Q & A with Bernie – July 2, 2012

Question for Bernie:

Just last week I remembered you telling the story of a woman who came up to you and said she’d had bladder cancer, and she realized there was someone in her life who was “pissing her off.” When she let that person go, the cancer disappeared.

My tumor is kind of a “pain in the butt.” After I remembered your story, I asked myself, “What in my life is a pain in the butt?” Immediately I knew I had to let one of my friends go. The way the friendship has played out causes me a lot of stress. So, thank you for asking!

My surgeon is away for a month, so I’m taking this time to heal myself. I’m visualizing (three times a day) that the tumor is filled with sunlight, drying out and disintegrating. The tissue appears healthy and there’s no sign of the tumor.

I have a lot of faith in God, and I believe that if I do my part, He will do His.

I think this will have a happy outcome.

Bernie, thank you for taking time for me, and thanks for all you do to help.

Bernie’s Answer:

Faith is powerful and sustaining for many people—I’m glad you have it.

sunlightYou are taking the right steps to create harmony in your life. Even the visualization you describe is one that is powerful but not adversarial—you use sunlight (gentle warmth) to dry out your tumor so it just falls away. You are not expending energy seeing yourself in a war with your tumor. Your way is so much healthier.

Let those who love you place their hands on you and send you healing energy as they visualize you being healthy and normal again.



Question for Bernie:

Do you have any meditations that visualize healing the cancer cells rather than destroying them?

Bernie’s Answer:

I use the word eliminate, and my meditations do not visualize killing…they visualize healing.

As Mother Teresa said,

I will not attend an anti-war rally, but if you ever have a peace rally call me.

ice-cube meltingCreate your own image for carrying cancer cells away. Just as another writer in today’s Q&A described her visualization using sunlight to dry out tumor cells, find words that are generally positive for your meditation.

Another great example of that comes in the story of a conscientious objector who refused chemotherapy when the doctor said, “I am going to kill your cancer.” Instead, the patient decided to envision a block of ice melting with God’s light.



Question for Bernie:

I have vitiligo. It is visible especially on my face, elbows and under my arms. I also have spots in different parts of my body. The doctors have told me that it is an incurable disease. I’m 40 years old and I have tried different treatment options but nothing really works.

I also have hypothyroidism. I need your advice about both conditions. I truly believe there’s a cure for me.

Thank you so much. God bless you. You are a gift for this world!

Bernie’s Answer:

support groupAsk yourself how you would describe what it is like to have vitiligo and then eliminate anything in your life which fits the negative words you come up with. You might feel isolated, for example, so you should find ways to get out among people who are understanding and supportive. Look for a support group in your area for people who have vitiligo. If there isn’t one for vitiligo, see if you can join a support group for psoriasis patients—they have many of the same negative feelings to overcome.

Also, ask yourself what you are to learn from this experience. Often people with disorders that are visible know what it is like to be judged by how they appear to others—and how damaging that can be to self-esteem. You can learn how to share your empathy with others to build a strong community of support—not just for people with vitiligo, but for people with psoriasis or any other skin disorder that is difficult to live within our society.

Learn to love yourself, your life and your body as it is. Live in the present moment and enjoy this precious life we have when we have it.

If you haven’t already, see a naturopathic physician and get into homeopathy.

Also go to www.lifeextension.com for supplements which can help.




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