Q & A with Bernie – May 13, 2013

Question for Bernie:

Years ago, I read your book Peace, Love and Healing.  I have always kept that book.  My Mother died of lung cancer, and intuitively I felt I would also get it.  Two years ago, I did.  At 57, I was diagnosed with Stage 1 adenocarcinoma and had a right upper lobectomy.

grandmothers loveI quit my job, (which I hated for 37 years, sad) and now babysit my little granddaughter.  She brings me joy.  Now I have been told that a nodule in the other lung has grown slightly, and so I  am filling my days with as much love as possible.

I just saw your interview on YouTube with Adam Shaw, and you said how important it is to feel your parents loved you.  I never felt love from my mother, and did from my father, but he left us when I was 12.  Thank God I had a grandmother who adored me.

I am going to re-read your book.  Bless you Bernie.  You found your passion.  I hope to find mine.  My granddaughter and daughter bring me love, but I have never known who I am.  My twin sister also now has nodules growing in her lungs.  How do you fight something that appears to be genetic?

Bernie’s Answer:

The genes don’t make decisions.  They are turned on and off by messages sent by chemical reactions in our bodies.  I recommend that you read the book The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton.  When you love your life and body, your genes get the message that you want to Live.

healing with loveFind ways to express your real feelings.  Having worked for 37 years in an environment that you hated, it is very important now to restore your immune system by eliminating stress in every way you can.  I also recommend that you read the Immune Competent Personality on my website.  Go to “Quick Links” at the top of the first page on the website and you’ll see it.

Thank God for grandmothers! Become the child you were meant to be and love yourself as a child. Put up pictures of yourself as a child all around the house and each time you look at that little one, say “I love you!”



Question for Bernie:

flowers_griefI was wondering if you could direct me where to find, among your many resources of books and CDs, some help and relief from the grief of losing my husband. I am having a hard time.  He just passed away two months ago. In the past when I’ve been stressed, I’ve used your CDs, but grief is something different, and I wondered what specific resources you might suggest for me.

I have been following you since your first book, which I bought for everyone I knew who at that time was suffering from the new disease called AIDS. It was fantastic then, and you continue to be an inspiration to me now—these many years later. I thought of you almost right away as someone who would understand and help with what I am going through.

Thank you.

Bernie’s Answer:

Please read my book Buddy’s Candle. It will help you—here is part of the description: “In its gentle way, it helps us to deal with grief and teaches us how to live life fully and accept loss and death with an open heart.” The book is short and has the message that all those coping with the loss of a loved one want and need to hear.

I also strongly suggest that you read the novel by William Saroyan called The Human Comedy. He writes a wonderful story about a father looking down from Heaven on the lives of his two young sons and his wife.  One line from the book is often quoted—“Nothing good ever ends.”  It refers to how to accept the loss of a loved one by continuing to live with the joy of the relationship even in the physical absence of someone whose mortal life has ended.

heavenI often remind people that only love is immortal, so love continues on just as Saroyan is telling us in his novel.  Look for signs from your husband—things you may find that connect you to him.  His consciousness is still with you.

One of my CDs could also be helpful to you.  It is

Finding Your True Self: Audible and Subliminal Affirmations to Develop Your Personal Sense of Inner Peace and Wisdom

If you can find a deep sense of inner peace, your heart can open to joy and to living fully again.




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