Q & A with Bernie – May 21, 2012

Question for Bernie:

I am in the process of following my heart and passion in my work area and leaving a job that was just that—a job. Any thoughts on how to “know” I am doing the right thing? It feels right. but I’m wondering if you had any insights.

Thank you.

Bernie’s Answer:

You are doing just what you should be doing. When in doubt, I always let my heart take the lead and make up my mind for me.

cat on computerYou can also draw pictures of your job choices and see which is best from the symbols you find in your drawings.

Changing jobs isn’t always the real issue. If you change your attitude toward what you do and who you work with, often the job changes dramatically for the better too.

Here’s an example of what I mean told to me by a secretary who had given her two weeks’ notice:

“On what was supposed to be my last day on the job, I went to work happy, and I noticed everyone around me was happy, so I didn’t quit after all. I just decided instead to always come in happy.”




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One Response to Q & A with Bernie – May 21, 2012

  1. Janice Boudreau says:

    Hi Dr. Siegel.
    It has been awhile I attended your class at the Graduate’s Institute in April on A journey of Miracles, I am grateful for the class it has given me strength. You met My husband Norm who came with me to the classes froo NH I learned alot and it has made my journey somewhat easier
    Thank you so much for being there with your guidance

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