Q & A with Bernie – February 13, 2012

Question for Bernie:

On December 1, 2011, I was scheduled for a hysterectomy. While still in the Recovery Room, I was informed that I have Stage 3C ovarian cancer. Fortunately just prior to surgery, it was suspected that there may be something more going on, so a well-respected gynecologic oncologist was brought on board to be available during the surgery if necessary. This has been a devastating diagnosis. I just completed three rounds of chemo and am looking at a second debulking surgery in March then more chemo.

Based on the CA125 numbers, the chemo is working, for which I feel blessed. However, I cannot stop reading about statistics and looking for websites of cures. I stumbled upon your book, Love, Medicine and Miracles, and am now in the process of reading it. It helps for the moment, but it’s difficult to stay “in the moment.”

I have a wonderful husband of 31 years, and two beautiful daughters 26 and 28. I am trying to stay as positive as possible, but it is very difficult. My aunt beat this dreadful disease years ago; I know it can be done. I so desperately want to beat it, but I know there are no guarantees. I saw my mother pass from colon cancer and it terrifies me. I don’t want to go through that, or put my family through what I went through. I love my life and my family. I need help staying positive…

Bernie’s Answer:

My dear, you need to live today and not in a fearful future you create with your thoughts. Do not spend time and energy trying to avoid dying–it is inevitable for us all.

Concentrate on ways to love yourself and your life each day, from sunrise to sunset. Your body will get this message of Life and Living, and it will respond in amazing ways.

love yourself firstWhen we treat illness like an enemy and we fight not only the disease but all the fearful feelings we allow to gather on the battlefield, we are giving all of our healing power away. Show your body all the tenderness and care you can, and by doing that, your mind gets the message that your body is loved. Through that position of being loved unconditionally—disease or no disease—your mind and body will unite to heal anything causing your being unease (dis / ease).

Remember, you are entirely in control of your thoughts–you decide what you think. Each time a negative thought intrudes, you can eliminate it immediately.

Please learn to meditate because it is so effective in calming your body and mind and spirit. It is that trio—The Body-Mind-Spirit connection that you want always uppermost in your mind each day. When you do this, you will find that another incredible healer is laughter and you will find yourself very able to do that even as you progress through treatment.

Finish reading the book and then resolve to live the message. I also want you to read Faith, Hope & Healing. Look at the books available on the website and choose others that you feel would help you live the message. Browse through my CDs—many of them could help you find peace.

On my website, go to the top menu bar and click on “Resources.” Then, on the Resources page, click on “Organizations and Websites.” Then, on that page, go to the very last listing and you will find the Immune Competent Personality Test. The direct link is:


With all of these tools, and others you discover along your healing journey, you will become a survivor by acting like one.



Question for Bernie:

I am a 26 yr. old girl with a great family and a good job, but in the past two, almost three years of my life, I have been in such a deep, dark hole. At times in the past, I have been able to see out, but now I can’t. I think suicidal thoughts but I know I won’t do it!! My heart is so heavy. I hate myself for feeling this way because deep down I know how blessed I am.

One thing I long for now is to have my partner back again. I have been in many relationships, both good and bad. I know in my heart, though, that the man I long to be with now is the one who should be my life’s partner. When I think about not even getting the chance to be with him again, I just seem to lose all hope. If he doesn’t come back to me, I guess eventually I would move on, but I feel a deep need to be with someone I can depend on.

I recently got demoted at work and have some debt now that I didn’t have before. This, and losing the man I love and want to be with for the rest of my life, makes me feel like a failure. I’ve isolated myself now, and have just about given up my dream of a happy life. I am sorry. Forgive me–I just need help and support because I feel like I’m at the end.

Bernie’s Answer:

My Dear, I will help you and be your CD = Chosen Dad.

helping handYou need to turn from the darkness and look out another window and see the light. Do not water the weeds, but fertilize the flowers of your life and garden. Right now those flowers are your wonderful family, your friends, and now me.

Suicide is not what will help. Choosing life will help!

You do not know what the future has in store for you. Always think of your life as the beautiful, glittering diamond that emerges from the darkness of charcoal.

Live one day at a time. Remember, today is all any of us really have.

Don’t let yourself become paralyzed with negative thoughts and worries. The truth is that the chances of anything we worry about actually happening as we imagine it is almost zero.

When you choose life and love, the people you need will appear. We can only offer love—if love comes back to us, we can be grateful. We can’t force anyone to take our love or give their love to us—but I know that if you start doing loving things for yourself and others, loving people will come into your life.

Peace and love


Question for Bernie:

I have read your book, A Book of Miracles. I am now reading, Love Medicine and Miracles. I am also listening to your CD and it does help me a lot. I have an alcohol addiction problem which I feel I was born with. I am a 50 year old woman and have struggled many years with this.

I am aware of my problem and know it can rule my life. It does not, however, take over my life. I still can function in the working world and am very successful. I just can’t get it out of my life.

Is there anything you could suggest to help me. I am strong, healthy, and have a positive attitude. I have been through many crises in life and do strive to go on. I just can’t get this out of me? I feel powerless against the addiction. I need a miracle….

Bernie’s Answer:

You are an alcoholic because of what you experienced as a child. You have to abandon your past and move on. To help you do that, get out your baby and childhood pictures and love that child.

Get out your baby and childhood pictures and love that child.

Give yourself and your body and your life love–not alcohol.

creative-visualizationThe old saying, “fake it till you make it” means to rehearse and practice becoming the person you want to be. If you are not using creative visualization or imaging, I urge you to try it. Go to my Catalog on the website and browse through the CD titles until you find those that you think will help you.

You are a work in progress, so keep creating the work of art you will become.

REMEMBER: No Excuses and No Blame

You are in control of your life—picture the Mind-Body-Spirit Connection every day, and live only in the present—just for today. Today is all any of us really have.

Just love yourself, and do it!