Q&A with Bernie – December 5, 2011

Question for Bernie:

woman-with-frozen-shoulderWhat are your thoughts about “frozen shoulder” (sometimes called adhesive capsulitis) which so many women eventually face? Do you feel there is a particular psychosocial element to it or do you think it is primarily mechanical? Thank you for your consideration.

Bernie’s Answer:

The origin of “frozen shoulder” can have elements of both a mechanical and psychosocial nature.

What does it feel like? What symptoms are you experiencing?

Look closely at the words you use when you answer those two questions. Are they words that include, for example, “tension, stress, pain, tightening, immobilized, restricted, contracted, loss (of movement), limiting, uncertain (cause), aggravated, changes…” How do those words fit other issues going on in your life?

Your key to “thawing” the shoulder is to address those other things in your life that you can describe with these same words. You have control over, for instance, feeling uncertain about changes and letting that uncertainty restrict or limit your life.

This exercise in evaluating the words you use to describe a physical problem as they relate to other issues in your life empowers you to initiate the healing process.