The Dance of Yin-Yang

yin-yang-symbolIs pain necessary in life? No one can avoid it. Even the most intellectual of us are not exempt from it. But the wise understand that there is more in living than suffering, that life can only attract more life. “It takes more distress and poison to kill someone who has peace of mind and loves life,” says Bernie. This is one of the principles I held dearly during my son’s chemo treatment a few years back. I learned the value of having an extraordinary guide like Bernie on my journey, and to listen to what my six-year-old boy had to teach me about life and living.

The disappointments life throws at us can teach us about ourselves. Getting a deep self-view allows us to stand in solidarity with those who suffer. As humans, we certainly do not plan to come into this world to be in pain. Yet it is often when we think we have reached the end of our rope that we discover, through hope and learning, what is hidden from our view. Our ability to learn, think, make decisions and solve problems can help us stay flexible and adapt to change. These gifts become a Way of Life that raises our awareness so we can move beyond our restrictive viewpoints and see from broader perspectives.

Just like the universe is a reflection of its Creator, our body contains all the movements of faith from the beginning to ensure our survival. We each have an inner survival mechanism that promotes self-healing. The information that flows through the mind, body and emotions is the raw fabric that, when sewn together, creates a patchwork design for life. An experienced quilter knows how to blend the right elements to create a harmonious design much like the smooth flow of Yin and Yang energies.

Although healing is possible for everyone, methods of healing vary between traditions and cultures. The goal is the same: to seek a well-balanced life. When our life is in the shade (Yin), we must balance it with the sun (Yang) so there can be growth. There is a profound mystery that touches every life. Bernie explains this in a meaningful way telling us that we should not close our eyes to facts or scientific facts.

I learned that a disease can be a stepping stone to something greater, something deeper. The contrast of everyday life is necessary to sharpen our focus and awaken our inner knowing. Life is unpredictable and sometimes it can be difficult. Still, it is possible to live in a world that is meaningful if we open up to those possibilities.

Thank you so much, Stacey, for sharing your journey with us. You touch on some of the themes I know are essential to health and happiness—learning from children, finding your inner self, and living a balanced life physically and emotionally. I’m sure our readers will find your words very inspirational.

– Bernie