Q & A with Bernie – October 1, 2012

Question for Bernie:

I’m writing to share a miracle…

Eighteen years ago I was diagnosed with intraductal papillary carcinoma. Even though the mammogram, ductogram, and ultrasound showed no signs of cancer, the bleeding from my nipple prompted a biopsy which revealed a simple papilloma. I had a lumpectomy and a full round of radiation. Five weeks ago I had to have a bilateral mastectomy with immediate reconstruction.

mirror on wallDuring this past week, as I looked through a bunch of old cards, I found a letter you sent to me 18 years ago. You wrote, “Thanks for the love. Now look in the mirror and tell me what you see.” I’m taking your advice of 18 years ago again, and now I see a 61-year-old woman who is happily blessed beyond measure.

Although I do not remember why I wrote to you in the first place, your words 18 years later made me realize again how good it is for people like you to take the time to “share the love” we all have within us as human beings.

I plan to make it a priority now to reach out to others with breast cancer with words I hope will ring true for them for many years, just as your words did for me! A blast from the past, huh?

Bernie’s Answer:

Yours is a wonderful, inspiring story about how to love yourself so that you can reach out and love others. You are a great example of what I have been telling patients and readers for many years—“The idea is to love because it feels good…Love makes life worth living, no matter how long life lasts.”

The giving of love is an education in itself.
~ Eleanor Roosevelt

Bless you and thank you,