Q & A with Bernie – November 12, 2012

Question for Bernie:

I really appreciate your book Love, Medicine, and Miracles. I have recently been diagnosed with Stage III melanoma.

I have come up with some ways to visualize the destruction of cancer cells, but I am having a hard time visualizing my lymphatic drainage after my upcoming lymphadenectomy. I will be having all of the lymph nodes in my groin removed, and I feel a sense of panic when I think that all of that lymph fluid will have difficulty moving out of my leg.

I wonder if you have any imaging suggestions. I have looked at pictures of lymphatic drainage but that only seems to increase my anxiety. I appreciate any help you could offer.

Thanks for all of your good work.

Bernie’s Answer:

First of all, change your image of a war-like approach to cancer cells.  When you focus on destruction, it empowers the “enemy.”

“The softest things in the world overcome the hardest things in the world.”

~ Lao Tzu (4th Century BC)
Famous Chinese philosopher who advised his millions
of followers to wield power with love, not force.

Envision the strength you have within you to love yourself and your body, preparing a positive environment for healing to flourish.  Your body will respond in the light of a positive, hopeful outlook.

Eliminate negative people from your life if they refuse to accept your choice to be strong and positive.  Think about all the things in life that nourish your mind, body, and spirit and include at least one of those things every day.

massage of legAfter lymphatic surgery there are many mechanical ways of helping drainage from massage, elevating the foot of your bed, and compression stockings.  Ask for recommendations to practitioners that focus exclusively on lymphatic drainage post lymphadenectomy. You may have to see a few of them to find someone you find effective for your needs.

Remember this is imagery and your body will respond and do what is necessary.  Try an image like replacing the nodes and lymphatics with a set of new “pipes.”  See the image as new streams that, when meeting any obstruction, flow around it easily.  This image comes from an ancient Taoist saying—Water goes around obstacles, it “resists not.”

The body knows how to heal.   All you need to do is give it the message that you believe in your inner strength both physically and emotionally.