A Little Miracle

Yesterday a chickadee accidentally flew against our window and plummeted to the ground.  It laid there stunned with one wing askew.  I feared the wing might be broken.

In the past I’d have gone outside and attempted to help the poor thing, but now because I am disabled, I can’t go outside anymore.

I sat watching it, trying to think of what to do when it occurred to me to say a prayer for it.  I did, and just as I finished, it flew away.

It was a little miracle.  Thank you, God.

Dear Jane,
Your wonderful story reminds us what is always at work in our lives—love.  Your love for that little bird moved you to say a prayer—to make a request in the name of love—that this beautiful little creature be restored to flight.

This experience, that you have lovingly shared with us here, has another great message—that there is always a way to make your voice heard, and to effect “little miracles.”  We all need to keep our hearts and minds open so that, just as you found, there will be a way around what might seem like a hopeless barrier.

Thank you, Jane, for this simple but profound and uplifting example of the essence of life.