A man is responsible for his choice of attention and must accept the consequences.

Since we all spend time complaining, we must have much in common.  What is unique is how each person finds a solution to his or her problems.

The answers are within us, and that is the last place many of us ever look.  It is so much easier to find a solution “out there” or to have things solved by someone else.  Then you can sit home safe and secure with the problems you are comfortable with.  Why go searching for answers?  Why feel anything or see the truth?

Another thing we have in common with one another is the fear of change.  But change is inevitable, while growth is optional.  When we are willing to reach into the depths of our souls, we will find the answer.  The voice of the cosmos speaks in symbols and not rational language.  The symbols are hidden within each of us.  Your solutions lie where you fear to go, obscured by your shadow.

Go within and you will never come up empty-handed.

- Bernie


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