Healing Meditations: Enhance Your Immune System and Find the Key to Good Health

Healing Meditations is an empowering two CD set in which Dr. Bernie Siegel guides you through several empowering and healing meditations. These are two nice CDs full of great meditations to help you.  Listening to these meditations, can be very helpful in enhancing your immune system and will help you gain a holistic perspective on your health. The meditations will help you to see your uniqueness and beauty and deal with problems such as negative thoughts or stress.

One of the two CDs in this set is Dr. Bernie Siegel's "Meditations for Finding the Key to Good Health." The other CD in this set is called "Meditations for Enhancing Your Immune System."

Publisher: Hay House
Publication date: March 2003
ISBN: 1401901425
Format / media: 2 CD set Audio Length: 48 mins
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