Q & A with Bernie – October 18, 2021

Question for Bernie:

Hi Bernie,

Hope you are well. We are working with a young family with a profoundly disabled little boy. Can you guide me to the survivorship habits you spoke of when we talked?

Thank you!

Bernie’s Answer:

Love him and his body.

Have faith and hope.  And get him a furry pet

I can’t recall other points you are referring to, so please call or email them to me to be more specific.



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2 Responses to Q & A with Bernie – October 18, 2021

  1. Carol saracinskas says:

    I love you! My cousin Donna Darcangelo introduced me to your tastes many years ago.
    I’ve seen you in person at Meadville, PA and Youngstown, OH.
    Donna recently sent you a article that appeared.in our local View magazine.
    I’m writing to let you know you responded to her and how much she appreciates it.
    We love you!
    Carol Saracinskas
    746 Theresa Avenue
    Hermitage, PA 16148

  2. Carol saracinskas says:

    Opps tapes and CD’s

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