A Quiet Mind

I often recommend meditation to people coping with difficult situations in their lives brought about by illness or problems within relationships. The purpose of meditation is to quiet your mind which allows you to see situations more clearly.  Also, a quiet mind is needed to help you heal both physically and emotionally.

Here are two of my guided meditations to try. Giving yourself the gift of regular meditation is a way to love your life and body. These are both short, so either one will easily fit into even a very busy schedule. Play the video here or click on the YouTube links below to enjoy the power and beauty of a quiet mind.

View on YouTube
Free Guided Meditation: Overcome Life Stress and Strains with Dr. Bernie Siegel – (about 16 minutes)

View on YouTube
Free guided Holistic Meditation with Dr. Bernie Siegel ~ Monday Meditations – (about 23 minutes)



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4 Responses to A Quiet Mind

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  4. A M Russell says:

    I have just recently found your books – through a Physical Therapist. How can I self-heal after shoulder surgery? (Rotator Cuff and torn bicep) What should I be telling my body about healing when I still feel so much pain?

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