Q & A with Bernie – Oct. 31, 2011

Question for Bernie:

Hi Bernie,

I am from Israel. I have breast cancer stage 3-4 and I don’t want chemotherapy. I get a lot of healing from Chinese medicine and the doctors are in shock that I think this way. They think I’m crazy, but I know that there is a different way, and I want to ask your opinion. Thank you.

Bernie’s Answer:

It is your life and your decision. As long as you do not see dying as a failure, or that you made the wrong choice and are angry at yourself if what you are doing doesn’t cure you, then go with what feels right for you.

Yes faith can heal you. Energy can heal you.

So I encourage you to seek out all the options which feel right for you and that you can believe in. Love your life and your body and self-healing can occur– and you can teach the doctors something too.



Question for Bernie:

I was diagnosed with colorectal cancer 5 years ago and after surgery and a year of treatment, hoped we had “beaten” it. Unfortunately it was found to have metastasized to my lungs 2years ago. The doctor gave me 2 years, but the tumors are growing slowly and I still feel fine. I am living life as enthusiastically as I know how (just got back from scuba diving)! I am trying to eat a vegan diet, although not totally successfully. I am 58 and would like to stay around for a long time. I read some of your books 5 years ago, but am very interested in prolonging my life with meditation and other mind-soul connections. God has blessed me in so many ways…I’m trying hard to be open to his will, but I really am having trouble accepting my mortality and leaving my family. For the most part I am optimistic, but the reality can be very depressing at times. I’m writing with the hope that you can provide more guidance. Thank you for your work and sharing. Your family is very fortunate!

Bernie’s Answer:

We are all here for a limited time. Focusing on death and trying not to die does not change that fact.

Instead, focus on your time living and find a life you can love as well as loving your body.

On this website, go to “Resources” on top menu bar above, then “Organizations and Websites.” At the very bottom of that page of great resources is “Immune Competent Personality.” Click on that and read the list. Live the message and don’t judge yourself and your diet, etc.

Do what feels right. Let your heart make up your mind when choices arise.

Look into supplements which have anti-cancer effects. The website www.lifeextension.com can be a start. Explore other complementary therapies including prayer and energy healing.

You have the potential, so heal your life and find peace rather than fighting a war against your disease—and don’t forget to laugh for no reason every couple of hours.

Peace be with you,


Question for Bernie:

Dear Bernie,

Hello, I am a student with IIN and I am trapped in a poisonous marriage. I can’t write in a few sentences the reasons I remain because I am so poisoned I have no idea how or why I stay. I am inspired by your words and was wondering if there is a way for me to begin to care and love myself enough to do something. I feel very alone in my thoughts, and I feel that the negative emotions that I live with on a daily basis are very harmful to me and my 15 year old daughter. I feel that my health is paying the ultimate price for over 20 years of conflict and emotional abuse. I live in Massachusetts and if you could recommend a person or program here I would be very grateful to you. Please respond to me on your blog because I am writing to you confidentially. Thank you.

Bernie’s Answer:

When something is affecting your health you need to eliminate it from your life. If you cannot leave something so destructive to your health and well-being, and that of your daughter, how can love solve this problem?

If one is not brought up with love and a sense of self-worth then they accept the wounds inflicted upon them.

The solution is to love yourself and your body, to pick a new name for yourself, and to start a new life.

I don’t know a group in MA to send you to but encourage you to keep looking for one that will support you in your new life.


Question for Bernie:

My mother-in-law was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer over one-and-a-half years ago. She is fading and has lost the will to live. She doesn’t even get out of bed now. My husband is an atheist and can’t help her. One daughter beats on her the other feels sorry for her. She and her husband are estranged. I feel as though she had “a bitterness” before this disease which has only escalated. Your book Love, Medicine, and Miracles helped me be strong for my own mother and remove her stress when she had cancer 20 years ago. How can I help my mother-in-law now?

Bernie’s Answer:

You can ask her how you can help her, and then listen to what she says.

Do not tell her what is good for her, but quietly listen so she hears her own words and realizes what she needs to do.

Let her know you care so she feels loved and worthy of love, and then she may speak out and express any feelings she keeps locked up inside. If she can do this, she will help herself to heal her wounds.

If she is tired of her life and believes that body death is her therapy freeing her from disease and problems and making her perfect again, then accept that as her decision.

So listen to her and love her and help her find and express what is within her.

Also ask her what she is feeling and experiencing. See how those words fit things going on in her life and try to eliminate them and help her to heal her life.