Q & A with Bernie – December 30, 2013

New Year’s Message to Bernie

As the year draws to a close and a New Year of light and possibilities draws near, I wanted to say THANK YOU for all the love, inspiration, devotion, and healing you have shared in your lifetime.  You have enriched and empowered me over many years, and I am so grateful to you and God!

Bernie’s Response to Kind Reader and Everyone

All that you mention resides within you, and I am happy to help you bring it forth.

I have the good fortune to serve as “coach” to those inspired to fulfill the purpose for which we are all here—to give and receive love.  Within that seemingly simple goal is the key to perfect health and happiness, and peace on earth.



Question for Bernie:

Bernie, I am a Connecticut native and in 1985/86 my mother was a cancer patient of yours.  She had stomach cancer. Your name and “mind over matter approach”   always stuck with me. Though my mom only lived 10 months, bone cancer got in the way, I always remembered when we left your office, her upbeat positive self.

Now, 27 years later, my husband was just recently diagnosed with throat cancer. I went out and bought your book, Love, Medicine and Miracles. You see, my husband walked away from all treatment. The doctor’s parting shot to my husband was, “You’ll die in less than six months, most likely bleeding or choking to death.” I was speechless.

I called back two days later and informed his nurse we would not be returning.  The doctor called my husband again to badger him some more.  When that didn’t work, the ENT surgeon called. I truly feel like we are being intimidated and manipulated to do what they want and because they will not honor my husband’s decision.

We didn’t come home for him to stop living; we came home and began studying alternative options. Your book keeps coming back into our conversations. He is the Exceptional Patient.  Can you give me any helpful hints to keep encouraging and supporting his stance on no chemo or radiation? His focus is on his quality of life, and living like there is no tomorrow.  Thanks for listening,

Bernie’s Answer:

If you are still in Connecticut, I have evening group meetings you could attend.
Let me know where you live.

Next, have your husband get support from a naturopathic physician.  A Naturopath can guide him in the use of supplements and other alternative treatments as well as dietary changes.

It is also important for your husband to look at life issues which may have contributed to his becoming ill at this time.  As he does this, he should be asking “why his throat?”  Ask him what it feels like to have this cancer.  Ask him to use descriptive words for how this cancer is interfering with his life; ask him for descriptive words about any pain he is having or other uncomfortable feelings.  You can help with this by writing down the words he comes up with.

Then see if any of those same negative words can describe people or situations in his life right now.  Help him by making a list of what he comes up with when he sees a connection between the negative words on the first list and people or situations he has in his life now.  Then, it will be much easier for him to see who and what he needs to eliminate from his life in order to really enhance his quality of life. If there are negative people around him, he must ask them to either stop being negative or to just stay away.  Any situations that distress him need to change or be eliminated from his life.

By taking action to eliminate the negatives in his life, he is sending his body the message that he loves it and his life so much that he will do what it takes to LIVE.
Self-healing can occur, but it requires faith and lifestyle changes.

Look for one of the many integrative cancer centers now available to patients who want to include alternative treatments in their care.

As I have said for many, many years to patients who have had terrible experiences with doctors, similar to the one you describe—doctors are poorly trained to care for people, and they can kill with their words.



Question for Bernie:

I listened to some interviews of you on YouTube. I’m Italian and live in Milan. I’m 39 and work as a project manager in the small Italian subsidiary (8 people) of a big German company.

I have always suffered from the envy of colleagues and falsehood in relationships. I’m an only child and I’m often afraid to end up alone. You say that continuing to have fear puts my body on alert and that’s why I suffer from frequent diarrhea and intestinal dysbiosis.

How can I learn to change my way of thinking and have a better life?  Could you please suggest anyone in Milan or anywhere in Italy who can teach me how?

Many thanks for your work.

Bernie’s Answer:

I don’t know anyone in Milan or in Italy, but you can look for a hypnotherapist who can help you change your images of your relationships and your illness.

If you can think of some very funny things that have happened to you in your life that made you laugh out loud, you can start to change your body chemistry by thinking about those things and laughing several times a day.

Also, stop every few hours each day, close your eyes, and picture yourself as you want to be—feeling well and doing things that you love to do.  This will change your body chemistry, too. Your body believes what your mind pictures.

If you have the time to care for a cat or dog, and time to love it and give it time to love you every day, then get one.  You are never alone when you have a loving pet.

Remember, we are all wounded, so don’t fear to share your wounds and help others to heal.



Question for Bernie:

I do not have cancer, but my introduction to your work came years ago when my grandfather died from cancer.  I even went to see you speak at Suffolk Community College and you were awesome.  I have gifted your book to many people suffering over the years and it has comforted them.

Recently I have been going through a life crisis.  My health is fine; it is just about issues with divorce and custody.  I came across your book entitled A Book of Miracles and it has helped me lift the fog of distress and sadness.  I am back to praying every day and working to be pro-active in this mess.

I have decided to think of this crisis as if it were cancer, and that I need to visualize it being destroyed by my life force and sheer determination!

You do wonderful work and I am so thankful that you have taken the time to share your work and your experiences with others.  You are an inspiration and a beacon of hope!  Thank you!

Bernie’s Answer:

You are the beacon and the inspiration—I am the coach who helps you bring it forth.

Ask yourself what you are supposed to learn from this “life crisis” and then move on to a higher level of consciousness.  Yes, visualize that you are eliminating ‘cancers’ from your life.  Your body will respond to the message that you love it and your life by strengthening your immune system, keeping you healthy and positive.

Ask yourself what words you would use to describe what you are going through—like distress, sadness, cancer, fog, etc., and eliminate any situation in your life that fits those words, and you will heal body, mind, and soul.