Q & A with Bernie – March 7, 2022

Question for Bernie:

Hi Dr Siegel,
My son was diagnosed with AML at 12 weeks old. He has been through a lot and is an incredible little man. He’s almost 5 months old now and our doctors recently found a BMT donor for him.

I have been reading your books and find them very helpful in keeping me focused on being positive for both him and our family.  I’ve been feeling the urge to email you even though the logical part of my brain tells me you must receive an overwhelming amount of email.

I guess I’m just hoping you can give me some tips to help my son while he is going through this journey. I’ve been repeating to myself “my child is a miracle not a statistic” and it helps ease any negative thoughts I have when doctors feel the need to speak in unhelpful ways.

I really enjoy your books, but given his young age I can’t have him do the techniques himself. Should I just keep visualizing for him? Sorry for the jumbled email. Thank you for your work and any guidance you can offer.

Bernie’s Answer:

Love is the best vaccine and therapy. Love him verbally and with physical contact so he senses it and his body reacts in a healing way to the love.

Spend time with him, especially if you have other children, to let him know he is loved and special. Picture the future you desire for him whenever you are together, and verbalize it too so he hears the directions for healing.

As an aside, I even did this with our dog who had cancer and the vet gave him no hope.  I massaged him, ate together with him, and spent time loving him—he went into complete remission.

If you put rainbow of colored objects or crayons before him, which does he choose?


Question for Bernie:

Dear Dr. Siegel,

I hope this message finds you well.  You do not know me but I felt compelled to reach out to you after watching the video testimonial from Richard Block. I became emotional with joy to find out someone like you exists.

My brother was diagnosed Sept 2021 with cancer after feeling numbness and tingling on his right side of his body.  The doctors at Columbia Presbyterian discovered that he had a tumor in his brain. After removing it and further testing and scans determined it metastasized from his right lung.  He started aggressive chemo and radiation this past December for 3 weeks – then his doctors said they had to stop because it wasn’t going well.

Now he is doing immunotherapy—he’s having his second treatment this Friday.  It’s a major challenge now because the radiation wasn’t good for his system.  He is fairly young at 46 years old.  He’s married and has 5 children the eldest 24 and the youngest 2 years old.  He’s a plumber by trade and was close to completing his master plumber training and designation when he received his diagnosis.

We would be willing to bring him to wherever you are for a consultation.  Even if you’re retired, I would deeply appreciate a conversation with you on how we can best help him beat this disease.  Thank you so much in advance for your thoughtful consideration of this request.  God bless.

Bernie’s Answer:

Look at my website  http://www.berniesiegelmd.com and also get my book Love, Medicine & Miracles for him to read.

There are phone-in groups listed on the home page at the link above.. I am there with others to chat.



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