Q & A with Bernie – February 20, 2012

Question for Bernie:

wellness-nursesDear Bernie, we need to talk. I met you about 10 years ago when you were speaking in East Lansing, MI. I was in deep trouble back then and you told me to just enjoy the rest of my life.

I followed that advice in MY own way. My stage IV incurable disease is now nonexistent. I did complete Nursing school in the midst of a bone marrow transplant and now love my life as a Hospice nurse.

If I were a celebrity, Hollywood would be clamoring for movie rights for my story, it’s so good. You were at the beginning of my change in direction and continue to be in my thoughts. Thank you.

Bernie’s Answer:

I always live with the awareness of our potential.

Your story proves the point that when we are not afraid to try, some amazing things can happen.

Love you,


Question for Bernie:

Some years ago my mom had ovarian cancer. At the time, I was going to Nursing School. It was probably the most difficult time in my life. I had two very young children and was really struggling to finish.

Then I went to two of your conferences and read your book, Love, Medicine and Miracles. I know it helped me get through that very difficult time.

Last fall my husband was diagnosed with Stage 3 melanoma on his foot. He has had a portion of his toe amputated. He is getting interferon treatment now and it has been such a life-altering experience.

Often I find myself feeling very alone and overwhelmed. I am pretty much the sole support of the household as well as taking a very active role in coordinating my husband’s health care. I saw your website and I wanted to reconnect.

I am now reading Prescriptions for Living: Inspirational Lessons for a Joyful, Loving Life.

I am looking forward to staying in contact.

Bernie’s Answer:

peace of mind lakeMy Dear, you are not alone. I am very happy that you found my website because it is full of excellent resources I hope you will take full advantage of as you face the challenges of your life right now. You have already started to do that, which tells me that you will find the path to being in touch with your own considerable strength, and the peace that comes with that.

Many people who choose Nursing as a profession are innately giving as they meet the needs of others, but often neglect their own needs. I would like for you to try regular meditation. Browse the Catalog page on my website for the meditation CDs—I would definitely recommend the Meditations for Peace of Mind. Make time to love yourself—to care and nurture YOU. That is the way to stop feeling overwhelmed. Each time that feeling comes into your thoughts, you will have a way to stop it immediately by calming your mind as meditation teaches you to do.

Concentrate on living each day fully—focus just on the present…just today. You have a lot of challenges right now, but you need to prioritize loving yourself.

Please keep in touch. I want to know how you are doing.