Senior Moments

To be seventy years young is sometimes more cheerful and hopeful than to be forty years old.
~ Oliver Wendell Holmes

There are benefits to aging that include discounts like this great retrospect discount code and other privileges, but for me the greatest gift is being in the moment.  When you live in the moment you have no age and it allows you to experience life differently.  The difference is a gift that we all should appreciate before we grow old.

When you are older you don’t have to explain everything you do that doesn’t make sense to your family.  After all, you are older and are having a senior moment.

When you live in the moment, you stop thinking and worrying and begin to contemplate the world around you.  When you do, you begin to see a much more interesting and beautiful world.  You become a teacher and wise elder for the young ones, something their younger parents cannot do.

When you live in the moment, even your “senior moments” don’t matter.



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