New Ways to Achieve Healing with Information Medicine

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The new field of information medicine utilizes the lines of communication from cell to cell in the body to achieve therapeutic goals. One such device, the Bemer, sends a very unique (patented) signal throughout the body, instructing the muscle layers of small blood vessels to help pump blood through the micro-circulation to feed and clean up waste from our cells. Bemer increases blood supply to the cells by up to 30%. The increased oxygenation, detoxification and nourishment at the cellular level has dramatic health benefits. The cells can regain their optimum functionality and generate cellular energy to support our metabolism. Healthy, strong and energized cells promote healthy healing processes especially when the body is experiencing increasing emotional and physical stress.  The video below illustrates how it works.

I have recently started using a Bemer and am already very pleased with the overall results that I am experiencing. These include more energy and a sense of physical and emotional well being. This could be very helpful when undergoing treatments for cancer and other diseases.