Q & A with Bernie – March 28, 2016

Question for Bernie:

I just finished reading your article in the January issue of Natural Nutmeg. I have read others from time to time.  Each time they bring me closer to your philosophy along with fond memories on how you touched my life.

We go way back to when my daughter was 9 and my son was 14. You performed a lumpectomy while another surgeon removed a Bartholin cyst. I felt privileged to be your patient and grateful for your time and inspiration. I lost my precious Greg at age 21.  I remember him sharing that his roommate in college was concerned about his mom facing a lumpectomy.  Greg shared my experience, telling him that his mom would be OK, too, and she was. It is one thing to lose one child in the flesh and another to lose a child in spirit, thanks to her father who must punish us both. I continue to reach out, sharing memories, etc.

About 15 years ago I started to be plagued with migraine headaches which would come four to five days a week.  The doctor at the time would not give me medication to suppress them, and I really resented not having quality of life. A new doctor was at a conference where a peer reported having a patient with a similar case to mine, and the new doctor is enabling me to live life!

There is a good part.  I am in a relationship with a wonderful man who happens to be my ex’s uncle!!!  As Chet would say, we have been together six years, two months, and one week now. We have gone to Italy and Poland (where his parents and my grandparents were born).  We kid each other that his mother and my grandmother are doing a joyous Polka in the heavens.  Chet has driven to NC and Camden, Maine more recently.  We take a lot of two day trips. This is my heaven.  By the way, Chet will soon be 93, but looks more my age of 71.  Has a full head of white hair which no one can believe, has been active all his life, and is widowed.

Bernie’s Answer:

Thank you for bringing me up-to-date.  My suggestion for the migraine attacks is that you ask yourself what the pain feels like.  Write down the words you come up with, and then think about everything in your life that you could use any of those words to describe—and eliminate them.

Keep living and loving your life and body.  In spite of your painful losses, you have embraced life fully and by doing that, you are sending your immune system very positive messages that you intend to LIVE with joy.


Question for Bernie:

I was diagnosed in November 2016 with breast cancer Her 2. I tried alternative treatment but the tumor grew. I have read your books since they first began to be published, and I always mention you in my metaphysical classes and lectures.

I am stuck. I have panic about chemotherapy which is what the doctors are recommending. Should I undergo surgery first or begin chemotherapy first? What do I do? I completely changed my diet and lost 25 pounds. I have been working on detoxing my body. I was not afraid at first, but after seeing that it grew, fear came over me.

Anything you can tell me will help me a lot. I am 59, have two sons that I breastfed for years, and a wonderful husband. I am not ready to die. Thanks a lot for all you do!

Bernie’s Answer:

Draw your vision of the possible treatments with crayons, and then you will see what your intuition knows is right for you.  If you would like for me to look at them, I would be happy to help. Also, my book, The Art of Healing, can guide you.

What you believe and see does happen.



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