Rhythm and Space

Rhythm is the foundation and the most essential element of any art form. Its essence is pulsations, and therefore movement, the basis of life itself.
~ Pia Gilbert and Aileene Lockhart, Music for Dance

We each need to find a sense of rhythm to make our life flow.  The pace is also vital.  The ticking of a clock at sixty beats a minute quiets us, and so does music at that beat.  Faster-paced pieces often make us restless or hyperactive.

So find your rhythm and the intensity of the sound you are comfortable with.  If you are comfortable working a jackhammer, fine.  A cricket chirping might disturb someone else.  Nothing is right or wrong if you are living the rhythm of your life.

Connection and continuity are absent when someone or something else dictates the pace of your life’s music.  When you find the rhythm that is right for you, your life will flow from one moment to another.

Find your beat and conduct your life as you would a musical composition.



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