Q & A with Bernie – December 1, 2014

Question for Bernie

Do you think a lack of self-love is behind addiction?
Thanks for all you do!

Bernie’s Answer

Yes, it is grounded in growing up without parental love.  This absence of parental love accounts for not only addictions of various kinds, but all unhealthy, self-destructive behavior.


Question for Bernie

I heard you on 12radio today and loved the show. Thank you for all that you do.

I am an artist and want to be able to help people through their art. I am hoping you can guide me to the best place to gain the critical insights and practices for being most effective at it, in service to others.

I am also an Intuitive by profession so you can see the marriage of my interests. Thank you for any insight and assistance you can offer. You are brilliant bright light for me today!

Bernie’s Answer

Read my latest book, The Art of Healing: Uncovering Your Inner Wisdom and Potential for Self-Healing. There are more than 60 drawings from patients that you can study.

Also, learn human anatomy and you will see even more in the drawings, as well as help people with their own expression in drawing.

I recommend that you also read two other books I mention in my book, which are Life Paints Its Own Span by Susan Bach, and The Secret World of Drawings by Gregg Furth.


Question for Bernie

Thank you for replying so quickly. I will order your book today.  Even though we have begun with visualization and sending him healing light, our worry is that he is so far along in the pain cycle, that at this point he seems less receptive to these modalities.

He typically falls off to sleep after all of us have listened to a guided meditation together, and then wakes up within half an hour and doesn’t go back to sleep for hours. Do you have any thoughts on how to help alleviate his pain?

While doctors suggest to him that he can continue with drinking, smoking, and doing as he pleases, homeopathy and other more integrative practices suggest a change in diet is important. While he has become more open to a diet change (for example, he now has a lemon shot in the morning, turmeric and warm water, coconut water, and a more plant based diet).

Smoking is a touchy topic. This is a real dilemma for us as we see a direct link between smoking and his pain, however,  having been a smoker for the better part of his life (at least 20 cigarettes a day), he may at the most drop it down to 8-10 cigarettes a day. If you were working with him, what might you have suggested in this case and at this stage?

Bernie, I wanted to check with you if you offer the possibility of Skype sessions for people like us living outside of the U.S.?

I appreciate all your help.

Bernie’s Answer

He needs to love himself.  Ask him what he would do if he had a beloved pet dog who was being made sick by the cigarette smoke?  Would he smoke outdoors or quit smoking?

If he doesn’t love himself due to his early life and parents, all you can do is love him and hope he realizes someday that he is worth loving.  Then he will start to care for and about himself.

Remember, he hears the meditation even if sleeping, and talk to him in positive ways while he sleeps.  He needs to want to talk to me himself rather than talking to me just because you want him to.



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