be having suffered with brain tumors and strokes and so on for over 20 years now. On cold days, Bernie, you were Nicki’s blanket … and on hot days you were a cool breeze … on a good day you gave us laughter … on a bad day you gave me (her husband) some guidance to help me stay strong.

Your ideas and your passion for life do help others and we are grateful for being introduced to Love, Medicine, and Miracles so many years ago. Nicki still maintains to this day that her fight against cancer was fueled by your concept of ECaP (Exceptional Cancer Patients). Of course, all people with cancer are exceptional people.

From New Zealand we simply want to say “Thank you Bernie.

All the best for the Christmas season and for your own health and well-being.

Bernie’s Answer:

You make my life worthwhile and meaningful with your words. Bless you.

I am honored to coach such a talented couple as you and your wife.

You are a special guy as most men live in their heads and by what they do, but you have a heart and feel. And when you live in your heart, magic happens.




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One Response to Q & A with Bernie – December 19, 2011

  1. David Will says:

    This message is for Bernie, I recently read your book (LMM) and felt it changed my entire perspective – it was exactly what I had been looking for! I was traveling for 3 months in Mexico after being diagnosed with terminal neuro-endocrine cancer. My doctors tell me I have less than 6 months to live but I refuse to accept their prognosis. I have been through extensive radio and chemo therapy without success and they tell me there is nothing further to do. I have no reduction in physical capacity and no pain (which they don’t understand). I have been looking for an EcaP programme in NZ – is there one? I am very keen to find a professional that I can work with to beat this.

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