It is something one does alone…and to recognize and accept that, and stop asking how, is to take the first step in our own creativity.
~ Michael Drury

Have you ever stopped to think that God didn’t have a blueprint for creation?  Though we complain about life’s imperfections and difficulties, let’s be honest, God did a Heaven of a job, considering.

We are all creators; we just need to tap into that divine place within ourselves that inspires us.  When you know yourself and what you desire, you will be creative too.  You will be compelled to do whatever it will take to accomplish your goal.  You won’t ask how, you will just do.

After a concert a woman once rushed up to violinist Fritz Kreisler exclaiming, “I’d give my life to play as you do!”  Kreisler answered somberly, “I did.”

What would you like to create? Be yourself and have the courage to create. If you get tired take a day of rest.  Our Creator did.

- Bernie


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