Q & A with Bernie – June 10, 2013

Question for Bernie:

shaft of lightI was diagnosed with very early breast cancer in March of this year. I had surgery to remove the tumor and two lymph glands were removed. The glands were clear, the cancer is gone and I am now having 20 sessions of radiation therapy as a preventative measure. I am very grateful that I was diagnosed early and that I did not need to have chemotherapy.

Now I am off work and beginning to slow down and take time for myself. I feel that I have been given an opportunity to make changes in my life. I am wondering if you could recommend a CD or anything that might help.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Bernie’s Answer:

Yes, I can recommend some resources to use as you “begin anew” to appreciate life and live yours to the fullest.  First, though, I want to encourage you to prioritize loving your life and your body from this moment on.  It is wonderful that you have decided to start by purposefully slowing down and taking time for yourself.  You are listening to your heart and letting it lead the way—and that is the real key to living as your “authentic self.”

Hands Holding ButterflyOne of my CDs that can definitely help you get the most out of your radiation therapy is called “Getting Ready.”  It will help you visualize the radiation therapy positively, minimizing any side effects and maximizing the preventative qualities of the therapy.   The visualizations on the CD help your mind tell your body what to expect.

I have several other CDs listed on my website that focus on meditation and relaxation.  Each listing describes a little bit about the contents of the CD so it is fairly easy to select those that seem to be right for you.

I encourage you to go to the Wisdom of the Ages site where you can discuss with Keith or Jane what you are looking for and they can advise you about other resources they carry.  Contact them at:  “keith & jane siegel” [email protected]



Question for Bernie:

First let me say, may God bless you for what you do!

I just listened to your talk on the Hay House World Summit and you mentioned that if your job is doing you harm you must quit. I hear this advice a lot, but it fails to take in the reality of needing the job because it is the only way to put food on the table.

You gave an example of a nurse who hated her job, but when she changed her attitude, she ended up staying. I know that can happen in certain cases, but what if the job is truly soul-stealing and physically pulling me down? I am truly stuck and really need some good words on how to cope until I can find a way out.

vertigoI am “this close” to just chucking everything, declaring bankruptcy, and moving—but I know it will feel good only until reality hits with a BAM—the reality that I’ve got to make money to live! I have actually done this (not bankruptcy) but moving three or four times thinking that it would “fix” things, but alas, it has not changed anything, and I find myself doing the same things and suffering from the same chronic problem.

The physical manifestation of my problem is chronic vertigo/imbalance issues. All the specialists and alternative care providers have been marginally effective which leads me to believe it is me that I need to treat.  Sorry for the long-winded question, but I really need some help and guidance.  Thank you again and blessings!

Bernie’s Answer:

Ask yourself, “How would I describe what it’s like to have vertigo and the imbalance that comes with it?”  Look at the negative words which you use and see what else in your life could be described with those same negative words.  Is there someone you interact with regularly—friend or family member—who makes you feel those same negative emotions?  Maybe you described vertigo as feeling “out of control” or “uncertain what to do” at the moment it happens, or thinking that people are judging you harshly and don’t accept your explanation about what vertigo is.  When you are not suffering with vertigo, does someone in your life make you feel like you are “out of control” or “uncertain what to do” or judged negatively for anything in your life—how you dress, where you live, what you do for a living, etc.?

If there are people in your life you can describe as negatively as vertigo in terms of how they make you feel, eliminate them from your life.  The same would be true of anything else in your life that brings in so much negativity you cannot counter it with anything but eliminating it.  You must prioritize yourself, love yourself and your body—even with the vertigo/imbalance disorder.  When you start showing your body that you love it by eliminating as much negativity from your life as you can, it will get the message that you intend to LIVE and be happy.  You do not intend to be a victim forced to give up your health and happiness by allowing negative people and other negative influences control you.

When I had vertigo the words I used to describe the feeling were “…the world is spinning around!”  Those words told me that I needed to slow my life down.  You either change your life or change your attitude—either one works.

Ask yourself, “What am I to learn from the hell I am going through?”  Your answer can tell you what you really need to nourish mind-body-and spirit once you have eliminated as much negativity as possible from your life.

therapy dogs for vertigo and seizuresLook for a support group for people with vertigo and imbalance problems—or start one.  Through this kind of effort you can find relationships that have the potential to be the very positive influences in your life that you, and all of us, deserve.  There are online communities for people with so-called “invisible disabilities” that you could look into for support and to build new relationships.  The link for one great site with information on everything from how to explain your physical problem to others, to looking into getting a service dog is:


These amazing animals are trained to react before something happens—like a seizure, for example, or in your case, an attack of vertigo.

Remember, you are a strong person who deserves love—so start with yourself and change your life from one mired in negativity to one primarily positive…there is a whole community of people out there who can relate to what you are going through.  Find them and don’t look back!