Q & A with Bernie – May 2, 2016

Question for Bernie:

I am chaplain pastoring a woman with brain cancer.  The cancer was arrested after three “awake” surgeries and chemo, but now it has recurred as an aggressive malignancy. My patient feels forced by the doctors to go through radiation therapy. She is trying through fantasy trips, etc., to get in touch with her inner self to make the right decision for herself!

The problem is that so far no clear message has been given. Her dream is to go on a Jacob´s Way pilgrimage in Spain. She is afraid that if she does the therapy, afterwards she will be too weak to go on this journey. However, she is also afraid of not doing what the medicine world tells her she should do. She drew a picture of her cancer shown as a side slice of her brain—a rainbow was on the rim outside—the cancer cells were being attacked by small yellow arrows.

The rainbow continued underneath the brain sweeping up as a curve to the right upper corner of the paper. Could this drawing hold a message that would help her make her decision? We are living in Germany–if you have contacts here to doctors with your insights, let me know.

Many thanks for you and your work. Blessings to you and your family!

Bernie Answer:

Yellow is energy, so whatever the arrows represent will help her. The rainbow is harmony of all the emotions and feelings.

These are good signs. Tell her to work on finding harmony and rhythm in her life, and then change what needs to be changed.

Tell her that what she visualizes her body believes. Tell her to see her treatment as successful, with few or no side effects, so she can do what makes her happy in her life. You can scan and e-mail me the drawing, too, for more comments.

Peace & Healing,

Question for Bernie:

Thank you for you inspiration and humor. I have a friend who has been ‘surviving’ cancer now for 7+ years. She beat stage 4 colon cancer, and then went on to have lung cancer (in both), urethra (removal), then 4 hot spots, and now 8, with her numbers at 163. She is positive, and starts every day with a upbeat quote on Facebook. She also posts pictures of her on FB from her cancer treatments at the University of Miami in bed with a big smile. She is amazing, traveling 190 miles each way every other week.

Her 69th birthday is the 23rd and she is so grateful to know she is going to celebrate it. I bought her How to Live between Office Visits, and am sending her a copy of your outstanding interview done with Joan Borysenko for Hay House.

She has accepted the fact she will not be cured, nor go into remission now, but plans to live her life to the max a long as she can, taking full advantage of days she feels good.  She was determined to make it to our 50th high school reunion last September and did, being radiant and ‘full of life.’  It makes me sad to know that if she had been your patient, and with her optimism, she would have healed!

Maybe there is something in your book or CD I’m sending that will give her added hope, and there will be a healing.  You are amazing, and I wish all doctors thought and worked as you do. The world would not only be healthier in body, but in spirit as well, which we all so greatly need at this time!  Thank you dear man!

Bernie’s Answer:

Tell her the potential to be cured is always there and through healing her life, rather than fighting a war.  She should love her life and her body unconditionally, sending the body the unmistakable message that she wants to LIVE.

When we find harmony and rhythm through transformation and change, amazing things happen.

Peace & Healing,

Question for Bernie:

First off, I want to say great blog!

I had a quick question that I’d like to ask if you don’t mind. I was interested to know how you center yourself and clear your thoughts prior to writing.

I’ve had a tough time clearing my thoughts in getting my ideas out there. I do enjoy writing but it just seems like the first 10 to 15 minutes are usually wasted just trying to figure out how to begin. Any recommendations or tips? Thanks!

Bernie’s Answer:

Quiet your mind by envisioning a still pond, and then close your eyes and take a deep breath in, imagining energy and creativity filling your mind and body.  As you blow that deep breath all the way out, imagine any distractions going with it.

As you begin, think about it as if you were writing a letter, and then let it flow.



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