Q & A with Bernie – November 4, 2013

Question for Bernie:

Twenty-four years ago when I was 38, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  At that time, I read and practiced everything you suggested.  It worked—I am still here!

cancer image for childrenIn August of 2012, a little over a year ago, our beautiful three-year-old granddaughter was diagnosed with Stage 4 neuroblastoma.  Watching her go through the treatment has been devastating.

How or what can we do to help her?  She has turned four-years-old and has almost finished with her treatment protocol.

Bernie’s Answer:

The best thing you can do for your granddaughter is to help her enjoy each day fully.  At her tender age, she is not worrying about the future.

energy healing for kidsAs you give her lots of love, convey some of it through your hands by massaging her.  Visualize healing energy coming through your hands and entering her body, as if your arms and hands are like cables through which the healing energy from the universe pulses through and is absorbed by your granddaughter.

Visualize healing energy entering your granddaughter’s body and some of it coming out of the top of her head and then surrounding the outside of her body with a gentle white light.  As you see the white light gently swirling around her, visualize her growing up and being healthy.  See her playing and enjoying life.  Do this visualization as often as you can, both when you are with your granddaughter and when you are not. The wonder of the universal healing energy is that it works both “in person” with the actual laying on of hands as well as from a distance (remotely) with strong visualization on the part of the energy healer.



Question for Bernie:

I was told last week that the biopsy taken from my left breast showed invasive ductal carcinoma. This is the fifth time since 2002 that I have been told I have cancer. It has been found in both breasts and my uterus. I underwent radiation on both breasts. This has been unreal for me, dealing with the anxiety and fear, and I’ve lost interest in things.

meditation-poseI will be meeting with my oncologist and breast surgeon soon, and I expect them to recommend a mastectomy again.  That was suggested in 2010, but I didn’t go for it at that time.  I also chose to not take cancer medication even though a test done at that time showed that I had a 20% chance of breast cancer recurring.

My question is, am I foolish to start meditation, healing thoughts, and other Mind-Body-Spirit connection work since I have such a strong history of cancer? Your opinion as an oncology surgeon is very much appreciated.  Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Bernie’s Answer:

It is important to send your body the positive message that you love your life just as it is. Your body will respond to the loving care you give it and to the healing messages you send it.   Start both meditation and guided imagery now.  Mindfulness meditation will teach you to accept that anxiety and fear are normal emotions to be observed as they come into your mind and then just pass on out.  You will learn that you can be in control and relaxed even with anxiety and fear by no longer fighting them off.  Instead, through meditation, you will acknowledge the truth—that these emotions are normal, and if you accept that, you can let them just come and go without the useless struggle of trying to deny them.  It is that struggle that gives anxiety and fear the power that tricks you into thinking you can do nothing but suffer thinking that they have complete control over your life.

I think my latest book, The Art of Healing: Uncovering Your Inner Wisdom and Potential for Self-Healing could really help you find your authentic self, learn to love that person unconditionally, and protect her by learning techniques for effective self-healing.

Remember to follow your heart.  Your mind doesn’t always know what is best for you because of how easily it is distracted by emotions like anxiety and fear. Draw a picture of yourself in the operating room and email it to me. Together we can see what the right course is for you based upon the insights we discover in your drawing.



Question for Bernie:

I have a friend with a recurrence of squamous cell (HPV strain) of the tongue.  She had a consultation at Stanford and came away with the bleak picture of total removal of the tongue and voice box.

She then went on to the Mayo Clinic where they told her the same thing she learned at Stanford, but added the possibility that she might never speak again.  They suggested she go home and enjoy what time she has left and prepare for hospice.

She is considering home oxygen therapy, which she is very positive about. To me, the fact that she is positive about it is the most important thing because it supports the development of hope and belief.

You are the authority in this area and a man of compassion.  What advice if any do you have to offer in this case?

I wish you all the best—and I still tell people that you were my most favorite interview of all time!  So thank you, thank you!

Bernie’s Answer:

Check with naturopathic physicians for alternative therapies.  Take a look at a book by William Bengston entitled The Energy Cure: Unraveling the Mystery of Hands-on Healing.

Another suggestion that could be very helpful to your friend and to you is to read my latest book, The Art of Healing: Uncovering Your Inner Wisdom and Potential for Self-Healing.  One of the important ideas in the book is finding your authentic self.  That is so necessary for all treatment whether the come through mainstream medicine, alternative medicine, or a combination of both in Complementary Alternative Medicine practices.

oasis of hope hospitalSee if your friend is interested in traveling to Southern California for evaluation at the Oasis of Hope Cancer Hospital where they emphasize integrative therapies.

Keep encouraging her to have hope that self-healing could occur, but that doesn’t mean you and she cannot also focus on fully enjoying every day as well. In fact, doing that will enhance and empower any treatment plan.



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