Miracles are Everywhere

Anyone who doesn’t believe in miracles is not a realist.
–David Ben-Gurion

I am full of gratitude to all those wonderful people who agreed to share their true stories of momentous events in their lives…their Miracles…with me for A Book of Miracles: Inspiring True Stories of Healing, Gratitude, and Love, just published today, September 20, 2011. I hope some of you reading this post will be joining me for An Evening of Miracles, a free webinar, tonight at 8:30 Eastern Time. Register at


cat-dog-sleeping-togetherMost people understand that a miracle is something completely good and often unexpected—at least consciously. Some people limit their definition of a miracle to a supernatural event, often related to religion. Others call chance meetings that lead to fulfilling a dream or the success of purposeful plans aimed at achieving a difficult goal miraculous. In my new book, I have stories for many different kinds of miracles like The Gift of Miracles, Healing Miracles, Creating Miracles, Holiday Miracles, Everyday Miracles, Living with Miracles, Prayer Miracles, The Miracle of Change, and my own personal miracle story. There is a Miracle Memo after each story with my reflection on the stories in each Chapter. Other favorite topics of mine are woven into this rich tapestry of inspiration, like the joy and power of pets, the vital need for humor in our lives, and the nourishment of faith.

runners-in-marathonFor a sample from this amazing collection, let me tell you a little about the story entitled “From Chronic Pain to Marathon: The Story of My Miraculous Healing Journey.” When he answered his doctor’s question for “the umpteenth time” about where he was on the 1-10 pain scale during his office visit by saying “Sorry, I’m not going to answer that anymore. I’m not here for my pain; I’m here for my health,” Dr. Mark Cochran’s healing journey began. Eighteen years after being stricken at 23 with debilitating chronic arthritic pain, he picked up my book, Peace, Love and Healing, and began to look inward, deep inside himself, and “…I finally saw light at the end of my long, dark, painful tunnel.” Mark is the first to say that it was slow going, but he never lost sight of the light. He had learned as a chiropractic student about Innate Intelligence, and that knowledge coupled with the thoughts I share about self-love and inner peace in Peace, Love and Healing, helped him focus on the miracle of human potential within us all. Six years later he still experienced pain flare-ups, but he had discovered how to manage them through the Mind-Body-Spirit connection. In 2005 he ran six miles of the seven-mile Lilac Bloomsday Run in Spokane—having walked the first mile. He ran across the finish line! Mark’s miracle continues today as a triathlon competitor, snowboarder, and dodgeball player, at age fifty-one. Dr. Cochran’s story is a profoundly miraculous one of finding the power within to heal and transform your life, and a wonderful example of what you will find in this new book.

twin babiesSo if you define miracles as something supernatural over which we have no control, I suggest that miracles are powered by our Mind-Body-Spirit connection that is always at work on the unconscious level. I encourage you to increase your awareness and strengthen this vital connection through meditation, visualization, self-hypnosis, or just “quiet time.” Look deep within, as Dr. Cochran did, and find your genuine, unique self. Cherish it as the miracle it is, remembering that life itself, as many of us are very comfortable observing when a baby is born, is a miracle. Our lives should be filled with miracles—it is our birthright. Please open your spirit to miracles of healing, gratitude, and love, and they will happen.