Fight for Your Life

Fight for Your Life is a complete tried and true program that teaches those with cancer how to become involved in their own healing process. It is designed to be used on a daily basis as a vital part of your ongoing medical treatment. Fight for Your Life presents reliable information and candid advice from cancer survivors—each with a different diagnosis, and a different form of treatment at different medical facilities. This DVD also features visualization exercises. Fight for Your Life is a constant companion offering patients and their families the hope to fight for their survival and enrich their everyday lives.


"The best gift that you could give to a person who has cancer is to give them this tape."
- Martin Edelston, Publisher, Boardroom Reports

"Superb Visualization exercises."
- Dr. Barry Wood, cancer patient

"Patients will want to view this program again and again. I recommend it to my patients and their families."
- Joan Borysenko, Ph.D., Harvard Medical School; Beth Israel Hospital, Boston

Publication date: January 2003
ISBN: B0001LQL56
Format / media: 1 DVD Total Running Time: approx. 2hrs. 26 min.
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