Q & A with Bernie – April 11, 2022

Message for Bernie:

Dear Bernie,

I reflect on my life, this being now my 50th year. Due to a major brain injury and other broken parts of me, I, for my 20th birthday, was told I would never walk again—I have; never talk again—I do; and would never be cured of seizures, and I am.  I was so close to taking my life back then as the ‘fits’ scared me every day. Then I saw your book and read it. I’m from a police family background, so you can imagine the looks I got from family members as I did visualizatio. From a wheelchair then, now to a millionaire with 2 kids. Thank you! The hundreds of people I now, in turn, help with my company net-patrol, thank you too. Thanks Dr. Forever.

Bernie’s response:

God bless you.

Here’s a big hug and thanks for making my life meaningful too.

- Bernie


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