Q & A with Bernie – March 16, 2020

Question for Bernie:

Hi Bernie,

I emailed you in 2007. I was dealing with nausea at the time. I have recovered and am working. I wanted to know if you do dream interpretation. I’m trying to connect that to the “awake” state.

Bernie’s Answer:

I do dreams if it comes through to me.

I do drawings most often.


Question for Bernie:

I am checking for my wife.  She has been having dreams on a daily basis.  She constantly feels uneasy and tired as the dreams have been quite active and sometimes even scary.   She does have a lot of stress with work and family and tries to handle them all on her own.

How does this process work remotely?  What are the next steps? Appreciate your time.

Bernie’s Answer:

I have to hear the dreams or read a description to analyze the symbols and message.

Discuss with her what the symbols could represent in her life and what the message is to her to face and resolve. What is she afraid of?



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