Meditations for Peace of Mind: Relax and Appreciate Your Uniqueness

Relax and appreciate your uniqueness! Learn how to rejoice in yourself with these positive meditations of peace, love, joy, and optimism.

Meditations for Peace of Mind includes two original and individual meditations with Dr. Bernie Siegel as your guides. These meditations are designed to bring you peace of mind by helping you to deal with negative thoughts, past hurts, stress, grief, and other conditions that can contribute to a currently non-peaceful mind. After dealing with these problems and others in these meditations, you can learn to relax, accept yourself, and appreciate your uniqueness. These two inspiring inner journeys are a combination of guided imagery and auto-hypnosis designed to bring you peace of mind.

Publisher: Hay House / ISBN:
Publication date: May 2004
ISBN: 1401903975
Format / media: 1 CD Audio Length: 1 hour and 2 mins
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