Q & A with Bernie – January 21, 2013

Question for Bernie:

Dear Bernie,

With all due admiration and respect, I ask for your input.

To make a long story short, I am 56 years old with stage 4 inflammatory breast cancer which has metastasized to the brain.  Two nights ago I was the subject of an “intervention” by my brother ( age 59) and sister (age 55) who not too delicately informed me, among other things, that I am irrational, not capable of making good decisions about my health care, perhaps depressed and that I WILL die because I have made the decision to discontinue conventional treatment.  After 9 months of weekly chemo, I decided to pursue alternative healing modalities, following the onset of metastasis, after only 3 months of clear scans. I have decided to “live” NOW, rather than living a life of chemotherapy and other treatments, which I do not consider living or healing.

I understand that their actions are because they “love” me, and that they are full of fear of losing me.  I don’t believe I will be able to have them see the light I live and shine as I go about “living”…

It is my life and my decision, is it not?

My brother took it so far as to indicate that my decision had the potential to contribute to his having a heart attack, even though he is carrying 100 extra pounds which surely did play a role.

Is there a way to create peace and harmony so that they can be a part of my life and my living, and my decision,  rather than creating undo stress which is counterproductive to my healing-and theirs as well?

There are other special people in my life who support,  understand and appreciate my decision on a daily basis.  Even my doctor supports my decision.

What is it with biological family?

Love, love love you for all the wisdom you have spread,

With much Peace, Light and Love,

Bernie’s Answer:

Your brother and sister have their issues and are projecting them onto you.  It is your choice how to live – to focus, not on avoiding death, but rather on living.  That is when self induced healing can occur.  (Ask them to try several months of chemotherapy and see if their opinion changes.)

optimal_healthVisualization can help program your body for healing and change.  For example, if you see a treatment as a labor pain associated with self-birth, you will have far fewer side effects from that treatment.  However, if your treatment feels like poison, you will react to it as poison.  You can draw pictures of your treatment options to better understand your feelings about them and support your healing visualizations.

Tell your brother and sister to read my books and visit to my web site.  Remind them that their job is to love you.  They should focus not on battling your enemy, but on healing you and your life.  They should also get the book The Energy Cure by William Bengston and do the exercises it recommends with you.

If I can help, let me know.