Q & A with Bernie – June 17, 2013

Question for Bernie:

After listening to you on the Hay House Summit I explored your website and read that humor and laughter is important in the journey to healing. I said to myself, “Yes, I am trying, but I just can’t seem to laugh. Nothing strikes me funny.”

cat laughingHowever, I purchased the CD titled Humor and Healing as well as your book, 365 Prescriptions for the Soul. After I read Prescription #2, I burst into laughter for the longest time. I imagined your innocence at following a woman’s seeming orders in the hallway.  And your egoless personality was like funny things children do.

So thank you for making me laugh, something I thought could never happen.

In gratitude…

Bernie’s Answer:

laughing peopleYou can also laugh for no apparent reason.  It works, and sometimes it is hard to stop laughing once you start.  Think about something funny that happened to you or someone you know in the far distant past or more recently.  Let that come to mind whenever you want it to and you will feel lighter—even if it just brings a smile, a chuckle, or if it brings on that great laughter that you described having after reading Prescription #2…it is humor and it is healing.  Laughing crowds out worry and sorrow and our body chemistry actually changes for the better as studies show us, strengthening the immune system.

Keep the child in you alive—many cultures don’t encourage that, telling us that once we are “grown up” we can’t be carefree and happy even for a few moments.  But it is your child within that you first learn to love and who can always bring you the joy of innocence.

Be a “multiple personality” by doing the unexpected.  If someone has a very definite idea that you are always serious, then do something surprising.  If someone tells me to “Sign here” and hands me a pen, I write “Here.”



Question for Bernie:

sunny morningI really enjoyed listening to your interview on the on-line Hay House World Summit.  I know from what you said how important it is, upon waking in the morning, to set myself up for the day by projecting a positive attitude.

I have been fighting “gut” issues for 12 years since having a total hysterectomy.  My appendix was accidentally sewn into the incision when stitching me back up.  Each morning when I wake in my adjustable bed that helps keep me upright so that acids don’t aggravate my esophagus, I am reminded of my ill-health by the pain in my gut and the sour taste in my mouth.

How can I change things to be more positive and give myself a real chance to heal? Thank you.

Bernie’s Answer:

gratitudeEvery morning start the day by thinking of three things that you are grateful for, and use the letters of the alphabet to name the three things.

Start with the letter “A” on Day One, and continue naming the three things you are grateful for each morning with the next letter in the alphabet.

Visualize yourself doing what you love to do and feeling well each day.  Through visualization, see your body eliminating the painful problems.  Ask your friends and family to also visualize you healing and getting stronger and stronger and finally feeling very healthy with no more physical pain.




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