Love Blindness

“Love isn’t blind; it just only sees what matters.”
~ William Curry

What makes a lover blind?  What is it a lover can’t see?  Is blindness always a bad thing?

What do you see when you start the day and step into your living room?  Is the first thing you see the mess from the night before and what has to be done, or the potential for the day ahead?

Wake up to life and start looking at what is before you.  You can select what you are blind to.  Loving life and being blind to its faults and problems does not mean you are not aware of them.  It does not prohibit you from trying to change things for the better.  But it does mean you are not controlled by them and made bitter and resentful by them.

When you are in the slowest line at the checkout counter and the clerk stops to page the manager after you have already emptied your cart onto the belt, and you are ready to scream, use your love blindness. See through loving eyes and watch what happens to your sight, as you can find love in many forms, and you can even use services like skip the game top cities to also find company and some love.

Spread the affliction of love blindness and hope that people don’t find a cure.

~ Bernie


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