Q & A with Bernie – April 27, 2015

Question for Bernie

I’ve recently had the privilege of being introduced to your book Love, Medicine and Miracles. I have also been informed that I have pancreatic cancer.

I’m an extremely positive person in life as a whole, and as a thinker. I’m determined that my mind will help me through whatever will come next, and that I’ll have an impact on my own outcome.

What else could you suggest I do, and would you comment on the role my positivity will play in what lays ahead for me.

Thank you.

Bernie’s Answer

Yes, your attitude helps you become a survivor.  The Mind-Body-Spirit connection is powerful, so continue to read my books and let them serve as your “coach.” You will be inspired to do the things that tell your body of your intention to LIVE.

Work on loving your life and body. Have faith in your mind’s potential to support the survival behavior you are learning.  Self-induced healing does occur.  Create a harmonious atmosphere as you integrate survivor behaviors into your daily life.


Question for Bernie

I am writing to express my deep gratitude to you for the peace you have brought to me.
I initially found your tapes in the library at the cancer center where I was cured of breast cancer 11 years ago. Throughout the years, I listen to them whenever I need to calm down and just trust and know I am okay.

Your voice has become so comforting to me, like listening to an old friend who just knows what to say. I am happy to have the opportunity to tell you how much you have done for me. I hope you are well, and just know that I am very grateful for your help.

Bernie’s Answer

Bless you, my dear.  Yes, the voice can become hypnotic, and when it is used toward a positive outcome, the voice is a marvelous tool.

By listening as you do you are continuing to let your body know you love it, and you intend to LIVE your life to the fullest.



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