Miracles Really DO Happen

3 inch bearThis isn’t really a question—it is a HUGE thank you. I wrote you several months ago when I was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer and feeling down because I thought I had beat the breast cancer. Your advice to me was to live each day, look to the future, and don’t let fear or worry cloud my life. I followed that advice, developed an awesome support team, started two blogs writing humorous and inspirational stories to help others going through hard times using a 3″ mini bear that has become a huge sensation.

Yesterday I had my 3-month scan. In February, the last scan showed some progression in the bone metastases, spots on my liver, as well as cancerous swelling in several lymph nodes. Last night my oncologist called to say that she couldn’t wait until my appointment on Friday to give me the news.  My latest scan came back “amazing.” There is no sign of anything in the liver and the swelling in the lymph nodes is gone except for one node that is just one centimeter larger than normal. The bones are thickening, which my oncologist says is normal when the cancer regresses and the healthy bone regenerates.

Positive thinking, prayer, and a loving support group really do help the medicines work. I take one of your CDs to each chemo treatment and apparently the cancer listens to you and retreats!

Thank you for all you do to help those in need to heal and stay positive.

Dear Cathy,

I am in tears.  Bless you—I needed some good news today!  Now you are my therapist.

Keep living the message.  You have the potential.  Tell your doctor to learn from you and pass on what she learns.

Now I am smiling.

blogging cat

Love and peace,