Q & A with Bernie – April 15, 2013

Question for Bernie:

I have read your book Love, Medicine and Miracles as recommended to me by a dietitian who specializes in working with cancer patients.  You have been an amazing power for me, but I can’t get rid of the underlying fear that the oncologist may be right, and I may not be here by the end of the year. I have six more chemo treatments left to prolong my life with Grade 4 esophageal and liver cancer, then it’s down to me…..

I use energy healing and have changed my diet.  I do not work but have a lovely life with a 17 and a 21 year old, and a fiancé who adores me—and of course, my two beloved dogs. The fear won’t leave my mind and it is interrupting my efforts at self-healing. What can I do???

Bernie’s Answer:

dogs at playThe most important task you have is to live only in the moment.  This is the way to have fulfillment throughout life, but few people can seem to do it.  You can—examples are right in front of you each day in your beloved dogs.  Like little children, pets are entirely focused on the moment.  To be afraid as you are requires a focus on the future.  Eliminate that and focus on every moment of enjoyment you have in your life right now—you are fortunate, indeed, to have the sources of love and joy that you mention.  You deserve to enjoy life together with your children, fiancé and pets right now. Choose life, and love your life and body.

Spend a day with your children and fiancé recalling some really funny moments you each have experienced sometime in the recent or distant past that make you laugh out loud.  When you sense fear creeping in, immediately think of one or more of those experiences and let yourself really laugh at it.  That will restore you.

You want your body to know you enjoy life so it does all it can to keep you healthy and alive.

Another recommendation for you is to reach The Energy Cure by William Bengston.  He talks in depth about what energy can do to heal you.

There is little argument about chemo’s potential side effects, but if you visualize the chemo doing the right things to heal you and having no side effects, you can reprogram your body’s response.   Your mind is the most powerful tool on the healing journey.  Let yourself fully embrace its power.