Tree of Life

Stand Tall & Proud
Remember your Roots!
Be Content with Your Natural Beauty
Drink Plenty of Water

Enjoy the View!
~ Illan Shamir, Advice from a Tree

If we are busily performing deeds, but never stop to reach up for knowledge and wisdom, our Tree of Life will have no branches and many roots.  Without branches, how can it move and respond with the winds of life?  Or if we accumulate great knowledge but perform no deeds, then we are like a tree with many branches but no roots, and we will be blown over by the winds of fortune.

We must see that our Tree of Life contains both wisdom and deeds.  Then our branches will spread and our deep roots will provide support and nourishment.  We will be able to survive the storms and droughts that life presents to us.

Is your Tree of Life blossoming and secure, or do you need to put down more roots or grow more branches?

- Bernie


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  1. lori says:

    Thank you Dr. Bernie :)

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