Q & A with Bernie – July 15, 2013

Question for Bernie

ElectromedicineI will try to make this short and simple, although it’s not. I have what I think is a nerve spasm in my top right chest. Doctors aren’t doing anything to help or diagnose what it is.

I’m wondering what the best visualization would be to do for healing that part of the body. I was thinking along the lines of some sort of healing electricity running through the area. The symptoms actually feel like I’m being electrocuted without the pain.  Even though it isn’t painful, it’s still causing a lot of suffering. What do you recommend?

Thanks very much for your time

Bernie’s Answer

Visualize whatever feels right for you is fine.  It sounds like you really have already created something effective.

In terms of strengthening your immune system, ask yourself what else in your life is trying to “electrocute” you causing suffering?  Eliminate whatever or whoever you identify in your answer.

Take a good vitamin supplement with as much vitamin B as possible.  Also use the herb turmeric to reduce inflammation.

Find a naturopathic physician to see.  Also, consider going to a  hypnotherapist who can help with visualization and other issues.


Question for Bernie:

I have Stage II breast cancer, but luckily it’s not in my lymph nodes and the margins are clear. I do have to get chemo and radiation treatments, though, because my Oncotype DX breast cancer test came back as high risk.

I REALLY don’t want chemo because of the hair loss—not so much for me, but for my husband (although he is encouraging me to shave my head now).

I want to be strong for him and for my daughter, but I’m just not sure that I can be strong for myself. This diagnosis has really knocked me down, but I do have a wonderful support group of people around me.  I am usually a very strong and upbeat person, and at 62 years old, I feel like I should be able to handle this.

Please advise me which books or CDs of yours to order to help me get through this time. My doctor’s mother referred me to you and told me how helpful you were to her when she was dealing with breast cancer. Thank you!

Bernie’s Answer

I recommend that you read Love, Medicine & Miracles or Peace, Love & Healing to start.  Follow that with Faith, Hope & Healing and any others which appeal to you.

My CD called Getting Ready:  Preparing for Surgery, Radiation and Chemotherapy with Minimal Side Effects can get you through therapy without side effects.  Look on this website for other CDs that will help you relax and quiet your mind.

The way you are thinking now leads to trouble because your body expects the worst.  Remember it is your choice to either have chemo and radiation or not—no one can make you under the treatment.  But if you do go ahead with it, you must change your thinking to be open for the messages on the CD I mention above.

Draw a picture of yourself getting the treatment and then correct any negative thinking that you see in your drawing.  Draw another picture with positive outcomes and put that in your mind.

You need to love your body and life, and then good things happen


Question for Bernie

I have lost count of how many of your books and tapes I have bought, listened to, shared, bought AGAIN, and given as gifts, along with invoking your name when talking to people about how they can help themselves by using the power they have inside of their own minds.

In 1981, I was caring for two small children in Pennsylvania when, out of the blue, I received an invitation to a seminar in Canada on the role of love and laughter in the healing process. To this day, I haven’t a clue how my name ended up on that mailing list, but I was amazed that something which resonated with my own beliefs so much was actually the topic at a seminar one could attend.

Of course, I was disappointed since there was no way I could attend, but then I read that tapes were available from the prior year. One of the most popular tapes was of the portion of the seminar given by some guy named Bernie Siegel.

In the text of A Course in Miracles it says “A miracle is never lost. It may touch many people you have not even met, and produce undreamed of changes in situations of which you are not even aware.” You are the source of so, so many of those miracles.  On behalf of those many, many people, I offer my humble thanks.  You have been one of the best influences in my life.

Bernie’s Answer

This is more than a simple thank you.  My hope when I speak is always that the message about the power we all have within us to heal and to live loving, full lives will go home with all those in attendance.  That same hope goes with anything I write or create—the hope that my readers or those listening to me on the radio or a CD will learn that the key to health and happiness lies within them.

ripple-effectI am so grateful to have you as an ambassador for these wonderful truths.  You show how much you love others and life itself by sharing what you have learned with so many people.  And like the proverbial pebble dropped into the water creating rings that ripple out endlessly, your beautiful example of the power of the mind, body, and spirit to those in your inner circle has no doubt created a ripple effect, carrying the message of love much farther and wider than you will probably ever know.

I might get credit for bringing it forth, but the essence is within you.  You are the talented performer, and I am simply the Life Coach.

Bless you,

Question for Bernie

Although I read your books years ago, I am finding myself struggling with the after effects of a cancer diagnosis. One lymph node was biopsied and was said to be cancerous prior to the left mastectomy. Out of the 25 lymph nodes removed during surgery, just one was cancerous.

I am struggling physically and emotionally, fearing that I will not be able to return to work.  I have IBS pain and also have been told that I need both knees replaced.  It is hard to cope with the depression I have suffered from for many years, and now increased anxiety as well.

I work as a social worker for families with a loved one who has a developmental disability.  In my own life I have overcome poverty and incest/sexual abuse, so I know there is a survivor in me that I have lost touch with.

I appreciate any ideas of how to begin healing and move on.

Bernie’s Answer

Find a place for support where you can speak and share to get out the damaging memories that are stored in your body.

journalingPlease start and keep a journal in which you can write all of your feelings. When you go back and read what you write, often answers and help emerge.  Also, it is important to try and get all of the toxic feelings and thoughts out of your system in a way where you don’t need to self-censor—a journal is completely private so you can write everything you need to get out.

Remember, only you can decide what you think—no one else.  Resolve to start living each day as the only day you have—today is the only day any of us ever have.  Put the past and the future both out of your mind and live for today.

Find things you love to do that make you lose track of time.  The key is to love your life and body.

Become your own client and care for yourself as you would others.