Q & A with Bernie – November 7, 2016

Question for Bernie:

Good afternoon Bernie,

I am in Barcelona, and I don’t feel good. I feel that I am not a good teacher—that I don’t teach well. I don’t organize my classes very well, and in some classes I don’t control the classroom. Yesterday the pupils threw paper balls at each other and then they threw them at me. I didn’t want to punish them because I feel that their behavior is because I am not a good teacher. I have to educate them. Maybe I should act with more self-esteem, because I didn’t feel insulted; I know they only want to laugh and play, but I know I should set limits.

Today, in the first hour, one of them asked me for forgiveness and said that he would never do it again.  Then I taught another group and they told me that the other pupils made a video about what happened in class. I felt so bad because, although I didn’t feel insulted, I know I shouldn’t allow this (disrespectful) behavior, and I thought about talking with the director, but didn’t.

Also, I don’t like my bedroom. It is dark and I like the natural light. I made a mistake choosing this apartment, and I miss Valencia and my family.  People (my friends, my family, and my mates) have said to me that I am lucky to have this job, and I think, why don’t I feel that way? Am I a coward who runs away when I see that things are not easy? I have doubts.

I don’t know who to say all of this to; my mum says to me that I have to work, and I know that, but maybe this work is not for me.  How do I know if this work is for me?

Bernie’s Answer:

The problem is how you were brought up and how you think. Only you can decide what you think and feel, and then you can change things yourself.

Start becoming the person you want to be by acting as if you already are that person.  Stop whining and follow your heart and feelings. This is your life.

Love yourself! Put pictures of yourself as a child in your home and classroom—and love that child. Tell your students you love them, too.

Peace, Love, & Healing,

Question for Bernie:

I was recently diagnosed with Adult T Cell Lymphoma/Leukemia. I need help with everything from how to eat, what supplements to take, what holistic options I should consider.

I just completed by 5th Chemo session, but I know that there is more I can do to supplement my healing. Can you guide me to where I should start looking?

Bernie’s Answer:

Read my books. Start with love, medicine & miracles and then the art of healing, as well as any others that you choose. Also, my CD entitled Getting Ready can help you visualize treatments without side effects.

REMEMBER:  Your mind controls what your body experiences and believes.

A good resource for supplements is Life Extension at www.lef.org

I also recommend that you see a naturopathic physician and stay away from sugar.

Fast for three days before chemo, and then on the day of chemo, and on the next day, cut calories to 1/3 of normal.  This enables cancer cells to take in more chemo. The fasting can help reduce side effects.

Peace, Love, & Healing,


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