Q & A with Bernie – September 29, 2014

Question for Bernie

I have been dealing with ulcerative colitis since 1998 which was diagnosed when I was four months pregnant with my son. I’ve tried conventional medicine without success and am now being treated alternatively, but still not seeing a lot of improvement.

This is making it difficult to have hope that the cause will be found and treated successfully.  Any insight you can give me is greatly appreciated.

Bernie’s Answer

Medication-wise, take the herb boswellia. It can do the trick.  To get help with the dosage and other support, go to Life Extension’s website at www.lef.org.  I also recommend taking curcumin which is an excellent and powerful natural anti-inflammatory.  You need to get it in capsule form and Life Extension can help you with that if you have trouble finding it.

As we know from the Mind-Body-Spirit Connection, expressing internalized anger is very important.  Think about the words you would use to express what you are experiencing due to the colitis.  Then eliminate all other things (people, situations, etc.) in your life that you would use any of those same negative words to describe.

Instead of asking why you got the disease, ask yourself “What am I supposed to learn from this challenge?”

Make a serious effort to learn to meditate.  Even if you meditate for only a few minutes at a time two or three times a day, it will do wonders by giving your body the message that you love it even with the colitis.  Your immune system will respond positively to that message and get stronger to help you control the colitis.

Think of a positive mantra (affirmation) you like and say it throughout the day.  An example would be something like “Every day I am getting healthier and stronger.”  If you need help getting ideas just google keywords like “positive affirmations” or “positive mantras.”


Question for Bernie

I have a small cancerous breast tumor.  My lymph nodes are clear yet the surgeon wants to remove some them.  My question is: Why does the surgeon want to remove them if they are cancer free?

Bernie’s Answer

I need more information to answer your question.  How did they determine they are cancer free?

On the other hand, it is your life and body and your decision.  Decide on the basis of what feels right for you versus trying not to die. When I use the phrase trying not to die, I am describing a decision based on doing everything in the way of treatment available in mainstream medicine.

Have a dream tonight and see what it tells you.  Tell me the answer to this question:  what color would your lymph nodes be if you had to draw them?



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