Q & A with Bernie – December 10, 2012

In this Holiday Season when people of many faiths celebrate the gift of life, I want to share the inspirational messages from readers that I am privileged to receive.  I believe every one of you is “a winner.”
~ Bernie

Comment for Bernie:

I am writing to you as one of my life-savers. I was diagnosed with Stage 3B lung cancer in December, 2010.  I just had my two-year CAT scan exam which was negative.

I owe my good outcome, in part, to your books Love, Medicine and Miracles and Peace, Love and Healing which I read shortly after my diagnosis, and which I believe enhanced the effectiveness of the chemo and radiation I underwent.

Thanks again.

Bernie’s Answer:

winning teamBless you.

When a coach is provided with talented performers, the results are a winning team.



Comment for Bernie:

My life’s journey has been amazingly complex and, in hindsight, purposeful and connected to every move, word, choice, prayer, plant, flower, person, story, song, touch, thought, animal, insect, water, earth, fire, air, feather, emotion, feeling, seed, birth, death, past, present, future of now, shells, fish, rock, breath, dream, vision, food, art, books, my work as a nurse, healer, sage, shaman—leading up to October 8, 2012.

woman-in-cloudsA photo opportunity presented itself in Boston while I was stuck in traffic on Newbury Street.  This image showed up in the clouds.  Although I could only see activity, my Blackberry phone camera received the entire image.  A mystery unraveled, beholding divine guides and a young woman’s profile revealed.  FLOWER= forever loving our wondrous evolving radiance.  We are all FLOWERS.  I share with you my hope to pursue a research project relevant to my desire to obtain my M.A. in Integrative Health and Healing as a result of this experience.

In Light and Love,

Light (aka Helen)

Bernie’s Answer:

The Universe does work in miraculous and mysterious ways.  I have written about the power of symbols in our lives and the importance of looking for them.  Your experience is a great example of how life-changing the appearance of symbols can be—and that they do tend to emerge at times when we least expect to see them.

I wish you all the best as you pursue your learning path toward an M.A. in Integrative Health and Healing.




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