Q & A with Bernie – June 4, 2012

Question for Bernie:

I am covering three areas in my question for you. They are my daughter, my mother-in-law and me. My daughter, now 11, has asthma, severe eczema, SVT, and Type 1 diabetes. (In spite of all that, she’s mostly an A student)!

Just last week, my mother-in-law was diagnosed with Stage 4 anaplastic carcinoma of the thyroid and yesterday they found a spot on her liver. Her doctors are very businesslike and seem to offer very little in the way of positive support. In fact, they came right out and said that they do NOT offer nutritional support and DO NOT want her to do ANY nutritional support during chemo/radiation because it would only feed the cancer.

As for me, I have floaters in my left eye. The doctor says they come with age (I’m 51), but they’re still annoying. My questions are:

1) Is there a common link between all the ailments my daughter has? What can we do to improve both her immune system and glucose control on a day-to-day basis and long term?

2) How can I encourage my mother-in-law and my husband when all around us are planning for her death? What are your recommendations regarding nutritional support during chemo/radiation treatment?

3) What can be done to get rid of floaters?

Thank you for all you are doing to make our time on this planet better.

Bernie’s Answer:

accepting-our-fate1) Is there a common link between all the ailments my daughter has? They can all be related to a stressful life situation, which only you can answer. Make sure she feels loved and take her and your mother-in-law to a naturopathic physician who can help with supplements and other things like homeopathic remedies and acupuncture, etc.

Going to a naturopath will definitely help strengthen her immune system and glucose control daily as well as long-term. But also, for both your daughter and your mother-in-law, visit the following website:


You will find anti-cancer supplements as well as help with diabetes like metformin and many more. Supplements don’t just nourish cancer though, however some may have an effect on chemotherapy and they know this.

The best way to encourage your mother-in-law and husband when all around you there is planning for her death is to have them read my books. Also on my website are many articles and other resources that should inform and inspire both of them. Please tell them that there is always potential for self-induced healing, so give them the tools to try it. They will learn that when one transforms her or his life, and embraces it with love, and the love for their body rather than seeing it as the enemy, miracles can and do happen.

HOW TO PREVENT AND TREAT CANCER WITH NATURAL MEDICINE and HOW TO PREVENT AND TREAT DIABETES WITH NATURAL MEDICINE, both by a Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Michael Murray, are two books I want you to read. Dr. Murray’s website is:


Things like curcumin, which you can get at the Life Extension site I referenced earlier in this response, reduce side effects of radiation by reducing inflammation in surrounding tissue.

3) Finally, as to what can be done about floaters, let your ophthalmologist follow them do things like laser treatments if necessary, but why not relax and ask what am I to learn from having the floaters and your daughter’s and mother-in-law’s present situations instead of being annoyed. In our lives, nobody really escapes difficulties, but look at them as teaching you the invaluable lesson of learning to love your fate which is the secret of true happiness.



Question for Bernie:

Last month I read, “Prescription for Living” and it’s helped me to deal with difficult situations lately, so now I read your blog. Today I was reading, “Celestine Vision” and couldn’t help but comment on some of the synchronicity lately. A few nights ago I had a dream that I was building a bridge…then I saw your message about building bridges with words and thoughts to stay connected with people.

baby dachshund named for her Christmastime birth as NoelleI saw the message today from the courageous man with ALS. My uncle had ALS and at the latter part of it could only blink his eyes. He blinked in Morse code to his longtime companion to communicate. I hope and pray that this man recovers. For a while I was living with my daughter who has a dachshund named Oscar. He is young, but fortunate to be alive after a large dog took him by the neck and shook him like a rag doll. I thought of the story about the little 13-year-old dachshund making it for one more Christmas. Oscar wasn’t yet a part of the family on a Christmas day that was extremely hard as my former son-in-law, who was staying at the house, passed that Christmas morning from emphysema, and so did my mom.

Now I am ashamed to say that I’m sick again with bronchitis. I think I have COPD as well. I know I need to quit smoking but it’s so hard for me. It’s affecting my ability to keep jobs, and I’m so stressed about finding a permanent job and apartment, that I end up smoking to relieve the tension. I have a young child depending on me who told me, “Grandma if you’re still alive when I’m 16, will you teach me to drive?”

I have a z-pack of antibiotics and will most likely need a second dose. I spent all day coughing until my face turned red. The electronic cigarette worked well for me, but the charger broke and I don’t think I can buy it separately. You’re all about preventative medicine and caring for ourselves. I don’t know how someone like you can have the patience with anyone who is stupid and selfish and flat out making herself so ill. I sincerely want to quit, it’s just so difficult.

Bernie’s Answer:

It is really very simple. Start today to love yourself as much as you would love a beloved pet. You know, there are people who smoke outdoors to protect their pets from COPD. So if you possibly can, go to a shelter or rescue group and get a pet who will be your constant reminder to love yourself. When we watch our beloved pets, we see them “living in the moment” which is the key to your success in quitting smoking.

Dad_DaughterI will also be here to help you learn to love yourself. I often suggest that people starting out on the new path of really loving and appreciating themselves, “re-parent” themselves. Put up your baby pictures and love that kid.

You are an addict because you didn’t feel loved. I love you and God loves you. I am your new father sending my love and belief in you.

So love, my child,


Question for Bernie:

Hello, I’m writing to you from Vienna. Today I found you on the internet. I’d never heard your name before, but I saw you speak briefly in a video about forgiveness but not necessarily having to forget something, and I just loved it.

I have a little question please. I feel pain in my soul and I feel physical pain in my leg and foot. I feel a lot of regrets and hate against my mother-in-law and my husband as well. They torture my soul. Please help me to forgive both them and get rid of this emotional and physical pain that I believe comes from my soul. I thank you very much, and am looking forward to your answer.

Regards from Vienna

Bernie’s first answer was:

forgiveness and the white-dove-forgivenessChoose to love and forgive, then you will be free. A Dr. Lewis B. Smedes, a famous professor at Calvin College in California said,

To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you.

You can also leave your husband and mother-in-law if they are making you sick. That is sometimes the healthiest thing to do, but only you know if that would be a viable solution. If you did leave, you can still work on forgiving them, but you will not be subjected to this mental and emotional “torture” daily.

In thinking about the pain in your leg and foot, what does the pain feel like? Think about anything or anyone else in your life that you would use the same word to describe—then eliminate that situation or person from your life. Often the physical pain goes out of your life, too.

You can choose to speak up and show only love, which is sometimes a very good weapon, but if it is lost on them, then eliminate these two toxic people from your life and start sharing your love and caring with others who really need it and will return it, starting with your children.

Always remember, YOU decide how you feel, not your husband or his mother.


2nd Question for Bernie from Same Writer:

In this meantime between when I first wrote to you, I found two very interesting books from you on Amazon (Germany).



Which one shall I buy? I need to learn how to forgive all of the pain my cold Austrian husband is giving to me. His mother doesn’t help him to improve the family’s situation because she is jealous of him. Her husband died and so her son is a kind of substitute in her life… I don’t know exactly because my knowledge of minds (psychology) is very poor…

Anyway I am ready to do something positive to improve not only my life, but the lives of my two children and the life of my grandchild Natasha:-)

Please help me… I feel that I can trust you.

Thanks a lot once again.

I’m looking forward to your answer and apologizing for my English. I send you best regards from Vienna (where the sun never appears 🙁


Bernie’s 2nd Answer:

First, I would recommend that you read A BOOK OF MIRACLES. You will find comfort and inspiration in it, I am sure.


Thank you for writing, and please let me know how you are doing after you read these books.