Q & A with Bernie – April 1, 2013

Question for Bernie:

blood cells red healthyMy husband has been diagnosed with autoimmune hemolytic anemia (AIHA). He had his spleen removed and a series of Retixin shots, but is still having issues with his hemoglobin counts.

My question is where do we go from here? Traditional medicine only seems interested in treating the symptoms. I have talked to my husband about visualization and the need to reduce his stress level.  Do you have any other ideas that might help him?

Bernie’s Answer:

Offer him my books and tapes to read and listen to.  If he is open to them it is a good sign.  If he tries visualization, then suggest that he visualize his body restoring itself to normal levels.

Get your husband to start loving his life and his body, and to externalizing his anger so it is not attacking his body and immune system.

Your husband must be willing to abandon the wounds of his childhood and past.  He need not expend any precious energy on things that he cannot change.  Let them go.

Ask him how he would describe what his experience of AIHA is like.  Among the negative words he comes up with, suggest that he choose some and see if anything else in his life can be described using those same negative words.  If so, these are the very things he must eliminate from his life to reduce overall stress.

naturopathyI would also recommend that he see a naturopathic physician for holistic guidance.  Also search the internet for holistic cancer treatment groups.  There most definitely is evidence of successful self-healing, so suggest that your husband regularly visit my website for resources and up-to-date information that can help him.  He can start with checking out the “Immune Competent Personality” in Resources under websites.  Also, use the following link to my many webinars that he can watch and learn from.




Question for Bernie:

Donal-WalshI would appreciate if you could take the time to read this piece about a 16 year old boy who is fighting cancer for the third time in his life. In 2008 he was diagnosed with an aggressive bone tumor in his right femur. Treatment included surgically removing half of the femur and entire knee followed by nine months of chemotherapy. In 2012 he had a recurrence in his lung. Treatment included removing half of the lung followed by four months of chemotherapy. Now they are telling him that he only has two weeks to live and is riddled with tumors everywhere— and so this is about that fight.

I have just finished reading your book Love, Medicine and Miracles.  I loved it so much; I want to read it again and again. This young man is my daughter’s close friend and she is trying to do everything she can to help him through this. I am living in southern Ireland; I would love to change people’s way of thinking, including doctors. Doctors are very negative towards cancer patients and have told this young 16 year old boy that he has not got long left to live.

My daughter has given your great book to him and wants him to read it so much, but I think he has given up and feels there is no hope anymore. I feel angry when I hear this because I believe that as long as you’re alive, there’s hope. Doctors have told him that he was going to die at Christmas and then again in February. They also told him early on that he is going to be in a wheelchair but he is still walking.  He deserves to live but he says, “I will do what God wants me to do.”

Doctors have put him down so much and treat him like he is just a number, as they do with every other patient, instead of making him feel better. He also said that “doctors do more harm than good.” He has been thinking positively all along and has pulled through when times were very bad, but this time, as he says in the article,  “I realized that I was fighting for my life for the third time in four years, and this time I have no hope.”

He has raised €50,000 for charity and in this link you will see why he has done this >>> http://www.radiokerry.ie/news/blennerville-teenager-battling-cancer-asks-those-considering-suicide-to-think-twice/

Killarney, IrelandYou should come to Ireland and do talks on your inspirational work. I cannot wait to read all of your other books. I am such a fan of yours and believe so much in your work—I am hooked. Thank you so much for sharing your books and your findings with us.

I had a near death experience last year. Something I had dreaded all my life was suffering a serious head injury, then I got hit by a vehicle and my primary injury was a serious head injury! It was not until I read your book that the one thing I feared most in my life actually happened to me—coincidence or what?

Here is a link where you can watch this unfortunate young man speaking to the people of Ireland. He recently won HERO of the month and shared this with the people in Ireland >>>> http://www.radiokerry.ie/news/in-his-own-words-donal-walshs-plea-to-those-considering-suicide/

Thanks for your thoughts on this tragic situation.

Bernie’s Answer:

We all have much to learn from this brave young man.  His thinking isn’t negative—it is about love.  Miracles are not limited in numbers so tell him that if he has one, he can help others see they have the potential too.

Tell him to write a book for doctors and the children they care for.  The confidence and encouragement of doctors is essential to the healing of all patients, whatever their age and condition.  Help him try to see a surgeon I know in Ireland who will be much more supportive and open to the potential of survival.  He is Austin Leahy [email protected]

Tell your daughter’s brave young friend that he is already immortal, and please ask him to e-mail me himself.  I would be honored to help him.