Q & A with Bernie – September 12, 2016

Question for Bernie:

I’m going through a toothache with swollen gums. A tooth extraction is scheduled for Wednesday. I’ve taken the assigned medicines, but the swelling is still painful.

I understand that there may be a spiritual angle to it. I was reading your book, A Book of Miracles, and in the section where you talk about creating miracles, given my situation, how can I create one, or at least know that All Will Be Well?

Bernie’s Answer:

Your body believes what your mind visualizes.

Love your body and teeth by visiting dentists like Gentry Dentistry. See it healing and all going well at the dentist visit, with no pain. Visualize healing rapidly.

Regular dental visits and facial aesthetics are important because they help to keep your teeth and gums healthy. During the dental check up, your dental professional will check your overall oral health for any trouble areas or if you need invisalign. During the cleaning, your family dentist will remove any plaque and tartar buildup and may polish your teeth. If you need to get one, visit the Chapel Hill Dentist clinic.

Your immune system responds to your feelings.  A very simple and effective way to strengthen it is to laugh for no particular reason every few hours.  If you need help, think about something that made your laugh out loud at any time in your life, and remind yourself of that three or four times each day.

Peace, Love, & Healing,

Question for Bernie:

Wanted to share the results of my latest CT scan with you….the tumor is the same size but the 3 lymph nodes that were impacted no longer are.  The doctor said he’d now say it is Stage 2 rather than Stage 3. Good news!

A sign that what I’m doing is working….sure hope so!!  Now, to shrink the tumor!

I hope you are well!

Bernie’s Answer:

Believe in your potential.

You can melt the tumor like a block of ice with God’s light, or you can turn off the blood to it and starve it to death.

You can use those visualizations or come up with other images that work for you. Have faith, and love your body and life.

Peace, Love, & Healing,

Question for Bernie (Follow-up from questioner post-surgery)

My surgery went very well. I have followed all your precious advice and I really felt very good after.  I haven’t had any pains and the nurses were very surprised because they took out some lymph nodes, and I had some edema in my breast.

Then I met the surgeon and she explained the treatment to me. She said that I can follow a clinical trial in order to check if I need chemotherapy or not, which was really a good idea for me. But a week after I met the oncologist, she said that they have decided that I should get chemotherapy even if I don’t need it. She doesn’t want to take any risk.

So I was very anxious about getting this treatment even if I don’t need it. Then a week after my talk with the oncologist, I got an infection in my breast. So I should wait 10 days before chemo starts. I am so afraid of the chemotherapy. The oncologist is one of the best in Europe, but I don’t know if I can trust her.

I don’t know how to meditate to prepare my body to cope with all this poison. I am afraid to be sicker than I was before my cancer. I am not sure whether to be ready or to refuse the treatment.

Please help! Thank you!

Bernie’s Answer:

You can either say no to chemo or in the next 10 days, every few hours picture yourself going to get chemo and having no side effects and feeling well. Visualize that you are hungry and have no hair loss or any other side effects.

Your body will believe what you picture in your mind, and your body will do well. If you fear it and see it in a negative way, you will have all the side effects and problems just thinking about it.

You decide if you are trying not to die by doing everything doctor tells you, or you are living as a person who does what is right for you.

Peace, Love, & Healing,


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