Q & A with Bernie – September 25, 2017

Question for Bernie:

Dear Dr. Siegel,

I wrote to you in June about my nephew who is battling Glioblastoma Multiforme Stage 4.  He finished a year at university and, during a routine MRI, the doctors found it had gone into his spine.  He had surgery and had 3 small tumors removed near the base of his spine.

Three weeks later, they did an MRI to see if he had healed enough to start radiation and he had 4 small tumors, and one tumor almost an inch on his spine.  So he had radiation and then it moved up to his brain – 2 small tumors – so they did a drip every 2 weeks to try to hold that at bay. He also started using cannabis oil and a new tool which measures its cbd concentration.

Throughout the treatments, he maintained a great attitude and had many cheerleaders and prayers!

The result is the last MRI showed no tumors on the spine and the brain tumors remained the same size.  So he has started chemo to take care of them.  He is a very positive, strong 20 year- old with a great deal of support.

Thank you for all your help and encouraging words!!!!  You are such an inspiration to all!!  I hope all is well with you and your family.

Bernie’s Answer:

Thank you for keeping me informed about your nephew’s journey. Help him stay surrounded by positive people and eliminate negative influences.

Tell him to love his life and body so that his mind-body-and spirit gets the message that his intention is to heal and to live.


Question for Bernie:

Dear Bernie,

The Berlin Cancer Support Group meets once a month (see attached flyer). Last week the group met for the second time and I was asked to share how the 12 steps of AA are helping me to cope with cancer (see attached spreadsheet). Maybe the attachments are useful for your work for which I feel grateful.

All the best from Berlin/Germany…

Bernie’s Answer:

Yes, and the themes which help are in the Bible, too.  They are ages old and about survival.

Thanks for sharing information about your program. Here is contact information from your flyer for any readers who may be interested in learning more about your adaptation of the AA 12-step approach to living with cancer.

Cancer Support Group in English @Berliner Krebsgesellschaft e.V.Robert-Koch-Platz 7, 10115 Berlin

Gruppenraum – 2nd floor, right side, Room #212

Please register with Colleen Flowers at 0175-477 28 96 or at www.tinyurl.com/Berlin-Cancer-Meetup-English.



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